How to Store Marijuana

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Cannabis 101: Storing your weed. If you’re going to smoke, you should do it properly. By properly, I mean you want to have a nice, steady supply of awesome weed to smoke. How do you keep weed awesome? It’s all about storage. Back when I lived in Ohio, it was a process to buy weed. Often, the weed was hit or miss. But I could always tell when the weed guy took good care of his stuff. I could buy a fresh little baggie of weed, smoke a few bowls, and by the next day, it would be a little dry. By a few days later, it was dust. Why? Because I stored it wrong every time. My weed guy was keeping his weed stored in jars, and I always left mine in the sandwich baggie.

Storing Marijuana

Moral of the story: store your weed properly, and you won’t have a bad smoke, regardless of how old the weed gets. Storage is one of the most important parts of enjoying cannabis.

Of course, there are so many little things involved with storing your weed for the long term. Before we get into what you should use for storage purposes, there are a few things you need to know about storage ideals, including humidity, temperature, and air control

Storing Marijuana

The key to storing marijuana is making sure your temperatures, humidity levels, and the air are all good. No matter what storage method you choose, you must make sure you’ve got these three things down, or your efforts will be fruitless.


Mold can grow like crazy on your buds if you leave them in an area between 78 and 87 degrees. Make sure you store your buds in a cool, dark place. If your storage place is too hot, it can also dry everything out, causing the smoke to be harsh and hot because you’ve dried your cannabinoids and terpenes. Don’t stick your weed in the freezer like a pack of cigarettes, though. Low temperatures make the process of decarboxylation slow. A good room temperature is where you want to sit ideally. Somewhere between 67 and 75 degrees.


Humidity is most important thing to look out for in regards to storing marijuana. Humidity is responsible for either keeping mold and mildew at bay or causing it. It’s also responsible for keeping your buds colorful, smelly, and flavorful. You should keep your bud stored between 60 and 63 percent relative humidity. Humidity below 65 percent reduces your chances of growing mold, but if it drops too low, your trichomes will dry out and fall off, meaning you will lose potency. A good way to keep stored cannabis at the proper humidity is by using Integra Boost humidity packs. They keep your buds at the perfect RH, just if your burp whatever container you’re using to store the cannabis.


You need air circulation, even for storage. Too little air, for example, if you cram a bunch of weed into a jar before it’s done drying all the way, you’re going to have humidity problems and grow mold. However, if you introduce air to these jars, you will have a much better time. Too much air, and you’re going to dry out your weed and speed up its decline and degradation. It’s important to regularly open whatever storage container you’re using. If you’re jarring weed for the long term, there are many vacuum pumps available to maximize air flow.

Best Practices:

  • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Use a hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity.
  • Separate your strains. Every strain requires a little different storage.
  • Make sure you’re burping your containers

Weed Containers

There are so many things to store your weed in, and it depends on what you’re looking for. We’ve got storage containers for everything. Smell proof, airtight, discreet, you name it.

I personally always recommend plain old glass mason jars, because they’re neutral, sealable for both long-term and short-term storage, and they keep your buds fresh. SoCo MMJ in Colorado Springs specializes in selling their meds in this way since they’re aware that it keeps the buds much better for a lot longer. Essentially, they harvest and cure, and then they package their pre-weighed ounces into small glass jars, so that when you shop with them, the bud is as fresh as it’s ever been. Many home-growers operate this way, too. Proper storage makes for an unparalleled smoke, so glass jars are the way to go.

You can jar it yourself, or you can utilize the Budvac system, which I’ve personally used and loved for many years now. It’s easily one of the best storage systems out there for anyone interested. It’s simple to use, and it helps keep your bud fresh.

Nicole Flanigan