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Check out the best dispensaries within Las Vegas! Now that Nevadans passed "Question 2" in November, recreational marijuana will enter the Sin City as soon as Summer 2017! Because the first recreational licenses will go to current medical marijuana dispensaries, it is important to see which of the 50+ medical dispensaries now in operation are poised to succeed. Join us as we learn about & see incredible photos of the Top 10 dispensaries in alphabetical order!
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Blum dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of Blüm?
We launched our first location in Oakland in 2013. Four years later we joined forces with Terratech, a publicly traded company, which made Blüm one of the first publicly traded cannabis companies!

How many locations do you have?
After our first location in Oakland, CA, we opened 3 dispensaries in Las Vegas and just launched 1 location in Reno. We also got approved to open several more in California. That means we now have a total of 5 locations with more on the way!

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?
Absolutely. We want to progress the cannabis movement in Nevada any way that we can. We want to be a part of that movement, ensuring that every step is in compliance. Blüm aims for a golden standard, everyone working together for responsible legalization, not separate dispensaries working against each other.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
First, We get a lot of tourism from California. Plenty of people in the bay area know our brand name as well as our stories. Blüm has been progressing the industry and maintaining a high standard. Second, we have some of the best pricing in town.

It's the experience, too. When you come into Blüm you're welcomed like family, and we want to make sure that every patient leaves with a smile and the proper medicine. We identify as sleek and professional but also comfortable and welcoming for patients that have never entered a dispensary. We try to get rid of the stigma of buying in a shady alley through our welcoming atmosphere. We want patients to feel comfortable at all of our locations.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
We have a bunch of different favorites, from Polaris to Deep Roots, to Moxie, Cheeba Chews, Green Therapeutics, and more. They each have their own following, and our different Nevada locations favor some items or cultivators over others.

Essence dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of Essence?
The company started about 2.5 years ago. Essence has a cultivation and production license which lets us house both in a 64,000 sq. ft. facility in Nevada. We are proud to cultivate all of our own product and extract from our own product as well. We have that fully integrated model which takes tremendous amount of time and resources, but it is important to ensure quality consistent medicine.

How many locations do you have?
We have 3 dispensaries. One on the west side of town, one on the east side, and we have the only dispensary on the Las Vegas strip. It is on the corner of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard, next to the SLS hotel.

We were very aggressive and had all 3 locations open in 33 days! All opened in February or March of 2016, so we're coming up on our 1 year anniversary now.

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?
Yes, we will absolutely want to apply for recreational licenses as soon as we are able.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
We really do have - in my opinion - the most professional environment and staff. We don't have budtenders; we have patient consultants, and all of our patient consultants go through training and frequent product knowledge quizzes.

Really, it's our people that make the difference, their compassion and care. We have an on-site registered nurse who will meet with any patient for free. We have Wellness Wednesdays which are completely free and open to patients and non-patients. Those events help people learn about cannabis, providing specific knowledge on how to read a label, what the patients' rights are, and the different cultivation methodologies. We are the only dispensary in the state of Nevada that held focus groups. We decided to forgo being open in December or January in order to hold focus groups with over 100 patients on their lives, what they expect, what they would like to see, what dispensaries are doing well and what they're not doing well. Understanding the patient before we actually entered the market was a huge differentiator for us. We really take the time to understand what the patient wants instead of just telling them what they want. We love our patients and have 5 star reviews at all 3 dispensaries with over 1000 reviews.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
We work with Highly Edibles and Cannapunch because they make the best quality edibles. We're actually producing with both of these companies, but we also like to work with Evergreen Organics because they use the highest quality ingredients.

Releaf dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of Las Vegas ReLeaf?
We opened in October of 2015 as the first dispensary in the city of Las Vegas. Our group of partners and board members - all of whom are philanthropists and business leaders from across Nevada - came together in 2013 with the vision for a patient's first approach to dispensing cannabis based remedies. Each founding member of Las Vegas ReLeaf has a personal reason for getting involved, nearly all of which involve family members who have benefited personally from using cannabis as a medicine. These owners got into cannabis in order to continue the community-oriented and patient-oriented work they've always done.

How many locations do you have?
We have one store here in Las Vegas, a 6000 sq. ft. facility just a block off the Las Vegas Strip on the corner of Paradise - right next to SLS. Right now we're more focused on getting our production and cultivation facilities up and running before we open another retail location.

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?
Yes. The medical market is pretty small unfortunately. There are only 25,000 patients in the state and 60+ dispensaries, so in order to expand the business and continue to grow a rec license is our best bet.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
We offer an unmatched atmosphere. Our interior is one of the most beautiful dispensaries on the face of the planet. The design is sleek and comfortable. After you enter our security vestibule and get your papers checked, you'll walk into a bright, open waiting room with large video screens showing products, use methodologies, general education, and product specials. We're really focused on the patient experience and creating a professional and accessible atmosphere. From the cleanliness of our bathrooms to the bottles of water we provide for each guest, we really try to make an experience here that isn't just comfortable and safe but incredibly memorable as well. In addition, our facility sources some of the highest quality cannabis from across the state, so the quality of the medicine we carry is second to none.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
We love Dixie Elixirs because their products are of a higher quality than the vast majority of edibles in the state - their ingredients are pure and create an unmatched product. We're also very excited to begin carrying Brew Budz. We are going to be partnering with them to create infused k-cup coffee pods. You can make infused coffee, tea, and cocoa using a standard Keurig machine!

NuLeaf dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of NuLeaf?
We opened our first dispensary in Nevada in July of 2016, and we opened our Las Vegas location in December of 2016. We're just getting started in Vegas, but we are excited.

How many locations do you have?
We have the one location in Vegas, another in Lake Tahoe, and another in Berkley, CA. We picked our Vegas location right off the strip in a stand-alone building with ample on-site parking. We are right off the Wynn property, across Paradise, so for tourists and out of state visitors, it'll be a really convenient location.

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?
We'll absolutely be applying for a recreational license.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
Our history and experience sets us apart. A lot of dispensaries just opened in Vegas in the past year, but we've been operating since 1999 in California, almost 20 years. We really have been pioneers in the space, so we created many of the best practices that dispensaries now follow. We also really have great customer service. We came from a background of activism with patients in California, so we maintain a patients-first focus.

We also have a long history of producing, buying, and sourcing medical cannabis products. We have a keen eye for what patients like and how to properly evaluate and price products accordingly. We've been open longer than anyone in the country, so Vegas is new, but it's all part of the same, experienced family.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
I would highlight Kiva Confections. They're new to the Las Vegas market, but we've been working with in California for a long time. For concentrates, we appreciate Moxie. People like them, and they're easy to work with. Top notch extraction, great terpene profiles, and incredible potency.

Reef dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of Reef Dispensary?
We started the company March 1st, 2014, and we're coming up on our three year anniversary. We've grown now to six dispensaries, two cultivation sites, and two extraction production laboratories.

How many locations do you have?
We have six locations now: two in Arizona, two in Vegas, and two in Reno. Plus we're aggressively pursuing new opportunities in other states as well as states that we're currently occupying.

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
We have very quality product at affordable prices for everybody. A lot of our early patients have had debilitating conditions, so we want to make sure they feel cared for, that they feel very important. We can sell top shelf meds at these prices because our cultivation facility (over 165,000 square feet) is just two blocks off the Vegas strip.

People also come to us for our specially-curated stains. We grow exotic strains curated by classic growers, and we are the licensed cultivator and retailer in Nevada for Khalifa Kush.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
Shango Edibles and Evergreen Organix edibles move very well.

hango dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of Shango?
Shango launched the brand January 1, 2014 and started with cultivation and extraction facilities and two medical retail stores in Portland, Oregon.

How many locations do you have?
We currently have six retail dispensaries: five recreational retail facilities, six cultivation facilities, and two extraction facilities in the state of Oregon with the seventh retail location coming soon; a cultivation and extraction facility in Washington state; and then Shango Las Vegas, which is vertical cultivation, extraction, and retail.

We are slated to open several more retail stores and cultivation facilities in Oregon, two more cultivation facilities in Las Vegas, and upwards of four or five more licensed retail facilities in Nevada.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
The Shango brand has been built around our high-quality standards in cultivation and product consistency, as well as our attention to detail, customer service and patient education. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what state consumers are in; they become brand loyal and know that the product here in Nevada will be the same quality product in Oregon or any other state the brand will expand into next. It's the Coca Cola model. Wherever you go we have the same cultivation quality, policies and procedures in place.

Our core focus begins with cultivation. The Shango team has more than 100 years collective experience running cultivation and extraction facilities. At the retail store level, our budtenders actually care about the patients they are serving and take the time to educate our patients on products that may work best for whatever need they have. We have training facilities in Oregon to make sure our employees understand the Shango brand, what it stands for and the history of the cannabis industry we're proud to be a part of.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
Mary's Medicinals is a great partner and has a high-end line of products from patches to gels and compounds that have been designed for precise dosing. Vert is also a good partner, they make baked cake pops, truffles and other excellent edibles.

Show Grow dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of Show Grow?
In December of 2015 we opened our first location in Santa Ana. Then we launched into San Diego county in February 2016, specifically in Ramona. Our 4000 sq. ft. downtown LA location opened about a month later. Then we set our sights on Vegas. When we finally opened in June 2016, we were met with a lot of enthusiasm from the locals.

How many locations do you have?
We now have 4 locations and 7 contracted in Long Beach, so we will be expanding quickly!

  • Los Angeles, located downtown less than 15 minutes away from USC, the Staples Center and the Orpheum Theatre
  • Ramona, located just off of Highway 7 near the city center
  • Santa Ana, located in the heart of Orange County
  • Las Vegas, located in the Summerlin community and just minutes away from the best of what Vegas has to offer

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?
We're definitely interested. We'd like to be medical and recreational and service both sides of the industry.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
On the consumer side, it's always been our focus to show transparency to our patients, as it allows us to showcase one of our core ideals, an inspiring concept for the "show" in our ShowGrow name. It provides a more hands-on approach for guests who come in, and allows them to get to know the product and industry for themselves. On the business side, we are constantly implementing thoughtful business practices and decisions centered on how to best serve the consumer, benefit employees and maintaining our fiduciary duty to our investors, We have been perfecting our model here in the California market, but we make sure to tweak our model for every new area we target, including in Vegas. When we open a ShowGrow, people appreciate it.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
Moxie is full of incredible guys. We love their products and have forged a great relationship with them. They really know what the patient wants and are continually innovating to meet those consumer demands.

The Apothicarium dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of The Apothecarium?
We actually started in San Francisco five years ago, led by Ryan Hudson and Michael Tomsen. Their philosophy was to bring a higher level of professionalism, cleanliness, and patient-centered focus while providing great products. Helping patients is our core value. We brought that attitude to Las Vegas, and we are coming up on our one year anniversary on the 20th of February.

How many locations do you have?
We have two locations now and definitely plan to expand. The general consensus is that we want to help as many patients as possible with the utmost professionalism and focus on their needs.

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
The most unique asset of our company is just honestly, we put our patients first. Our one-on-one patient consultations are at the heart of what we do. We start our relationship with open conversation about our patients' needs and then work together to find them the right medicine.We aim for an actual relationship with our patients. It's not just somebody coming in to make a purchase. Patient consultations can go on from an hour and a half to even two hours. One of our staff members Casey Amato has a background in nursing, she trained the staff to have a medical and research-based focus. She continually brings up the latest research with us, making sure we all understand.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
On the concentrates side, we like YF (Young Fashioned) extracts. It's high quality concentrates at a very affordable price point at $40 a gram. Plus, we do, have a considerable amount of patients, that deal with severe pain, and a lot of the time they turn to those concentrates for their relief.

The Clinic dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of The Clinic?
When The Clinic started in 2009, it quickly emerged as one of the leading dispensaries in Colorado. The company has grown to become one of the most awarded cannabis brands in the state, if not the country. Our motivation towards nationwide expansion is fueled by the goal to create a brand that consumers will recognize and trust wherever they are. We strive to recreate the same customer service experience in each location and we strive to provide product consistency across state lines. All of our Nevada department heads were long time employees of the Clinic Colorado and have brought the same vision and methods to our dispensary, our grow, and our concentrate production.

In 2014 The Clinic took home the 1st place National Cannabis Cup prize for best concentrate in along with several other awards. In Vegas, we're proud to use the same methods for extraction and cultivation that have earned us these prestigious titles back home and hope to compete in some of the same competitions here.

How many locations do you have?
We have 8 total locations. 6 in Denver, 1 in Illinois, and now 1 in Las Vegas with aggressive expansion plans in the future.

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?
Absolutely. We have a great location just across from the Palms Casino on Flamingo, just one mile west of the strip. We feel that we will have one of the most accessible locations for cannabis in Vegas. Our expertise gained from the recreational switch in Colorado combined with our attention to detail and compliance makes us confident we will be at the forefront of the recreational culture in Nevada.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
There's a difference coming from Colorado where products and quality are unique to each dispensary. Because Nevada dispensaries do not have to be vertically integrated, we've found that a lot of companies are carrying the same products. We asked ourselves: "What sets us apart in that kind of market?" It comes down to fair pricing and customer experience.

We did a market research analysis of every shop in the Las Vegas area, and frankly were shocked at the price points we were looking at. We made an effort to replicate more moderate Colorado pricing models here in Vegas to get quality medication into patients' hands at a reasonable cost. We also analyze every batch on our shelf based on cannabinoid ratios, terpene values, look, smell and harvest date and price that product as fairly as possible based on its competitive score against competing products.

We get a ton of recognition for the patient's experience in our shop. Everyone that comes into The Clinic gets a one-on-one patient to staff experience which allows our budtenders to tailor each client's conversation to their own specific needs. We really cultivate a family-like relationship amongst our staff and customers and that absolutely translates to amazing interactions with our patients keeping it professional, yet personal.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
The Lab is very special to us. We extract using the same methods we use in Colorado and that have helped us win us so many awards over the years. We're already getting into other dispensaries, and we're second to none in butane-extraction concentrates like our Live Resin batters, shatters and budders.

The Grove dispensary photo

Can you give us a quick history of The Grove?
The idea of The Grove started 3 years ago when Nevada began allowing medical marijuana licenses. Our CEO Demetri Kouretas, assembled a team of growing professionals and got started paving the road for a new industry within Nevada.

How many locations do you have?
We have 2 dispensary locations. One in Pahrump Nevada, located at 1541 E. Basin Ave. 89048. Our other locations is located in Las Vegas. It's the first dispensary you pass leaving the airport, across from UNLV and Thomas and Mack Center, located at: 4647 Swenson St. 89119.

Are you planning on applying for recreational licenses for the Las Vegas locations?
We are planning on a rec license for both of our locations. We have an amazing location for Las Vegas tourists, as well as locals, and want to have the best one-stop shop for all our costumers. Getting education out about the wonders of this plant, along with offering all types of products to our customers is our goal.

What sets you apart? What is your competitive advantage?
We pride ourselves on a personal one-on-one experience here at The Grove. Our Budtenders push education with all of our customers. We want our customers to leave with new product information every time. We try to educate people that there is more than just "high THC" in our products. We educate about the entourage effect and that unlike other drugs that may work well as single compounds, synthesized in a lab, cannabis may offer its most profound benefit as a whole plant. The various terpenes, cannabinoids and how the entourage effect exerts different kind of therapeutic effect on all the different products we carry is all part of the education provided.

Our Budtenders never tell a Customer what to buy, or what will work, but instead push personal experience and recommendations with products. We're not here to tell you what will work good for your specific aliments, etc., but instead, to help direct every customer to finding the best products for them and to feel comfortable using them.

Our store has an amazing vibe! It's a beautiful, classy, and exudes positive energy. Our goal is to make people feel comfortable, especially those who have never been around cannabis.

Do you have a favorite local infused edible or concentrate company?
Absolutely. We have our own edible line, VERT, and we're the Southern NV distributor for O.penVAPE as well. Healthy, clean products are very important to us here at The Grove, so we carefully pick every product that goes onto our shelves. Our VERT edibles and O.penVAPE products are made using C02. Our O.penVAPE products are extensive, from a large variety of clean vape pens, to concentrates and distillates.

Our flower, KANNABIS, is also grown to organic standards as well. We don't add any additives or amendments to our soil after we purchase it. Healthy, safe, clean products are our standard here at The Grove.

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