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Washington State's Debate Regarding Allowing Home-grown Recreational Marijuana

Out of all U.S. states that have recreationally legalized marijuana, Washington is the only state that forbids growing recreational marijuana at home. This may change in the future though, especially because Washington lawmakers have directed the state's Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) to devise a recommendation on recreational home-growing by December 1st of this year. […]

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Kentucky Dipping Its Toes into the Cannabis Industry

Kentucky is quickly becoming one of the top producers of industrial hemp in the nation. They have not legalized any form of cannabis, but the Federal Farm Bill of 2014 allowed state agricultural departments to create hemp farms for research. In order to obtain a hemp farm license, one must go through an approval process with the […]

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Marijuana: Effects of Teenage Use May Be Reversible

Scientists have identified a mechanism in the brain that seems to explain how long-term marijuana use in the teenage years might lead to schizophrenia and other similar psychiatric diseases in adulthood. They also showed how drugs might be able to reverse the schizophrenia-like symptoms. In a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the University […]

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Can Marijuana Rescue Coal Country?

Johnsie Gooslin spent Jan. 16, 2015, tending his babies — that's what he called his marijuana plants. More than 70 of them were growing in a hydroponic system of his own design. Sometimes, he'd stay in his barn for 16 hours straight, perfecting his technique. That night, he left around 8 o'clock to head home. […]

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