Fake Weed vs. Real Weed

Fake weed; you've probably at least heard of it but hopefully haven't tried it out. Also known as synthetic marijuana, K2, and Spice, fake weed is a dangerous and relatively easy-to-access drug that advertises itself as an alternative to good ol' fashioned cannabis products. And while some of the effects of synthetic marijuana may seem similar to those of actual weed, they simply aren't comparable.

Weed is naturally occurring and ultimately harmless, very much unlike the manmade chemicals found in synthetic alternatives. But what exactly is fake weed? Well, in short, fake weed is manmade cannabinoid chemicals usually applied to something you can smoke. It almost looks like weed and almost feels like it, but it just isn't as good. Forget the great smell of weed too if you go the synthetic route, much less the taste! If you're looking for an unpredictable high with possibly dangerous side effects, then look no further than synthetic marijuana! On the other hand, consider investing just a little more money and you can enjoy real OG weed! Safety comes first – smoke weed (not fake weed).

What is Fake Weed?

bag of fake weed


Fake weed is a bit of a misnomer since the drug it refers to technically isn't a fake version of weed. Rather, it is a manmade chemical that replicates the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in weed with much more dangerous results. Not only is fake weed known for causing seriously unpleasant side effects, but it also can cause actual physical harm. Synthetic marijuana is mainly consumed when a consumer is looking to enhance their mood. Many also appreciate the way its mind-altering aspects might alter the way one perceives their surroundings and perhaps even reality. Reality may appear to be or seem unreal to those on synthetic marijuana. Hallucinations are not uncommon. Users of fake weed also report feelings of nervousness and worry ranging from mild to severe, as well as confusion. There are a lot of dangerous effects synthetic marijuana can cause. In some cases death is a possible result of consuming fake weed.

What Does Fake Weed Look Like?

bag of fake weed

Fake weed is easy to spot, especially if you're comparing its appearance to that of normal cannabis. Instead of beautiful frosty nugs sold legally in childproof glass jars or plastic containers, synthetic cannabis is sold in easy to open foils and plastic packages. The drug itself is usually sprayed or otherwise applied to what is commonly referred to as "plant matter" though the exact plant isn't consistent. Often the most natural part of synthetic cannabis is the plant matter, even on packages that advertise their product as natural.

Imagine tea leaves coated in unpredictable and invisible poison and you probably have a pretty good idea of what fake weed looks like. Foil packets, loose leaf, and unknown chemicals – not the most delicious tea on the market but perhaps the most potent. Either way, keep an eye open for joints, pre-packed bowls, and other methods of smoking that can make determining real weed from fake weed difficult. After all, the only thing worse than getting high off of fake weed is getting high off of fake weed thinking it was real. If you don't know the source of your cannabis and have any reason to believe it isn't the real deal, then don't risk it. You can always smoke more weed, but you can't undo accidentally consuming synthetic marijuana.

Real Weed vs. Fake Weed

cannabis nug

There's no comparison for real weed and the synthetically created fake weed. Despite the shared effects and chemicals, the name is where most similarities between weed and fake weed begin and end. Cannabis is a naturally occurring, regulated drug. Fake weed, on the other hand, is manmade, unregulated, and decidedly dangerous; the risk for an unpleasant or unsafe high is pronounced. Real weed, unless consumed in large quantities, is unlikely to cause an unpleasant high. Another key difference between real weed and fake weed is the possible results of the drugs (or lack thereof). While cannabis has a veritable plethora of proposed medical purposes and applications, synthetic marijuana does not. Fake weed, with all its dangerous and unnatural side effects, just can't compare. Synthetic marijuana doesn't hold a candle to the real deal. So pick up some of your favorite (real) weed and smoke knowing that you made the right choice.