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Blueberry x Afghani

Blue Dynamite Strain

Blue Dynamite is an indica-dominant hybrid that hails from the Great White North. Next Generation Seeds' started the strain's cultivation by combining potent versions of Avalon and Dynamite strains. Due to Blue Dynamite's sedating effects, patients commonly utilize the strain to treat ailments like insomnia and ADHD. However, the strain's balanced cerebral effects can soothe depression and anxiety.


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Overview of Blue Dynamite

Blue Dynamite is a green growers' dream. The indica-dominant strain is an excellent choice for marijuana cultivators with limited experience that want a quick harvest. Blue Dynamite entices the consumer with its intoxicatingly fruity yet spicy flavors. Blue Dynamite, aligned with its indica ancestors, is a deep relaxant and tested comfort for medical cannabis consumers.

The Canadian strain popped up in various High Times ‚??Best of‚?? strain lists in the past decade. Backed by powerful genetics, Blue Dynamite cultivates the best aspects of its predecessors. The result fosters relatively high THC content in strains, measured around 19%. Some tests report THC up to 24%.

Potential Positive Effects of Blue Dynamite

Recreational consumers favor Blue Dynamite for its ability to create senses of relaxation, happiness, lessen fatigue, and produce euphoria.  After smoking Blue Dynamite, consumers should feel unwound and relaxed. Blue Dynamite's sense of comfort is balanced between the cerebral and physical.

Potential Medical Effects of Blue Dynamite

Due to its even-keeled nature, patients coping with depression, nausea, and headaches also utilize Blue Dynamite. The intensive and therapeutic nature of the experience is ideal for evening consumption.

The effects of Blue Dynamite seep throughout the mind and the body, producing an ideal choice for those dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. Medical patients use Blue Dynamite to treat physical and mental symptoms of stress.

Potential Negative Effects of Blue Dynamite

The most common adverse side effect of the strain is dry mouth. The consumer can occasionally encounter dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia, as well.

The Lineage of Blue Dynamite

Utilizing the resinous qualities of parent strain Avalon, Blue Dynamite executes large yields of purple-toned bud. Blue Dynamite is a mixture of a versatile Avalon and Dynamite strains. Avalon is an Afghani and Blueberry combination. Dynamite is a Grapefruit clone also from Canada. Blue Dynamite incorporates the thick resinous qualities of Avalon with Dynamite's fruity flavors. The strain's potency renders it an ideal choice for flower and concentrated production.

Growing Blue Dynamite

The cannabis community credits Canadian seed bank Next Generation Seeds for Blue Dynamite's creation. The plant is resilient, versatile, and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. The hardiness of the strain and its yield renders Blue Dynamite an ideal choice for beginner growers. When grown outdoors, Blue Dynamite will harvest around October. Indoors, the strain will flourish within seven to eight weeks.

The strain is also extremely resistant to pests and diseases. Experienced growers report that Blue Dynamite can produce heavier yields in a relatively short period. Blue Dynamite plants do not often surpass a meter in height. Some cultivators have indicated the strain can produce up to a pound of marijuana when grown properly indoors.

Where To Find Blue Dynamite

Blue Dynamite maintains a strong following in Canada, including in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia.

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