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No deals found in Boulder,CO so we searched the surrounding area.


Ladies Night 1/2 off!!!
50% OFF
Every Tuesday and Thursday: Ladies smoke all night for half off!

Fine Print: Must show coupon. While supplies last. Other restrictions may apply.
Weekend: 1/2 Off Everything
50% OFF
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Everything in the smoke shop is 50% Off!

Fine Print: Must show coupon. While supplies last. Other restrictions may apply.
Sulfur Burner
30% OFF
Offer applies to any Suflur Burner in stock. Offer is combinable with other offers. Take advantage while supplies last

Fine Print: includes free gift and sulfur discount!
Smoke All Night
Sale: $6.00
Come in and enjoy smoking all night for only 6$!!

Fine Print: Must show coupon. While supplies last. Other restrictions may apply.
Can Fan
20% OFF
Offer applies to any CAN brand fan in house! Offer is combinable with other offers! Extensive Selection, no exclusions!

Fine Print: While Supplies Last
CAN Fan / Filter Combo
30% OFF
Offer applies to any CAN brand fan / filter combo package in stock. Offer is totally combinable with other offers! Extensive Selection on hand now!

Fine Print: While Supplies Last!
5 Gallon Jugs
30% OFF
Offer applies to any 5 gallon size nutrients on hand. Offer is combinable with other offers! All top brands, no exclusions in house!

Fine Print: While Supplies Last
CAP Controllers
20% OFF
Get your rooms atmosphere under control. Take advantage of the summer specials! This offer IS COMBINABLE WITH OTHER OFFERS!

Fine Print: while supplies last!
Free Gallon w/ Purchase
Come into HTG and receive a free gallon of select nutrients with the purchase of any item!

Fine Print: Some nutrients are limited supply. Limit: one per customer


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Marijuana Grow Store Deals and Discounts in Boulder

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