NAPA, Calif. — Oscar-winning film-maker Francis Ford Coppola has joined the cannabis industry. The Godfather director will introduce three organic strains of cannabis in his new line called The Grower's Series.

The entertainer and winemaker announced in a Nov. 1 press release that he will team with Humboldt County farms to produce organic cannabis. The Grower's Series by Francis Ford Coppola is a collaboration with marijuana cultivators Johnny Deim and Brett Todoroff of the Humboldt Brothers and will offer a limited-edition collection. The limited-edition will include three distinct strains of organically-grown cannabis.

Coppola cited his experience as a winemaker in the announcement. "Wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature, linked by great care, terroir and temperateness. Expertise making one applies to the other. As with growing grapes, location matters, and The Grower's Series reflects California agricultural expertise creating a true blend of art and science," said Coppola.

Coppola is a successful winemaker and owns the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. The film director has been making wine for nearly 40 years and says that his goal is to introduce and educate consumers about marijuana while helping them to find out what kind of marijuana they prefer. Coppola's new organic cannabis line will be sold in canisters resembling a wine bottle and will each contain three grams of ganja in three varieties.

Each Strain is Meant to Please

Humboldt Brothers CEO Johnny Deim says that the Coppola strains are the farm's best harvest to date. "We refined our farm growing techniques this year that have resulted in our finest quality harvest, and we are excited about growing alongside innovators who are embracing a new chapter in cannabis," said Deim.

The three different strains will each offer the consumer an exclusive experience. The first strain is a sativa and is supposed to give the consumer a uplifting and creative experience. The second strain is an indica and marketed for the relaxation of the body and mind. The third strain is a hybrid and is meant to improve focus while providing mood enhancement.

The luxurious pot packages in wine bottles will each include a Francis Ford Coppola pipe and a package of rolling papers. One three-gram container of cannabis will retail for $99. A pre-order option is available via online retailer Chill ( as of Nov. 1, and the Coppola cannabis will be sold throughout the end of the year.