Where to get OG Kush in Seattle

OG Kush Bud
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OG Kush may be the most referenced strain of marijuana in history. It has long been associated with gangster music. In the early 1990s, Snoop Doggy Dogg often mentioned OG kush in his songs, and until now, the type of pot is inextricable with hip hop music.

So, what does OG actually mean?

In answering this question, there seems to be a dispute of sorts in origin, as, in one case, OG is an abbreviation for “ocean grown.” On the other side of the divide, OG Kush refers to “original gangsters,” who tend to smoke it due to its mind-altering effects. I’m sure the growers themselves don’t see it as much of a debate; and, if anything, I don’t believe they want to start a turf war with the Crips and Bloods.

The “Ocean Grown” origin comes from a cannabis grower in California who sold OG Kush. When someone inquired as to why the strain was so strong, the person thought the grower grew it in the mountains in glacier water. In response, the grower clarified and stated that it was “ocean grown.”

There was something truly unique about the marijuana that was grown underwater. It offered a somewhat revolutionary high.

Be Bold, Try OG Kush

The fact that OG Kush is grown commonly underwater, with a mix of sativa and indica genetics, created a powerful high; a high that stimulates the brain in a psychedelic and euphoric manner. Users of OG kush typically describe it as a third party high of sorts. In that, in certain instances, the high feel out of their body.

How so?

Kush smokers will look at themselves from a third person perspective.

Furthermore, the body high is pain relieving and slows down one’s motor skills. At times, it’s a high that forces you to plop your buns on the couch in order to watch Bio-Dome (the ideal stoner movie if I might add). However, I’m not doing justice to OG Kush by not mentioning its various strains, which provide varying types of highs. Incidentally, Seattle has had amazing OG kush options for years because the water quality in the state is top notch.

The Seattle Preference

Before legalization, Seattle was an OG market – adults alike preferred the OG kush high as it was mentally satisfying and also the “thing to do” culturally. As a teenager who grew up in Seattle during a rap-dominated era, I can say that smoking the OG kush was not simply a means to get high: it was so iconic in that it connected people of various racial and cultural backgrounds. Once the joint came out, all reservations and judgments succumbed to great conversations that assisted in creating friendships. Passing the joint around healed wounds and opened revealed a person’s most insecure thoughts.

After legalization, OG kush obviously became more diverse in terms of the strain, and Seattle has some of the best OG Kush in the world. In this piece, Leafbuyer will reveal some of the best places to buy OG kush in the Seattle area. So please, enjoy the following recommendations.

Tahoe OG Kush – Cannabis City

og kush strains
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Okay, let me just say, this strain of OG kush will get you “stupid high.” It’s a sort of marijuana you want to smoke while listening to Do or Die’s Greatest Hits; as it’s mind numbing, but both delicious and savory.

Don’t think for a second because it’s a powerful marijuana strain that you won’t be able to enjoy its taste!

This strain popular in Seattle as it’s ostensibly the best high for those who enjoy having an incredibly relaxing experience. Just looking at it intimidates me! The THC crystals are huge, and it’s very thick. One of the best spots to purchase this spectacular strain is Cannabis City.

This marijuana dispensary in Seattle is well-known for creating a Tahoe OG Kush that’s, as they say, to die for. Regarding taste, it’s described as earthy, pungent, and piney, which is fitting in a region that is known for the beautiful outdoors.

I do recommend starting at a lower dose for those who would consider themselves novices. For some reason, the Tahoe OG Kush high is relatively clear in that you won’t lose your words or be too delayed- despite its reputation. It’s a good strain of marijuana to smoke in a circle of friends as it’s uniting as reservations disappear. Another reason to purchase this exceptional product is for treating general stress. It’s the ideal marijuana to smoke before watching a movie or cooking a meal.

JESUS OG Kush – Bud Nation

Yes, you read that right: Jesus Christ has moved from being a savior to a budtender!

Okay, I apologize, that’s not exactly true. However, this new strain can provide a religious-esque experience. But really, this product is described as bringing users to a whole different level of consciousness, with some claiming a spiritual high. Normal thinking gives way to abstract thoughts, similar to absinthe. It’s really a strain for those who are trying to access the brain in ways that are enlightening and “out-there.”

There’s no doubt that the high isn’t always this mind-altering, but for many, this is the perfect marijuana to bring oneself into a different realm. If you’re an artist or writer, Jesus OG kush may open compartments of the brain that improves your work and overall creativity.

What’s amazing is that while the strain comes off as inherently introverted, it can be smoked in social settings. Zoning out happens at times but it doesn’t prevent communication and bonding. You won’t simply sink into your couch.

Another interesting aspect of Jesus OG Kush is its ability to turn dreams into adventures. Once asleep, the high continues with pleasing lucid dreams. It’s simply a well-constructed product because it provides the user with highs in both states of mind, whether awake or sleeping.

What Are You Waiting For?

Seattle is a bustling marijuana market that has grown to a point where exotic strains are sold. In particular, OG Kush is potent marijuana that brings people together in a cultural sense; and because of this, I advocate the purchase of it. OG kush strains make you high, but it’s more than that: it’s a product that opens up the mind and relaxes the body.

We all encounter the daily human stresses that OG Kush quickly tames. It’s affiliation with music, marijuana history, and friendship puts it in a category of its own. Forming bonds under the influence of OG kush is inherent to the strain itself. Who knows, the next time you smoke OG Kush, a new friend may be made, or profound thoughts could change the way in which you perceive the world.