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What to Do on 4/20 in Your State

Lovers have Valentine's Day. The kids have Halloween. And the stoners have 4/20.

All over the world, on 4/20, cannabis consumers unite, share their love of marijuana and lightonemany u

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Trick Daddy Plans an Uncensored Performance to Defend Medical Marijuana

Whenever Floridians seeTrick Daddy’s name on a playbill or flyer, they run to the stage.Jamming out to Trick’s classic songs and hearing what he

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Social media overwhelmingly approves of Malia Obama smoking something at Lollapalooza

Malia Obama was caught on camera allegedly smoking “something,” and social media is getting a high off her adolescent antics, overwhelmingly praising her for having fun befo

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Cannabis symposiums return to Denver for second year

The city and county of Denver will host its

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With a puff of smoke, Cannabis Church debuts in Lansing

LANSING – A cannabis congregation.

A parish of pot supporters.

Marijuana missionaries.

Approximately 50 people gathered Sunday in south Lansing for the debut of a new church: The First Cannab

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