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Crop King Seeds - Ice Wreck

$35.00 ( 5 seeds )
$65.00 ( 10 seeds )

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Hybrid — Ice X Trainwreck

We took Ice and blended it with Trainwreck creating our favorite knockout strain "Ice Wreck". A complete full effect blend of Indica and Sativa traits that is perfect for daytime or night use. Moderately easy to grow with solid fuzzy buds coated in tiny spindly hairs tightly packed with THC. Be ready to get Ice Wrecked. It can grow in both indoors and outdoors growing environments and she?s going to grow well for as long as you are giving her proper light, nutrients, soil, and water. Ice Wreck can leave you with full body stone because it contains a strong THC content which can reach 27.70%. It is also a great provider during harvest. You can actually harvest up to 450 grams if grown well.

THC: 27.7mg
CBD: 0.7mg
CBN: 2.1mg


effect Full Body Stone

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