What Are Hemp Blunt Wraps?

woman smoking blunt in grow
Canna Obscura /shutterstock

Healthy alternatives are all the rage. This is seen all over the world, as health-focused people begin to make small changes in hopes that they’ll add up to big benefits in the long run. The examples are endless; from incorporating daily workouts and meditations to replacing dairy with nut milks, people are committed to making changes as they see fit. 

Cannabis is not immune to these changes. From organic edibles to home-grown bud, the landscape of marijuana is tailored to personal preferences and embracing (if not enhancing) the all-natural vibe that the green plant already provides. 

Hemp blunt wraps have made their way into the health scene, and they have several benefits.  

Wrap It Up 

A hemp blunt wrap is specific to joints and blunts. Essentially, it's a sheet of paper, named after its main ingredient of hemp, used to roll cannabis into joints or blunts for smoking. Usually, wrappers used for blunts are made out of tobacco. This has given users pause, since smoking tobacco (even when mixed with the healing properties of marijuana) doesn't seem like the most health-conscious idea. Thus, the hemp wrap was born. 

Blunt wraps created quite a stir on a massive scale. Beyond health-focused consumers, both the media and different state legislators have deemed blunt wraps unnecessary products, possibly leading toward worrisome, addictive results. California first banned flavored blunt wraps, followed by Massachusetts.  

There are two main types of hemp blunt wraps: a flat sheet and a cone sheet. The first, the flat sheet, is similar to a piece of paper, which looks nearly the same as a traditional blunt wrapper, just made with different ingredients. The second comes pre-prepared in a cone shape, which allows for users to stuff their herb inside before smoking.   

All hemp wraps, regardless of shape, are very similar to blunt wraps. They still have the same even, slow burn, and come in a wide variety of flavors. Hemp blunt wraps also make for easy rolling and nice smoking, just adding an additional layer of ease. But it's not completely one-option-fits-all, since there are numerous manufacturers and retailers offering their take on the product.  

Hemp wraps, coming from several different brands, can be purchased all over the place. Besides online, hemp wraps can also be found in most boutique and high-end dispensaries or headshops. They gained significant popularity in 2017, and have been on the rise ever since.  

Upward Trend 

Cannabis, like any industry, faces new trends all the time. When it comes to hemp blunt wraps, this is a good fad to make stick. The best part comes with its health benefits. While smoking or ingesting anything into your lungs can never be considered completely healthy, hemp wraps do their part to bring balance to the exercise. They’re made from a trusted and natural ingredient, they’re non-addictive, and they’re made without any trace of nicotine.  

Some hemp wraps are infused with CBD. While the tobacco-inspired buzz is missing, and CBD will not replace the feeling with a high, there are other health benefits that can help the user in various ways.  

Hemp blunt wraps are the future, thanks to all of their health benefits and the obvious improvement from their predecessor. The trend is moving forward; are you coming with? 

Article by: Savannah Nelson