product image - 6" Spg Fixed Umbrella Flare Bubbler Bong

$87.75 ( each )

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The iconic glassmasters at Stephen Pierce Glass and Grav Labs have joined forces to design one unstoppable nano rig. Crafted in Texas from durable borosilicate glass in perfectly-sized 6 inch silhouette. A unique umbrella perc delivers filtered, smooth smoke up through the sophisticated arched neckline that simultaneously protects against splashback while you?re savoring rich inhales. The angle cut male dome is paired with an all-natural female quartz nail for that luxury level feel. Despite its petite stature, you?ll instantly appreciate that oh-so-right feel of heft in your hands that only comes with quality scientific glass. Not only does it deliver powerful puffs, this designer piece looks like something straight out of the lab so be prepared for friends to fawn over it.

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