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2019 Best of the Best in the US

The results are in! To find out which marijuana dispensaries are the Best of the Best, we conducted a nationwide survey and asked the expert: YOU, the cannabis consumer! You voted for your favorites in the following categories: Best Production Selection, Best Deals, Best Staff, and Best Design. Click below to learn about the best dispensaries throughout the United States!

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Curaleaf photo
Best Product Selection

Curaleaf is on the rise! With 5 dispensaries in the Phoenix metro area, Curaleaf is changing the stigma around marijuana as we know it. Their mission is to deliver compassion, education, and quality to their customers. They want to produce the best cannabis possible to increase your health and well-being. Curaleaf is invested in learning about your individual needs so they can find the best solution for you.
The Mint Dispensary photo

In 2018, The Mint Dispensary hit the market with a world-changing concept to bring their customers not just cannabis flower or concentrates, but entire meals infused with marijuana as well. At 12,000 square feet, the Mint Dispensary is the largest medical marijuana facility in the state of Arizona. They provide nearly 18 point-of-sale stations at the welcoming facility in order to provide fast and friendly service to their customers.
The Nirvana Center photo
The Nirvana Center
Best Staff

Nirvana Center is one of Arizona's leading cannabis companies. They believe in a holistic approach and aim to always encourage and enlighten patients. They provide high quality service and cater to their patients' cannabis needs. The Nirvana Center's staff is motivated by more than the alleviation of symptoms; they genuinely want to improve the quality of their patients' lives.
Urban Greenhouse photo
Urban Greenhouse
Best Design

When it comes to top tier cannabis, Urban Greenhouse is one of the leading brands in Arizona. To ensure the highest quality, Urban Greenhouse produces and cultivates their own flower and concentrates. They welcome all patients into their newly renovated dispensary and strive to educate which creates a unique and comfortable experience for everyone.
Connected Cannabis Company photo
Connected Cannabis Company
Best Product Selection

Connected CA has six stores across the state of California, ranging from San Francisco to Santa Ana. They provide high quality service and cater to their patients' cannabis needs. They focus on education and getting to know the customer on an individual level. Connected CA is known for their designer strains with intense terpene flavors and incredible smells. Whatever cannabis product you are seeking, you will find the best one on the market during your next visit to Connected Cannabis Company.
Modern Buds photo

Located down in Long Beach, Modern Buds is known for its one-of-a-kind environment and overall cannabis shopping experience. Every customer is welcomed through the door with the kindness they deserve and leaves with the satisfaction they were seeking. Modern Buds truly have something for everyone. Beyond customer service, they are known for exceptional deals. Check out their deals on Leafbuyer, and then treat yourself to the Modern Buds shopping experience.
Cannabis Buyer's Club photo
Cannabis Buyer's Club
Best Staff

The Cannabis Buyers Club in Berkley takes pride in providing their members with the latest cannabis research. To ensure your wellbeing, CBCB even takes the extra step to provide information that you can give to your primary doctor. They are firm believers in the power of herbal cannabis medicines and are dedicated to helping patients choose between the multitude of products they have to offer, such as flower, oil cartridges, edibles, concentrates, drinks and syrups, tinctures, capsules, and topicals.
The Apothecarium - Castro photo
The Apothecarium - Castro
Best Design

Located in San Francisco's historic Castro District, The Apothecarium is one of the most beautiful dispensaries in California. It features many different types of cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and lotions. Don't feel like waiting in line? Order ahead online! The Apothecarium even offers educational events, classes, and support groups for their patients to get the most out of their cannabis experience.
THCU photo
Best Product Selection

Trinidad's Higher Calling U (THCU) has some true Colorado pride! Nestled in the small town of Trinidad near the New Mexico border, this dispensary has some of the best products you can find anywhere. Their staff works hard to find the best local brands, combing the state for high-quality, unique products that each consumer who walks through their door will love. The next time you drive through Colorado, make sure to stop and visit TCHU - It's worth your while!
LivWell photo
Best Deals

LivWell is a powerhouse dispensary chain offering 15 locations across Colorado - and now one in Oregon! No matter which location you visit, LivWell has the best deals you'll find anywhere. If you are looking for top products at an affordable price, it should be your go-to dispensary chain. When you are ready to make the leap, find the perfect LivWell deal on Leafbuyer and experience the best!
Lightshade photo

When customers visit Lightshade, they know they're going to get top-notch service whether they are new to the world of cannabis or practically an expert. Lightshade's knowledgeable staff at all eight locations are happy to answer your questions and help you explore new and exciting infused products. Because they take the time to explain cannabis lingo and get to know each of their customers, Lightshade budtenders are the BEST in Colorado.
The Kind Castle photo

The Kind Castle is a small-town dispensary with eye-catching aesthetics. Located in the small town of Parachute, this business serves locals and tourists alike with a unique, castle-themed atmosphere. Unlike other dispensaries, visitors can have a seat at the "Bud Bar." This comfortable seating area encourages consumers to sit back and relax while they consider potential purchases.
MÜV photo
Best Product Selection

Oh, the selection! MÜV dispensaries in Florida carry quite the product assortment. Medical consumers can visit MÜV for their old standbys and the newest products available on the market. From concentrates to topicals, you'll find exactly what you're looking for - and maybe something surprising and new - at MÜV. Visit one of their 17 Florida locations today! Moving to Arizona? Check them out there too!
Curaleaf photo

Curaleaf provides competitive discounts to patients to keep them coming back time after time. The staff gets to know their patients and aims to understand their needs. Curaleaf understands each patient is different, and they alter their deals and products accordingly. At Curaleaf, it's all about providing value on high quality products. If you're a regular visitor, make sure to join their rewards program!
Trulieve photo
Best Staff

Trust is one of Trulieve's core values. It's the foundation of their business, and their employees build it through every interaction with their patients. In addition to a staff who cares, you'll find the most natural and environmentally friendly processes and products at their locations. Plus, check out all the awesome events Trulieve puts on for their clients. Tacos and Terpenes? Yes, please!
Fluent photo
Best Design

Fluent has it all - great products, awesome staff, and admirable company values that advance the entire industry. But what stands out the most about Fluent? It's how they tie it all together in the design of their dispensaries. From the color scheme to the presentation of the products, the moment you walk in the door at any Fluent dispensary, you'll be blown away by the time and effort put into the care of their locations.
Peake ReLeaf photo
Peake ReLeaf
Best Product Selection

Born and raised in Maryland, Peake ReLeaf's founders learned the industry's ropes by moving to and working in Colorado. After learning what they could, they moved back to Maryland and brought their knowledge of cannabis products with them. Product knowledge is one reason Peake Releaf was voted to have the best product selection in the state! The staff knows that having a vast selection is vital to be successful in this East Coast market.
Remedy Columbia photo

Located between bustling Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Remedy Columbia serves a large gamut of medical cannabis patients. Many features of the store make it worth visiting, but what really sets Remedy Columbia dispensary apart is their fantastic deals! The next time you're in the area, pick up a pre-roll pack or your favorite cartridge. You and your wallet will be satisfied with your purchase.
Nature's Medicines photo
Nature's Medicines
Best Staff

The Nature's Medicines dedicated staff looks forward to helping each and every one of the patients who walk through their door. Each of their employees has deep, comprehensive product knowledge and knows how to pass that knowledge onto their customers. Visit Nature's Medicines and quiz them about the various brands on their shelves to find the right cannabis product for you.
Salvera photo
Best Design

Salvera's welcoming environment keeps Maryland's cannabis consumers coming back time after time. The beautiful entrance and check-in counter help patients feel at ease on every visit. Customers never feel rushed and are invited to relax in one of the many seating areas while they consider each product. The caring Salvera staff connects consumers with high-quality strains and a variety of other useful products. Come in, take a seat, and enjoy your purchasing experience at Salvera.
House Of Dank 313 photo
House Of Dank 313
Best Product Selection

With the largest, most comprehensive dispensary menu in all of Michigan, it's no doubt that House of Dank has earned its place among the best of the best. Located right on 8 Mile, they provide the patients of Detroit with all cannabis products one might ever need or desire. They are open all week and offer a variety of different deals and specials each day. House of Dank is committed to ensuring that their patients get the highest quality cannabis products for the most affordable prices.
Michigan Compassion Center photo

At Michigan Compassion Center, they are committed to living up to their name. Their mission is to help lead their customers to a healthier and happier life, and they do so by designing all aspects of their business to revolve around the patients' needs. Consumers love Michigan Compassion Center for the selection of cannabis products they offer - from flower to concentrates and everything in between - but even more so for the amazing deals. If you're looking for affordable cannabis and a safe, welcoming dispensary, be sure to stop by Michigan Compassion Center.
Five & Dime photo
Five & Dime
Best Staff

The service is top-notch at Five & Dime! Whether you want to talk with a budtender, order ahead, or use their brand-new delivery option, you know you're getting the highest quality care around. Check out the testimonials on their website to see what others are saying about Five & Dime and why you should love them too.
Gage photo
Best Design

Beautiful locations and beautiful bud - Gage has it all! This provisioning center's iconic orange branding is sure to catch your eye. Gage boasts a broad strain selection and a partnership with the one and only Berner. You heard that right! Gage partnered with the Man, the Myth, the Legend to bring fire weed straight to you. Check out Gage's Instagram @gagecannabis to learn more.
Acres photo
Best Product Selection

Acres Cannabis is unlike any other dispensary in Las Vegas. It is widely known for the massive 2,000-square-foot kitchen with an open view where consumers can watch employees create edibles and other infused foods. Open 24 hours a day seven days a week, Acres Cannabis includes both an art museum and a cannabis friendly farmers market. Acres is the place tourists and locals visit for the best products and some of the best customer service in Nevada!
Exhale photo

Located right on The Strip, Exhale is a must-stop Las Vegas cannabis shop. As a top-notch recreational and medical marijuana dispensary, Exhale not only offers their customers a comprehensive product selection, they also have the best prices and deals in town. For these reasons, as well as their reputation for always having friendly and professional customer service, Exhale has grown to become a widely known and beloved dispensary.
Thrive photo
Best Staff

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace has four locations throughout Nevada - three in the Las Vegas area and one in Reno - serving both medical patients and recreational consumers alike. At Thrive, they believe that cannabis is one of many healing plants and thus offer their customers a variety of natural herbs in addition to cannabis products, setting them apart from any other dispensary in the area. What also sets Thrive apart is their incredible staff that treats every customer like a treasured guest.
Planet 13 photo
Planet 13
Best Design

Planet 13 is one of the most elite facilities in the entire cannabis industry. Not only is it one of the state's top dispensaries, but it also serves as an amazing tourist destination. Located in Las Vegas, the massive 70,000 square foot complex includes a restaurant/cafe and is popular for both connoisseurs and newcomers to cannabis. Customers frequently rave about the high-quality flower, infused products, and knowledgeable employees who truly cater to the customer.
Craft Cannabis Company photo
Best Product Selection

Quality is evident in everything that Craft Cannabis Company does. If you don't believe us, check out photos of the bud on their website or in person at their Edmond location. If you look closely, there are an incredible number of flavor-rich orange trichomes and pistils on their buds. Don't smoke flower? That's okay. They have sweet and savory edibles, potent concentrates, and even soothing topicals. The list goes on and on. Craft Cannabis Company tops the list for quality products in Oklahoma.
The Grateful Bud photo
The Grateful Bud
Best Deals

The Grateful Bud is well-known for quality flower, but consumers report even higher quality deals. To get started, first-time patients receive a 10% discount on anything out the door. From there, you can expect to keep your wallet fat with huge discounts on bud, concentrates, edibles, and other products. The next time you're in the Sooner state, visit The Grateful Bud for an amazing experience.
Med Pharm photo
Med Pharm
Best Staff

Each time you walk into Med Pharm, you'll be greeted with a smile. The staff celebrates compassion, and the caregivers strive to connect their patients with the highest quality products available. This locally-owned company also believes in giving back to its four-legged community members - Thirty percent of all profits go to supporting no-kill animal shelters! Make sure you stop into Med Pharm the next time you're in Broken Arrow, and you'll know your money is going to a good cause.
High Society Dispensary photo
High Society Dispensary
Best Design

From the chandelier center piece, to the trippy wall decals, High Society's beautiful and eye-catching interior aesthetics got it voted the best-designed dispensary in the state! Visit High Society to see the classy, green and purple color scheme. Then, while you're at it, pick up some soul-soothing products, like shatter, edibles, and flower (of course) to put you at ease. Up late? Can't sleep? No problem! High Society is open until midnight most days of the week.
Budlandia photo
Best Product Selection

Budlandia is a premium recreational dispensary with a mission to provide customers with the absolute best cannabis products on the market. With two locations in Portland, they have developed a following throughout Oregon and beyond. Committed to having a diverse menu with top quality products, Budlandia has created a network of local, reliable growers and vendors. Whatever cannabis product you are seeking, you will be able to find the best one on the market during your next visit to Budlandia!
Green Mart photo

Green Mart is a one stop shop! You can stock up on flower, rolling papers, concentrates, glassware, and more during your trip. They focus on education and getting to know the customer on an individual level. Green Mart has vast collection of cannabis products as well as bongs, grinders, papers and all the accessories any smoker could need!
The Tropicannabis Club photo
The Tropicannabis Club
Best Staff

Whether you are looking for a particular product or are just interested in exploring a diverse and comprehensive dispensary, Tropicannabis Club has you covered. They truly have something for everyone and welcome all customers into their shop with open arms. The staff provides exceptional customer service and earns their reputation of being among the best of the best! You will understand as soon as you walk through their doors and their budtenders make you feel welcome and appreciated.
Lucky Lion photo
Lucky Lion
Best Design

Although you might have seen or tried Lucky Lion products at one of the 70+ dispensaries throughout Oregon that carry the brand, the Lucky Lion dispensary location is what makes them truly special. Evident from their motto - Lifted Luxury - Lucky Lion combines their own top-of-the-line cannabis products with a beautiful and lush interior design to provide customers with the most upscale, luxurious cannabis shopping experience you can find. Lucky Lion products speak for themselves - and they roar.
Herbn Elements photo
Best Product Selection

Herbn Elements takes great pride in being a family owned and operated cannabis shop in Washington. The staff at Herbn Elements is dedicated to helping their patients choose between the multitude of products they have to offer, such as flower, oil cartridges, edibles, concentrates, drinks and syrups, tinctures, capsules, and topicals.
Herbs House photo
Herbs House
Best Deals

Looking for the highest-quality cannabis products for the lowest prices on the market? Look no further than Herbs House. Locally owned and operated, Herbs House was founded with the mission to offer premium cannabis products at affordable prices to any and all medical patients and recreational consumers in the Seattle area. Anyone who has visited their old-school, house-like shop will surely agree that Herbs House not only has the best deals and selections, but a phenomenal staff and an ideal atmosphere!
CannaBlyss photo
Best Staff

Anyone who has ever shopped at CannaBlyss will tell you a handful of reasons why it is among the best dispensaries around. Their menu is incredibly comprehensive, and they take great pride ensuring that every product they offer is of the highest quality. However, the major reason that CannaBlyss is the one and only cannabis shop for so many consumers is their staff. Every customer is welcomed through the door with the kindness they deserve and leaves with the satisfaction they were looking for.
The Reef photo
The Reef
Best Design

Whether you shop based on product quality, lowest price, or unique atmosphere, The Reef is sure to satisfy all your needs and exceed your expectations. With two Washington store locations - one in Seattle and the other in Bremerton - The Reef is a unique, innovative dispensary committed to providing any and all consumers with not only the best products and most affordable prices, but with the most excellently one-of-a-kind environment and overall cannabis shopping experience.
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