Top 5 California Marijuana Events in 2017

california marijuana events

Los Angeles has long reigned as an entertainment and industry giant. Whether it’s the diversity of the population, the size of city, or the newly energized marijuana-consuming public, the Los Angeles cannabis industry has been invigorated by support and investment to have an event packed calendar of California marijuana events, expos, activities, business conventions, competitions, product launches, and giveaways.

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

The largest cannabis business expo in the world is going to be sharing the characteristically excellent SoCal weather this upcoming September. The CWCB Expo rotates locations to reach as many entrepreneurs, product developers, lawmakers, state regulators, marketing agencies, medical professionals, extraction engineers, and, of course, curious supporters of the industry. With an exciting line-up of business leaders, technology professionals, venture and management servicers, and advertising consultants, the expo is firmly rooted in exploring the industry as it develops with the most current information available.

Beyond the speakers, this Los Angeles marijuana event has workshops and educational experiences. All attendees can expect exhibits and companies which offer cannabis-specific services, such as accounting, insurance, advertising or marketing, banking or payment processing, investment or private equity resources, dispensing technology, laboratory testing, legal and licensing resources, and IT or business management-related software. Additionally, you can expect lighting companies, hemp product purveyors, medical resources, packaging suppliers, inventory tracking experts, seed banks, professional training or education companies, and so much more.

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo will be held at the Los Angeles convention center September 13th-15th, 2017. Click on these words for more info.

The High Times Business Summit

The High Times Business Summit connects industry leaders in an open, speaker-heavy multi-day conference. In 2017, the summit lasted two days, had 54 speakers ranging from marketing professionals, industry lobbyists, growers, medical professionals, patients, writers, and activists. Having already come and gone in 2017, this annual summit is likely to return in early 2018 to the Los Angeles area for a similar two-day span of marijuana-centered symposiums and business-minded conversations on the rapidly accelerating cannabis industry – both in public support and potential value.

The Dab Crown/ Canna Crown Competitions

For the third year in a row, the Dab Crown and Canna Crown competitions are poised to judge the best in the state in concentrates and flower respectively. A premier marijuana event in the Los Angeles area, the Dab Crown features competitions in:

  • Solvent-based cannabis oils and concentrates (BHO)
  • Solventless cannabis oils and concentrates (Co2, distillate, etc..)
  • Rosin
  • Hash products (full-melt, bubble, dry-sift, etc. . .)

The Canna Crown will offer competitions in:

  • Indica strains
  • Sativa strains
  • Hybrid strains
  • Those extra-special infused buds (moon rocks, caviar, etc. . .)

There is also an infused-product competition, judging candies, treats, snacks, oils or other meal ingredients, drinks and beverages, and topical lotions and related products.

While the competition may be the main event, don’t let it pigeonhole the experience. The event will have industry sponsors, exhibits, and vendors as well as live music and food. By means of the recreational rallying spirit, the competition is set to test the newly invigorated cannabis industry all looking to craft an industry standard and will be offered on June 10th, 2017. For more details, visit the event page.

The Cannabis Compliance Summit


The second annual Cannabis Compliance Summit is designed to shift the focus from individual states to a national level in designing regulation and laboratory testing requirements for the cannabis industry. Right now, different standards across the industry have made it difficult to ensure consistency and safety for all cannabis markets. In effect, the summit has overtones which may, potentially, help quell the newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions concerns of public safety and individual harm.

A three-day summit and marijuana event in Los Angeles offers state legislatures, city council members, regulatory experts, and legal representatives a platform to discuss the changes in compliance and regulation, lab requirements and supporting research, and new practices protecting consumer health and safety. The summit will begin July 19th and end on the 21st and is to be hosted at the Hotel Indigo in downtown Los Angeles.

Extraxx Conference and Expo

With a name like Extraxx, the subject matter of the conference is clearly stated. As the recreational market unfold, one of the most common consumer purchasing trends is a transition to oils, concentrates, and edible products. Whether this is because we collectively know smoking is harmful or because these seemingly “specialty” products just were not readily available on the black market is unclear. What is certain is emerging technologies in extraction methods or proprietary – patentable – production methods are increasingly becoming vital to the industry.

Explore the rise of cannabis extraction with industry experts! Designed for small scale growers or product manufacturers, the two-day marijuana event in Los Angeles will include all you need to know about the science of extraction, including lessons, tips, tricks, and tools to getting the highest quality product while optimizing production costs. The two-day Extraxx Conference & Expo will be offered at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel on August 17th and 18th.

Don’t forget to check out our event calendar for upcoming cannabis-related events across the world!