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2018 Best of the Best in the US

The results are in! To find out which marijuana dispensaries are the Best of the Best, we conducted a nationwide survey and asked the expert: YOU, the cannabis consumer! You voted for your favorites in the following categories: Best Production Selection, Best Deals, Best Staff, and Best Design. Click below to learn about the best dispensaries throughout the United States!

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The Mint Dispensary photo

Located just south of the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe, Arizona, The Mint is a premier licensed medical dispensary that prides itself on professionalism. Open everyday from 8:00am to 9:00pm, The Mint features high-quality medical marijuana products including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles and topical products. With a patient reward system, daily deals, vendor/promotion days, giveaways, and specials and discounts for all new patients, The Mint takes good care of every customer that walks in the door.
Müv Dispensary photo

Muv Dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona, is a medical dispensary focused on innovation and exploration. Driven by their passion for science, they created their cannabis-infused products with safety and the consumer experience in mind. The products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet their exceptional quality standards. Being a patient at Muv Dispensary means you'll have access to tons of innovative products and the best deals.
The Nirvana Center photo

As a medical dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona, Nirvana Center works tirelessly to ensure patients get the best quality products around. They are constantly looking for ways to grow within the cannabis space, and they always keep patients at the forefront of their plans. The staff at Nirvana Center eagerly share their knowledge and experience on the wide array of products they carry, so patients leave feeling taken care of and excited to come back again.
Urban Greenhouse photo

As their name suggests, Urban Greenhouse is a beautiful medical dispensary located in Phoenix, Arizona. They know the value of a sleek aesthetic, so they've integrated that mindset into every part of their dispensary experience. With the option to order ahead, a wide variety of patient events and resources, and an alluring selection of products to choose from, patients can expect a high-quality experience the second they walk through the doors.
Magnolia Oakland photo
Best Product Selection

Magnolia Wellness is a full-service medical and recreational cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Oakland, California. Their team are members of the local United Food and Commercial Workers Labour Union. They live and work in this vibrant community. Magnolia has long been a place where people can come for the best products, some of the best customer service and informative classes to increase their awareness of the plant and its many uses, all in a safe and welcoming environment.
East Bay Therapeutics photo

Easy Bay Therapeutics is an Emeryville, California, medical and recreational dispensary that focuses on wellness above all else. Their knowledgeable staff helps patients and consumers find exactly what they're looking for at a fair price. Aside from their staff and products, Easy Bay takes things a step further by offering educational sessions, yoga classes, meditation, and juicing services to ensure your cannabis experience is well-rounded and exceptional.
Green Door - San Francsico photo

Located in San Francisco, The Green Door has been serving medical patients since 2003, and recently began serving recreational consumers as well. They've been around to see the industry grow and change, but their values have stayed the same. They want to create a welcoming and professional environment where cannabis consumers feel safe to talk with staff and experiment with new products. With an impressive array of product choices at affordable prices, cannabis consumers will keep coming back for years to come.
Blunts + Moore photo
Blunts + Moore
Best Design

Blunts + Moore is a medical and recreational dispensary in Oakland, California. Started by an Oakland native, Blunts + Moore has deep roots in the Bay Area culture. They opened their doors in late 2018 but have already struck a chord with Oakland residents. With striking architecture and a brand identity that resonates with consumers, Blunts + Moore is on their way to becoming a staple of the Bay Area cannabis industry.
LB Collective photo
Best Product Selection

As a licensed medical and recreational dispensary in Long Beach, California, the staff at LB Collective know how to cultivate an exceptional marijuana experience. Their attention to product quality and the consistency on their shelves makes consumers feel comfortable knowing they're getting exactly what they're looking for. Whether you're new to the cannabis scene or a seasoned veteran, the products at LB Collective will leave you excited and ready to experiment with different products.
Health Stop photo
Best Deals

Health Stop is a recreational and medical dispensary in Los Angeles, California, that is committed to providing consumers with competitive prices on their favorite products. With deals that are sure to get you in the door, and a selection of products that will keep you coming back, Health Stop makes the cannabis experience seamless and fun. Whether you're looking for concentrates, edibles, or new strains to try, Health Stop is the place to be.
La Brea Collective photo

With a passion for health and compassion, Los Angeles' La Brea Collective is serving consumers well. Their 12 years of experience taught them about the importance of giving back, so they have a program that gives discounted pricing to medical marijuana cardholders who might not otherwise be able to medicate. Not only do they care about giving back to the community, but they also focus on providing a wide selection of the best quality products. From unique strains to delicious edibles, La Brea is keeping the community and consumers happy.
Cookies Melrose photo
Cookies Melrose
Best Design

Located in Los Angeles is Cookies Melrose, a medical and recreational dispensary focused on high standards and elite genetics. With the importance of genetics and flower quality in mind, the staff at Cookies Melrose are trained to help every kind of consumer. Standing out in the busy streets of Los Angeles can be hard, but Cookies Melrose has developed a location that shows consumers the high-quality cannabis experience they'll get before they even walk through the doors.
Good Chemistry photo
Best Product Selection

Good Chemistry has three locations throughout the Denver area, and they've expanded into Nevada and Massachusetts as well. To ensure they're providing customers with the best products, Good Chemistry has nurseries where they grow their own cannabis. Their locations provide a platform for them to not only provide high-quality products to consumers, but also allows them to give back to the community. From deals for veterans to fundraisers helping the homeless of Denver, Good Chemistry gives the cannabis industry a good name.
Livwell photo
Best Deals

LivWell Enlightened Health is one of the nation's leading cannabis companies, with 15 locations across 2 states and growing. But they are more than just a cannabis business. They are farmers, inventors, advocates, friends, and family. From their state-of-the-art grow facilities and infused-products kitchen to their knowledgeable staff and welcoming retail locations, they carry only the best brands and emphasize quality throughout every aspect of their business. Some people choose to live. They choose to LivWell.
Lightshade photo

Lightshade is a high-end recreational and medical marijuana dispensary chain with 8 locations throughout Colorado. When you visit Lightshade you will find a huge variety of carefully curated, top quality products. From their passionate, highly trained budtenders to their organic grow practices, they go a step further to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Lightshade has been providing exceptional customer service and products since 2011. The next time you are in the Colorado area, treat yourself to this customer-centric dispensary.
Native Roots photo

Native Roots is one of the largest cannabis companies in the country with 20 retail locations and more than 600 employees across Colorado. It is the first U.S-based dispensary granted licenses in Canada. Founded in 2009, Native Roots is one of Colorado's most recognized cannabis brands, providing high-quality products in a welcoming environment. It operates in 11 different communities serving four distinct regions across the entire state including the Denver Metro area, Boulder County, the Mountains and Southern Colorado.
Surterra photo
Best Product Selection

Founded in 2014, Surterra Wellness is one of the fastest growing health and wellness cannabis companies in the United States. With licenses in Florida, Texas, and Nevada, Surterra brings a broad portfolio of high-quality brands to meet the needs of individuals who choose the natural medical relief, wellness enhancing, or lifestyle enjoyment benefits of cannabis products. Surterra offers a wide variety of medical, health, and wellness products in multiple delivery options including vaporizer pens, tinctures, topical creams, time released transdermal patches, and soon-to-be-launched softgels.
Trulieve photo

Trulieve has over 20 medical dispensaries throughout the state of Florida. Along with the delivery they offer at every location, Trulieve has stocked their shelves with products chosen by cannabis experts. Whether patients are looking for a wide variety of edibles or a simple tincture, they'll be able to find products to meet their every need. Their attention to the needs of their patients makes them a hot spot for affordable, high-quality products.
Nature's Medicine photo
Nature's Medicine
Best Product Selection

Along with medical locations in Arizona, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, Nature's Medicine has a Maryland location that happily serves the patients of Ellicott City. With a staff that's knowledgeable and ready to help, patients are sure to find exactly what they're looking for. What makes them stand out from the rest is their large selection of medical marijuana products like concentrates, edibles, and award-winning strains.
Bloom Medicinals photo

As a medical marijuana dispensary in Germantown, Maryland, Bloom Medicinals knows cannabis. Their shelves are stocked with hand-picked products that have been carefully researched. They treat their patients like family and they never sell a product they wouldn't use themselves. Their concern for their patients means they have deals and specials on all kinds of products from flower to oil to pens and topicals. Patients feel taken care of and heard, so they come back again and again.
Herbology photo

Herbology, a medical dispensary located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is this year's winner of Best Staff in Maryland. With a variety of cannabis products like vape cartridges and shatter, the staff at Herbology always stay up to date and knowledgeable about the products on their shelves. Whether you're a new medical patient looking for some guidance, or an experienced patient who wants to experiment with something new, the staff at Herbology will make you feel welcome and comfortable.
Remedy Columbia photo
Remedy Columbia
Best Design

Remedy is medical dispensary located in the up-and-coming town of Columbia, Maryland. With a spacious and warming environment, patients make themselves at home at Remedy. The waiting room holds approximately 30 people, so no one feels crammed, even on the busiest days. Patients can always expect to be greeted with a smile by a member of Remedy's knowledgeable team. Medical patients in Maryland should take a visit to Remedy to get the complete dispensary experience!
Liv Wellness photo
Best Product Selection

Located in Michigan is Liv Wellness n Café, a medical marijuana dispensary serving the patients of Ann Arbor. They are dedicated to providing patients with a welcoming and safe environment where they can discuss their needs. With over 20 strains of medical flower and an assortment of concentrates and edibles, Liv Wellness keeps the patients of Michigan satisfied. They strive to provide patients with a wide variety of products to help them live happier and healthier lives.
Om of Medicine photo

The Om of Medicine was established with the goal of making an immersive experience for all medical cannabis patients. Om is not just a dispensary, it's a mood enhancement facility. Bridging the gap between the young and old, new and experienced, nature and technology, The Om of Medicine captures the duality of life in perfect balance. Enjoy online ordering, loyalty rewards, free private consultations with their Chief Medical Officer, and free monthly community events in their patient lounge!
420 Dank photo
Best Staff

If you're a medical patient in the Detroit area, head over to 420 Dank. As the 2018 winner of Best Staff in Michigan, 420 Dank is sure to make you feel welcome and excited when you walk through the door. 420 Dank knows their consumers want a wide variety of product choices at affordable prices, so that's exactly what they keep providing.
The Reef photo

With a huge medical dispensary in Detroit, Michigan, The Reef is focused on providing the best service and the best product to every patient that walks in the door. Their passion for cannabis shines through in everything they do. Their location boasts couches, TVs, and a fireplace to give patients a homey, comfortable feel. They have so many product choices that it might be overwhelming at first, but your personal budtender is there to help you navigate through and figure out what will work best for what you need.
Essence photo
Best Product Selection

Essence's highly centralized Las Vegas location makes it a popular spot for medical and recreational consumers alike. With an onsite Registered Nurse and delivery options for medical patients, it's clear that Essence puts consumer needs first. The staff is eager to help consumers navigate through the sometimes confusing world of concentrates, edibles, and flower. Their concern for consumer needs carries over into the service work they do around the Las Vegas community.
The Source photo

With locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, you can find The Source, a recreational and medical dispensary with exceptional products and deal offers. Driven by the desire to promote wellness and healing, The Source offers educational and fun events to interested consumers. Patients can expect to find lots of product options on things like flower and topicals, all at prices they can afford.
Acres photo

Acres Cannabis offers an immersive cannabis experience unlike any the world has seen. Acres is home to the Underground Marijuana Farmers Market, a museum and live production facility and kitchen, where processing can be viewed behind large glass windows. Curious customers can watch extract artists at work or cannabis chefs cooking up delicious edibles. The newest addition to the Acres flagship in Vegas is the Cannabar, where cannabis buyers can get loose-leaf buds weighed out live in person.
Reef photo

Reef Dispensary operates six locations across Nevada and Arizona. Its flagship Las Vegas Strip location is a vertically-integrated operation, including a large scale cultivation where Tryke cannabis products are grown on site, as well as a full production lab where concentrates and edibles are made from THC and CBD extracted from the plant. Open 24 hours per day, seven days a week, Reef accepts credit cards and offers an order ahead service at this location to beat the lines.
Green Mart photo
Best Product Selection

Welcome to Green Mart! Green Mart is an OLCC licensed cannabis dispensary in Beaverton, Oregon, with a focus on customer service and education with the highest grade cannabis products. In addition to flower, edibles, topicals, and extracts, they also have a great selection of glass, grinders, papers, and all the accessories any smoker could need! They take pride in their clean and casual yet professional environment! Green Mart is the dispensary that knows you by name. They'll take the time to get to know you and your preferences.
MindRite PDX photo

The friendliest dispensary in the Pacific Northwest! MindRite is not only eager to assist their community in a better quality of life, but they base their practice around promoting a comfortable and positive cannabis experience. MindRite delivers an award-winning selection of both medical and recreational cannabis, with a wholesome, inviting, and knowledgeable staff.
SkunkRX photo
Best Staff

SkunkRX, this year's pick for Best Staff in Oregon, is an artisan recreational and medical dispensary in Grants Pass, Oregon. They specialize in indoor grown flower, but they keep their shelves stocked with all kinds of marijuana products for consumers to choose from as well. The compassionate and educational approach their staff takes means they're always ready to help you navigate the ever-changing world of cannabis products.
Today's Herbal Choice - Fremont photo

Today's Herbal Choice is a dispensary that offers the people of Portland and Multnomah County the quality of product and service they deserve. They work hard to get good prices on quality products so that they can pass the savings to you. They don't have lots of gimmicks here, just weekly specials and everyday fair prices. They weigh fresh to order in front of the customer, so you will never be disappointed when you get home.
Uncle Ikes photo
Best Product Selection

Uncle Ike's Pot Shop is your trusty neighborhood cannabis store. The company started with a single store in Seattle's Central District in 2014, and has since added two new locations; White Center and Capitol Hill, with a fourth location on Olive Way slated for 2019. All of Ike's products are backed by the Ike's OK quality assurance program, ensuring that their customers are not only getting the best weed for the best price, but also the cleanest.
Herbn Elements photo

Herbn Elements is a family-owned, pet-friendly Seattle recreational & medical dispensary that celebrates the ever-growing diversity of cannabis products. Whether it's oil cartridges, edibles, concentrates, drinks, tinctures, capsules, topicals or flower, Herbn can accommodate all tastes and priorities. Herbn has certified Medical Marijuana Consultants on duty at all times (call ahead to make sure), and they produce recognition cards for Washington medical marijuana patients. Their budtenders are welcoming, knowledgeable, and provide any assistance necessary to deliver a perfect experience.
Canna Republic photo

Canna Republic is a cannabis recreational shop in Seattle, WA. They carry a wide variety of products ranging from flower to edibles to concentrates and cartridges. They are committed to providing excellent customer service with their knowledgeable staff members. They are also known for having great deals! Grams of flower starting at $5, 1/8 starting at $15 and ounces at $65. Stop on by, they have plenty of parking and an ATM on site!
Fweedom Cannabis photo

Fweedom was started as a hemp clothing company in 2008 with the goal to raise awareness of the harm caused by industrial cotton. The company morphed into a medical marijuana collective in 2009, and now Fweedom Cannabis has two adult-use locations in the North Seattle area with an incredible selection of cannabis products and a passionate staff. In addition to winning Leafbuyer's Best of the Best, Fweedom is proud to have won Dope Magazine's Budtender of the Year Award.
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