Getting a Job in the San Francisco Marijuana Industry

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Barriers to entry exist in nearly any job field. For the cannabis industry, in particular, finding a job sometimes requires a state-issued badge or a criminal background check. In the San Francisco marijuana industry, getting a job requires you to become, first, a caregiver. As the changing marijuana laws in California have not yet been finalized by state lawmakers, those seeking out how to get a job in the San Francisco marijuana industry will have to continue thru the caregiver barrier to entry.

Recreational may be on the way, but it is not here yet

Every city, county, or local government may create their own laws for both recreational and medical marijuana in California. These actions may include:

  • Limiting the total number of dispensaries, grow houses, or product manufacturers in the city
  • Limiting the hours the business can do retail sales
  • Limiting where marijuana may be grown, either for sale to consumers or homegrown, personal medical supply
  • Impose additional taxes

Luckily, no such additional burdens exist for the San Francisco marijuana industry, at least for medical marijuana. In Los Angeles, Measure M was passed by voters in March, imposing an additional tax structure expected to generate a windfall of tax revenue each year and at this time it is unclear if San Francisco will additionally tax the sale of recreational marijuana.

Until the recreational marijuana industry has the rules and regulations finalized by state officials, it is unclear precisely how the recreational industry will cope with employment. In Colorado, for instance, the state requires all employees directly working with marijuana to be licensed. It is a varying fee dependent upon if the person works as support staff or management, which can be paid by the employer but, generally speaking, you are not likely to get a job without having the badge upon applying.

In San Francisco, medical marijuana dispensaries may have lounges for consumers to consume marijuana. Those dispensaries, of course, must be permitted by the city to do so.

Consider your options

If you want to know how to get a job in the San Francisco marijuana industry, first you should consider all the existing options. If you know you want to work as a budtender, a grower, or a product manufacturer (such as edible, concentrate, etc.) – in other words, you know you want hands on contact with marijuana, becoming a cardholder or caregiver is the first barrier you have to surpass to access a job in the San Francisco marijuana industry. However, if you are more interested in jobs existing indirectly to the cannabis industry, the requirement to be a caregiver or consumer no longer exists.

Indirect jobs would be something like a security service, glassblower, an engineer designing vaporizers or other technologies, growing supplement producer, lighting specialist, marketer, researcher, journalist, blog writer, investor, growing light or technology manufacturer, software developer, and a growing variety of other opportunities seen in other legal, regulated markets. The point is, you 100% do not have to even use marijuana to work around it. It just helps as a tactic of hands-on research.

Whatever you choose, knowledge is always the best bet

As the recreational marijuana industry in San Francisco has yet to open (expected sometime in 2018), many workers are gearing up to make the career transition into the rapidly growing marijuana industry. If you are looking to work directly in retail sales, as a plant grower, in edible manufacturing, as an extract processor, developing a depth of knowledge based on the latest research, reviews, developments is a great way to quickly get a job in the San Francisco marijuana industry.

Learn of all the various cannabinoids – the main source of the various psychological and/or physiological effects of cannabis – and how they interact with one another. Explore the relationship between the cannabinoids, the chemicals causing the well-known effects of marijuana and the terpenes, the chemicals which make up the scent marijuana is known by. Knowledge from experience is always a great way to get information, but if your interest lay in the creation of better vaporiser or extract technology, marketing, banking, investment or research, or other complimentary industry you may not be keen to experience edibles or dabs or other innovations in the marijuana industry of San Francisco.

The information is forming quickly under the increased public support. Additional research at a rate far exceeding ten years ago is being conducted each year and each year we learn there is a lot going on within our green historical companion. After all, there is evidence of hemp being used and migrating with humans across continents thousands of years ago. Under the law passed by voters in 2016, tax revenues collected from sales will be dedicated to a variety of state grant programs including some millions of dollars for research and education efforts. This makes the research ever more available and the task of staying up to date with whichever segment of the marijuana industry you decide a constant. As San Francisco has yet to implement additional taxes on retail sales, it is unclear if the city will dedicate more to research post-legalization.

To the point, getting a job in the San Francisco marijuana industry requires knowledge, first and foremost. No matter the industry you ultimate chose, know the elements which could impact consumers – or yourself – when picking products is paramount. The spread of good information helps businesses figure out what consumers want. Which is good for consumers with diverse or narrow needs. Oh, the things you’ll do for the green you love.