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Sativa Hybrid

Australian Duck x Blue Haze

Australian Blue Strain

Australian Blue, the child of Blue Haze and Duck aka Boesi, reigns from Down Under. Bred by Fantaseeds, this strain is sold globally and has a high-ranking THC count. It is not for beginners. Australian Blue is a pungent strain with an earthy, sweet lemon smell. The flavor produces tastes of pine and fresh lemon. It goes down smooth, and the tastes linger in the back of your throat. Don't consume this at night as it inspires an energized state of mind.


medicinal use Anxiety


medicinal use Depression


medicinal use Pain



strain flavor Lemon

strain flavor Sweet


strain flavor Skunky



strain effect Euphoric


strain effect Uplifted


strain effect Relaxed


Overview of Australian Blue

Australian Blue is 90 percent sativa dominant with up to 20 percent THC. While the name speaks to Australia, this strain is available in the US. The buds are tall and slender with fluffy leaves. It has a medium green shade with purple and blue undertones.

Potential Positive Effects of Australian Blue

Because Australia Blue is an almost pure sativa stain, it is great as an energy booster. Its cerebral effects are much stronger than its body-high. After using this strain, you will be ready to attack the most daunting of tasks. As the high continues, consumers may experience an uplifting clarity and focus. The experience of euphoria will give you the motivation to complete a creative task while bringing you deep into your thoughts. All of this comes with a psychedelic feeling.

Potential Effects of Australian Blue

Not only great for getting through the day, but this strain also has a multitude of medical benefits. People suffering from pain, depression, and fatigue find Australian Blue helpful.

Potential Negative Effects of Australian Blue

Some adverse effects include dry mouth and eyes and headaches. Taking higher dosages may promote paranoia and anxiety.

The Lineage of Australian Blue

Blue Haze is 80% sativa and has an above average THC content reaching to 24% with CBD content of .6%. Named "Best Sativa" at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2001, it has a similar profile to Blue Dream, another favorite strain. The buds are standard green, dense, sticky, and covered in frosty crystals. They are medium to large and cylindrical. Due to its resin-density, Austrailian Blue is challenging to break up.

The plant is thick and lacks an abundance of leaves. Experience is needed to grow Australian Blue, as it is susceptible to molds and mildew.

Australian Duck is of unknown origin.

Growing Australian Blue

Australian Blue is more for moderate users and tends to grow tall. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It doesn't have to grow in its Austrailia. However, environmental conditions must be similar. These conditions include dry and sunny moderate temperature environment.

Those who grow cannabis at home experience okay yields in any growing medium, including a variety of soils, when cultivating Austrailian Blue. Indoors takes 75 to 80 days and will yield about 0.75 ounces per plant. When grown outdoors, plants must be harvested in mid-November and will have a relatively low yield.

Where to Find Australian Blue

Australian Blue is found commonly on its homeland, yet the strain undergoes cultivation in North America and has even been found in Europe as well. States including California, Oregon, Arizona, and New Mexico have seen the strain crop up here and there, with little consistency.

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