Dispensaries Near Me

The number of medical and recreational dispensaries is growing by the day. With so many new dispensaries taking root, have you ever wondered, 'Where is the closest dispensaries near me?"

Whether you live in an established medical or recreationally-legal state, or currently reside in a state just jumping on the legal cannabis bandwagon, you're most likely only a short trip away from numerous dispensaries near you. No matter where the nearest dispensary is to your location, Leafbuyer provides the search tools needed to find your new favorite pot shop. By using the latest in Google Map technologies, Leafbuyer is able to pinpoint not only the closest dispensary to your location, but also more importantly the most up-to-the-minute deals and sales at those same dispensaries nearest to you.

Established in the first-ever recreationally legal state of Denver, Colorado, Leafbuyer allows YOU, the cannabis customer, the ability to find the best legal marijuana deals in Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusettes - with more deals to come as more states continue to legalize medical and recreational cannabis.

So, the next time you are searching for 'dispensaries near me', no matter where you live or are currently located, let Leafbuyer be your ultimate guide!

How It Works

Dispensary Finder

Using your computer's IP address and location cookies, Leafbuyer is able to pinpoint participating dispensary partnerships within a predetermined radius of your location.

These participating dispensaries are then populated on a local Google Map for easy selection. From there, simply click on the dispensary logo to be taken to the DEAL FINDER page to explore current deals and sales at that participating location.

Dispensary Finder

Leafbuyer's Deal Finder page provdes the most up-to-the-minute cannabis deals and sales at hundreds of participating partner dispensaries, nationwide.

Whether you're looking to pick up less than a gram, or up to the legal possession limit in your state - Leafbuyer has the deals for YOU! And that's not just one type of cannabis consumable. Leafbuyer features deals on cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, accessories, and much, much more.

Click the link below to find the latest and greatest cannabis deals - no matter where you are, or what you're looking for!

Cannabis Info

Clearly, the societal cannabis landscape is in a constant state of flux. Keeping up with current cannabis trends and topics can make one's head spin.

That's where Leafbuyer saves the day!

For all the latest in cannabis current events, hop on over to the Leafbuyer News page. For more in depth, journalistic, and even some highly opinionated pieces regarding local, state, and national cannabis issues, be sure to check out the Leafbuyer Blog page. If you're looking for info on a specific strain or type of marijuana, the newly rennovated Leafbuyer Strains page has everything there is to know about different types of marijuana - and maybe more importantly, their effects and common complaints. Finally, for a complete list of the upcoming cannabis conventions and events in your state, click here to be transported to the Leafbuyer Events page.

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