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2020 4/20 Deals

Integration Partners

Flowhub logo
Flowhub is the leading retail management solution for cannabis dispensaries in the United States. Built for the highly regulated industry, Flowhub helps retailers stay compliant, manage inventory, and process $1B+ in cannabis sales annually.
Greenbits logo
Beginning in 2014, Green Bits has grown into a leading retail management platform for the legal cannabis industry. Green Bits simplifies compliance while providing loyalty and inventory tools that help maximize revenue. Green Bits serves over 1000 legal cannabis retailers and processes 1 in 4 dollars of legal cannabis sales in the US.
POSaBit logo
POSaBIT is the first fully-integrated cannabis point of sale with all your wants & needs baked into one software: integrated debit payments, online ordering, SMS marketing, and loyalty programs, all with built-in real-time METRC/LEAF traceability.
WeedAware logo
WeedWare can control your entire organization with streamlined business processes and integrated business intelligence that creates operational efficiencies, reduces costs and drives revenue — all in one affordable, scalable ERP software solution.
MJ Platform logo
Launched in Boulder CO in 2010, MJ Platform is a technology platform optimizing the entire seed-to-sale process. Now with over 9+ years of experience and clients in 33 states and 9 countries, MJ Platform is undeniably an industry leader.
Adilas logo
Adilas is software as a service. The platform is an affordable and powerful one-stop solution for businesses that need their data tracked, accessed, and searched on the cloud. At Adilas, it’s your data, your way.

Industry Partners

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