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Marijuana Dispensaries in Fort Collins, CO

Smokey's 420 - Fort Collins
5740 S College,
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Come on in to Smokey's! Here, we produce only top quality strains designed to meet our customers' specific needs and tastes. We grow our plants from seed in pure soil, producing flower with longer-lasting flavor than that found in hydroponically-grown plants. Our knowledgeable staff will help you decide which strains and products will best fit your goals.
Solace Meds
301 Smokey Street,
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Now serving Medical AND Recreational marijauna, Solace Meds is back in action! Come check out our great products and prices today! Recreational hours are listed our Medical side closes 1 hour earlier!
Flower Power Botanicals
1308 Duff Drive,
Fort Collins, CO 80524
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
If you want the very best medicine served by the very best staff, Flower Power Botanicals is the place for you! We aim to provide a unique and pleasant experience for every patient, and we specialize in first-timers. Come see us today!
Kind Care of Colorado
6617 S. College Ave,
Fort Collins, CO 80525
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Kind Care Of Colorado dispensary is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. This medical marijuana dispensary is open M-F 10-7 Sat 10-5 Sun 10-6. This dispensary various strains of marijuana, and should offer advice on the medicinal benefits of certain strains.
Verts Neighborhood Dispensary
1240 W Elizabeth Street,
Fort Collins, CO 80501
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
As a medical-only dispensary, we specialize in finding the very best treatment for your needs. We are proud of our knowledgable staff and cozy atmosphere. Come in today and experience a NEW type of dispensary!
Elite Organics
804 S College Ave,
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Retail recreational marijuana sales Retail
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Formerly a medical-only dispensary, we now serve ALL individuals 21 and up! We bring an unparalleled degree of professionalism and friendliness to the field. Come see us today!
Natural Alternatives
6712 S. College Ave,
Fort Collins, CO 80525
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
At Natural Alternatives for Health we aim to guide you to a better, safer, and ultimately healthier way of living. Our staff members specialize in providing a holistic approach and offering the tools to help individuals control their own well-being and maximize the body?s potential to heal itself naturally.
Organic Alternatives
346 E Mountain Ave,
Fort Collins, CO 80524
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Featuring organically grown medical marijuana and a wide selection of edibles and beverages, Organic Alternatives dispensary is conveniently located in Old Town Fort Collins, CO.
Ace's Place
1101 Academy Court,
Fort Collins, CO 80524
MMJ medical marijuana sales Medical
Ace's Place is the newest store in a long line of successes Medical MJ Supply, Best Colorado Meds, and The Green Rooster! We believe in providing a laid back, friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable budtenders. Ace's is a family-owned business that aims to serve the community and you, the individual patient!
Infinite Wellness Center - College
900 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Choice Organics
813 Smithfield Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Looking for Recreational & Medical Dispensaries in Fort Collins?

Find the recreational dispensaries Fort Collins,CO residents recommend with LeafBuyer's Interactive Mapping tool. Due to the legalization of marijuana, Fort Collins residents and local dispensary locations have shared in the massive increase in state revenue. Recreational dispensaries and marijuana are taxed at significantly higher rates (around 20%) than medical marijuana and continue to positively impact the local economy.

Fort Collins is considered an exclusive dispensary market due to the city limiting the amount of licenses that have been approved. The licensing authority limits recreational dispensaries by only allowing owners of medical marijuana stores to apply for recreational sales licenses.

Tips for Visiting a Dispensary in Fort Collins for the First Time:

  • Bring a fair amount of cash with you. Many of the dispensaries Fort Collins has in business do not accept credit or debit payments due to marijuana still being illegal at the federal level. Banks generally do not let these type of businesses open accounts.

  • At a recreational dispensary, expect to pay a minimum of $18 for one-sixteenth of an ounce of loose marijuana.

  • Expect the potential of being greeted by armed guards.

  • Though you may only get ID?d a few times when visiting night clubs or liquor stores, make sure you bring your ID to the dispensary location you visit as you will be required to show it at the time of purchase regardless of your age.

  • Shop around for the best deals on recreational and medical marijuana using LeafBuyer?s Interactive Mapping Tool. Not all recreational dispensaries in Fort Collins are the same and taking advantage of local coupons can save you lots of money.

  • Finding top-quality medical and recreational dispensaries in the area has never been easier. The best deals from medical and recreational dispensaries Fort Collins residents trust, are online now at LeafBuyer.

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