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Golden Pineapple Strain

Sativa Hybrid Golden Goat x Pineapple Kush
  • 25.0% THC
  • 0.0% CBD
  • 0.0% CBN
medicinal use Anxiety ANXIETY
medicinal use Depression DEPRESSION
medicinal use Fatigue FATIGUE
medicinal use Pineapple PINEAPPLE
medicinal use Sweet SWEET
medicinal use Citrus CITRUS
medicinal use Relaxed RELAXED
medicinal use Happy HAPPY
medicinal use Euphoric EUPHORIC
Golden Pineapple is a fruity strain with a tropical taste and aroma that live up to its namesake. It is typically an evenly balanced 50/50 hybrid, which carries into a nice mix of effects that leave the smoker with an energetic high that never gets too racy. With THC levels usually in the mid-twenties percentage-wise, Golden Pineapple is one of the more potent hybrids available.Golden Pineapple is a cross-breed of Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush, two hybrid strains themselves. Its buds are dense, with a bright green color and auburn pistils. The aroma is tropical and fruity, the kind of bud you'll want to take out of the container and pass around to your friends to take a whiff before you pack a bowl. The taste certainly includes pineapple flavors, slightly sour, and a nice dose of citrus. This is a strain for those who like a smooth, sweet smoke rather than something more rugged and earthy. As a balanced sativa/indica hybrid, tokers get the best of both worlds with Golden Pineapple. The high is energetic, but not racy. There is a slight body high to accompany the cerebral euphoria, but the strain does not cause heavy couchlock. It's a nice strain for a walk on a sunny day or listening to some good jam band tunes like Phish, the Grateful Dead or even Pink Floyd. In larger doses the head high can get similar to a haze strain, but in most cases users will feel a nice mix of different cannabis effects that doesn't lean excessively toward one feature. Because of its energetic cerebral high, Golden Pineapple is a nice morning wake-and-bake strain. It is also appropriate as an afternoon pick-me-up, or even as an early evening boost for recreational activities after work such as recreational sports or playing music. While Golden Pineapple is not the ideal nighttime strain, its energizing buzz will wear off enough so that it does not hinder the user's ability to fall asleep. Indoor grows of Golden Pineapple have a flowering time of eight to nine weeks, with outdoor harvests coming in late September or early October. Some growers tilt slightly more toward the sativa side when producing Golden Pineapple, making it closer to a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid rather than the traditional even balance. Golden Pineapple is highly popular in the United States Pacific Northwest, across Washington state and into Oregon. It can also be found in Nevada dispensaries. It's a potent strain, with THC levels ranging from 20% to 29% and averaging right around 25%. Smokers looking for a strong sativa with a delicious aroma and flavor that doesn't cause a case of the jitters should definitely add Golden Pineapple to their list of must-try strains.

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