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Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado

LivWell - Evans
1941 W Evans Avenue,
Denver, CO 80223
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
At LivWell, we strive to be the industry's premiere medical marijuana company by providing industry leading prices and compassionate customer service. We care about all of our patients and their right to access high quality medicine. All LivWell locations are full-line dispensaries serving premium flower, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. Check out our video!
Native Roots - Highlands
2209 W. 32nd Ave,
Denver, CO 80211
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Our newest member of the Native Roots Family is opening in the heart of Denver's latest and greatest neighborhoods; the Highlands. Native Roots Highlands serves only the best products to our medical and recreational customers. When you're ready to call it a day from the areas' exciting rooftops and patios, swing by our newest location to check out all the Highlands has to offer!!! MED now open too!
LiveGreen Cannabis - Sheridan
2517 Sheridan Blvd ,
Edgewater, CO 80214
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
At LiveGreen, we care about your wellness which is why we strive to offer only the finest cannabis products for your health and enjoyment. From the careful cultivation of our plants to the selection of quality products in our stores, our mission is provide a positive and personal cannabis experience for everyone who walks through our doors.
Native Roots - Edgewater
5610 W. 20th Ave,
Edgewater, CO 80214
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
At the corner of West 20th Avenue and Depew Street on the the west end of Denver, , Native Roots Edgewater serves both medical and recreational customers. Our high energy and enthusiastic staff is waiting to provide you with a fantastic shopping experience! When you get close to Sloan's Lake you know your near the best buds you can buy in Denver. LATE NIGHT WEED!!!!! The best dispensary open late in Denver
4 S. Santa Fe Drive,
Denver, CO 80223
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
The only collective in the world with over 80 strains on their top shelf! We also offer powerful edibles, hash, hash oil, tincture, ear wax hash, good karma, and the most FREE medicine of all!
Kind Meds
260 Santa Fe Dr.,
Denver, CO 80223
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Kind Meds is the spot for professional and friendly staff helping you with over 30 different strains. All of our marijuana is home grown here in Colorado. Located in central Denver.
Buddy Boy Brands - 38th
4012 W. 38th Ave ,
Denver, CO 80212
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Buddy Boy has 7 locations in Denver with the finest quality of recreational and medical marijuana, concentrates and edibles. See inside one of our dispensaries in our new video: Buddy Boy Brands! Medical members o $89 ounces o $50 halves o $30 quarters o $20 eighths o $8 grams Medical non-members o $115 ounces o $70 halves o $40 quarters o $25 eighths o $12 grams Medical 18+ and Recreational 21+
Herbal Remedies
5109 W Alameda Avenue,
Denver, CO 80219
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Herbal Remedies is a locally owned and operated Colorado medical marijuana dispensary located at the intersection of Sheridan and Alameda in Denver. Established in 2008, we pride ourselves on growing a wide variety of top shelf, potent, natural cannabis strains to treat symptoms resulting from all manner of illness and injury. Open seven days a week, you?ll find that our shop is clean and our staff is professional, warm, and extremely knowledgeable. We take our customer?s health and well-being personally, helping them to select treatment options that will meet their specific needs.
Rocky Mountain High - Alameda
1233 W. Alameda,
Denver, CO 80223
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Rocky Mountain High, established in September 2009, began its care giving in Vail, Colorado. Then we opened four medical marijuana centers in Denver and three other locations in the high country. Rocky Mountain High also owns and operates Cannabis Station. We are Colorado's line of premier, upscale recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries. You will surely be impressed with our five-star customer service, top quality cannabis, extracts, oils, edibles and hash.
The Health Center - University Hills
2777 S. Colorado Blvd.,
Denver, CO 80222
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
The Health Center is a premier cannabis dispensary with two locations in downtown Denver. Retaining 70 varieties of award winning strains at any given time, The Health Center team prides itself on the best variety, potency and effectiveness of any cannabis in the region. The only thing that precedes the quality of product, is the quality of the staff. You will have the pleasure of working with knowledgeable, friendly associates.
Green Dragon Cannabis - Sheridan
4103 Sheridan Blvd., Mountain View, CO 80212
Damian Marley's Stony Hill - by Tru Cannabis
1630 N. Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80204
Sante Denver
2070 S Huron St., Denver, CO 80223
Greenfields - North
4800 Brighton Blvd, Unit 102 Denver , CO 80216
High Street Growers
330 N. Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80219
L'Eagle Services
380 Quivas Street, Denver, CO 80223
The dab Company by Next Harvest
2748 W Alameda, Denver, CO 80223
Altitude The Dispensary (West)
1568 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219
2490 West 2nd Avenue, Unit ADenver, CO 80223
Mile High Dispensary
1350 S Sheridan Blvd , Denver, CO 80232

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Looking for Best Cannabis Dispensary in Denver?

Looking for the best dispensary in Denver? We've got you covered. With over 250 dispensaries to choose from, Leafbuyer.com has broken down each one with the top 5 qualities to look out for when choosing where to go. The best dispensaries in Denver have uploaded photos of their high quality product to their Leafbuyer dispensary profiles as well as introductory videos to see what their shops look like. Want to know more? Check out their live menus and up to date specials as well. These dispensaries want you to know exactly what they have on their shelves, so their menus are always live so you never miss a beat.

Like a special you see on their profile? Screenshot it on your phone or print it out, bring it in and save money! Our number one priority on Leafbuyer.com is to show you the best marijuana dispensaries in Denver, the hottest deals, and save you money. Prices can get pretty expensive so be sure you know where to go before you start spending your cash. The best dispensaries in Denver all have similar traits.

Here are the top 5 qualities of the best dispensaries in Denver:

Number 5: The Budtenders. Nothing kills your vibe like walking into a shop and having none of your questions answered, having to deal with rude budtenders, and waiting around for someone to take care of you. The best dispensaries can't even when it comes to poor customer service. That's why when you walk into their stores, you're greeted with a smile, immediately helped, and walk out leaving like a whole new cannabis connoisseur. Budtenders can make or break a dispensary experience so before you head to a shop, check out the reviews on Leafbuyer.com. Five stars mean five star customer service.

Number 4: The Location. Some shops can make you feel like you're in Cali, hidden doors, no signs on their building, tinted windows. The best dispensaries in Denver do not need a reason to hide. Large store signs at the front of the shop, spacious parking lots, and prime location in the middle of a trendy neighborhood are some of the qualities the best dispensaries in Denver can have. Nothing like smooth sailing when finding the best dispensary pop up on your maps, getting into a parking spot with ease, and knowing exactly where they are located.

Number 3: The Selection. Ever walk into a dispensary with one or two strains on shelf, zero reputable vendors, and foggy concentrates? Hopefully not! The best dispensaries in Denver are stacked with over 20-30 strains to choose from, all of the best vendor brands, and crystal clear concentrates.

Number 2: The Prices. Nobody has time to pay $60 for an eighth of flower, at least not in Colorado. Prices for a good eighth is around $30 on average, an ounce should be at $125 on average. Look out for $25/grams of wax and $35/grams of shatter and never pay more than $60 for a gram of nice looking Live Resin. If a dispensary claims to have organic, all natural soil grown flower for $65 an eighth, leave right away, jump on Leafbuyer.com, and find the best dispensary that carries the same quality for half the price.

Number 1: The Quality. Look, smell, shape, density are all qualities you should look at while checking out a dispensary's selection. The best dispensary in Denver carries flower that has a dewy, shiny exterior, smell like the name they were branded with, are a nice oval shaped nug, and have a bit of weight to it. The budtender (number 5) should also give you a great introduction into the strain you're checking out, giving you all the tools you need to make a purchase.

There you have it! The top 5 qualities at the best dispensaries in Denver. Hop on Leafbuyer.com to learn more.
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