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Mary Jane and Politics are Becoming Fast Friends

As voters legalize marijuana state after state, politicians are starting to realize that marijuana may be good for their careers. A poll last April showed that at least 64 percent of Americans approve of legalizing marijuana and 91 percent of Americans are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Politicians are taking notice, and many have joined forces with marijuana advocates and are either endorsing legalizing […]

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Trump Administration Rescinds Obama Weed Policy

WASHINGTON — Jeff Sessions, the U.S. Attorney General, has rescinded the federal policy which prevented federal law enforcement from prosecuting in states with legal marijuana. The Obama-era policy left legalized marijuana states to regulate and enforce state laws individually. Former Attorney General Eric Holder wrote the Cole Memo in 2013, which stipulated that the federal government would permit states to establish local laws without interference.  The […]

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Indiana Lawyers Opposed Legal Marijuana

Lawyers in Indiana have made weed news with a letter written to the Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse. A group of lawyers calling themselves the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys, have written a letter requesting that the commission oppose any form of marijuana legalization. The group of lawyers believe that marijuana is a gateway […]

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