CBD-Only Treatment – Safe for Kids?

There has been a sweeping media buzz regarding medical marijuana and kids. The increase in use of medical marijuana in states like Colorado, Washington, and California has brought a wave of stories featuring successful treatment of young children with cannabis products. The center of the media hype has been CBD-only treatment options, particularly for young epilepsy patients. CBD (or Cannnabidiol) is one of the main products of the cannabis plant that, when isolated, has no psychoactive effects. This is why it has been considered as a safe treatment for young children with serious conditions.

With the increase in media attention focusing on these CBD treatments, many parents are curious about their potential and safety. Obviously, parents want to ensure that any treatment for their kids is medically and scientifically proven. These are the main questions explored in Sanjay Gupta’s documentaries: WEED and WEED 2, in which the well known CNN TV personality explains why he has changed his medical opinion on cannabis treatments. In his documentaries, Gupta follows multiple families who are successfully using CBD treatments to combat serious childhood epilepsy. In these instances the treatments prove to be incredibly effective, and are even considered by some of the families involved to be a ?miracle drug.? The treatment has no psychoactive effects, and reduces occurrences of seizures in some patients from multiple seizures every minute to one or two a week. These results are promising, and seem to indicate that CBD-only cannabis treatments are a safe treatment option for kids with severe conditions.

Despite the rise in popularity for cannabis treatments for kids, the subject remains very controversial. This is due in part to the limited government approved research on the subject. Cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug in the United States, making it very difficult to carry out research on the drug, especially in pediatric studies. However, these restrictions may be lifting soon with recent approval of study using research-grade cannabis as a potential treatment for PTSD. Research aside, many people are simply not comfortable with the idea of using cannabis products to treat kids – psychoactive or not. These opinions seem to be changing dramatically as more information becomes available, but time will tell whether or not acceptance of cannabis treatments becomes mainstream. Regardless of some opinions, cannabis treatments seem to be working safely for children across the country. As time passes, we will see more research approved that helps unlock the true potential of cannabis treatments as a safe alternative to many dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.