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Strawberry Fields - Pueblo Central
4116 Nature Center Road,
Pueblo, CO 81003

Strawberry Fields has served recreational & medical marijuana patients in Colorado since 2010 when we first started our operation here on th...more

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The Spot 420 - Pueblo
748 E Industrial Blvd,
Pueblo, CO 81007

The Spot 420-Gold Medal Winner of the Best of Pueblo The Spot 420 has the largest selection of cannabis with over 25 strains, we are NEVER ...more

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Strawberry Fields - Pueblo North
2285 I-25,
Pueblo, CO 81008

Strawberry Fields has served recreational & medical marijuana patients in Colorado since 2010 when we first started our operation here on th...more

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Nature's Gift Shop
148 E Assembly Drive ,
Pueblo, CO 81007

We at Nature's Gift Shop are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality marijuana products and accessories in a friendly ...more

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Ripe Dispensary
1239 South Gate Place,
Pueblo, CO 81004

Welcome to your friendliest Pueblo dispensary! Those that enter the RIPE experience will say it?s as robust as the plant itself. A strong...more

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Three Rivers Dispensary
1714 Santa Fe Dr,
Pueblo, CO 81006

At Three Rivers, we provide our customers with high quality products at an affordable price, as well as an unmatched level of customer servi...more

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Pueblo West Organics
609 E Enterprise Drive, Suite 140Pueblo, CO 81007
Doctors Orders - I-25
3321 South 1-25, Pueblo, CO 81004
Nuvue Pharma
4740 Dillon Drive, Pueblo, CO 81008
Steel City Meds
74 N McCulloch Blvd, Ste 120Pueblo, CO 81007
2729 Farabaugh Lane, Pueblo, CO 81004
The Pharm
920 E Spaulding Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81007
Valley Meds
1805 Sante Fe Drive, Pueblo, CO 81006
Mesa Organics
30899 Highway 50 East, Pueblo, CO 81006
Starbuds - Thatcher
4305 Thatcher Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81005
Leaf On The Mesa
1917 Santa Fe Drive, Pueblo, CO 81006
Maggie's Farm - Sante Fe
1400 Santa Fe Drive, Pueblo, CO 81006
Canna Cabinet
2630 West Pueblo Boulevard, Suite EPueblo, CO 81004
Marisol Therapeutics
922 E Kimble Dr , Pueblo, CO 81007
Colorado Best Budz
23344 Highway 50 East, Unit BPueblo, CO 81006
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Looking for Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Pueblo?

Looking for a Pueblo dispensary? While you can obtain both medical and recreational marijuana in the area, there are a few things to keep in mind before you head out to the recreational dispensaries in Pueblo,CO.

How Do Dispensaries Work in Pueblo, CO?

  • Though you might have been carded only a handful of times at a nightclub or liquor store, when visiting a dispensary you will be required to bring ID, EVERY time. Some other things to keep in mind when visiting a dispensary in Pueblo include:

  • Don't be surprised if the person checking your ID is an armed guard. Because dispensaries are not yet federally approved, most banks are hesitant to take their money.

  • Make sure you have a pretty good amount of cash with you. There's really no such thing as a cheap high.

    o At a recreational (as opposed to medical) dispensary, marijuana in loose form will run about $18 for one-sixteenth of an ounce - the smallest amount that they will sell - and that's before about 20% in state and local taxes (the store gives locals a break, however).

  • Cost-conscious consumers can find deals by shopping from dispensary to dispensary.

  • Don't forget to smile! You will be on camera. State law requires that dispensaries record who is doing all the buying and selling.

  • There's a large variety of medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Pueblo for you to visit.

    Ever been to one of the hippy-dippy head shops from long ago? A Pueblo dispensary might surprise you. They are usually quite professional, and most take a lot of pride in their design.

    Colorado state law allows recreational dispensaries to stay open as late as midnight. Pueblo shops have varied hours. You might think the selection process at a Pueblo dispensary would be as simple as picking your weed in joint or loose form, but it's a lot more complicated than that.

    You are likely to be presented with a menu, and some of the shops have their own brands to choose from. If you have a hard time choosing you can always ask your budtender for help.

    Budtenders are professionals that are trained to answer your marijuana questions and aid in the selection process. Becoming a budtender now requires an education, skills and industry-savvy. Good budtenders are highly valued in this highly competitive $1 billion per-year industry.

    Once you have made your dispensary purchase, brown-bagging it will have a whole new meaning. You may feel as if you're buying a prescription drug rather than pot. Dispensaries are required to put all pot in childproof packaging. But unlike those clear pill bottles at the pharmacist, the marijuana container must not be see-through.

    These tips should help you navigate your Pueblo dispensary experience. And make sure to use Leafbuyer for all the best deals for local recreational dispensaries in Pueblo.

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