Things to Do for 420 in Seattle (2017)

Things to do for 420 in Seattle

Seattle cannabis connoisseurs are never short on fun things to do to enjoy their high. The city’s scenic landscapes, great bars, live music and delicious food options are enough to keep any cannabis enthusiast entertained. So head over to the Emerald City, stop in one of the many great dispensaries and try out these fun things to do for 420 in Seattle!

The Great Outdoors

Seattle is a beautiful city with great views of the nearby mountains (including the famous Mt. Rainier) from many different vantage points. Tucked away in northwest Seattle you will find Carkeek Park. On a clear day, you can see the snow-tipped mountains while standing on the beach. Watch the seagulls walking on the sand, enjoy Carkeek’s miniature hiking trails and witness giant industrial trains speeding along the tracks just a few hundred feet from the water. In the autumn, the local salmon make their way to the shores and deeper into the creeks that run alongside Carkeek’s trails. Taking in all of the amazing scenery at Carkeek is a great way to spend a few hours after taking a few puffs.

Alki Beach is another prime location for a stony Seattle day. The beach is located in West Seattle, just a short drive from downtown. There’s a walkway along the water that stretches for several miles, with more great views of the mountains along with the skyline of downtown Seattle and the city’s industrial district where CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field are situated. There’s a lane dedicated to rollerblading and skateboarding if that’s your thing. You can also rent a rickshaw if you want to ride along with a couple of friends! There are some delicious eateries directly across the street from Alki Beach, including the famous Blue Moon Burgers and Cactus if you’re in the mood for some Mexican food.

If you can make your way over to the Fremont or Wallingford districts, definitely check out Gas Works Park. Witness the Seattle Gas Light Company’s giant gasification plant while looking onto Lake Union. Watch the boats go by as you stare at a great view of downtown Seattle’s beautiful skyscrapers and the Space Needle. There’s plenty of space in Gas Works Park to throw a Frisbee or a football, and you’ll want to walk up the hill and see the park’s sun dial. Gas Works Park is not too far from Hashtag, a classy Seattle dispensary located on Stone Way in Fremont. If you need to load up on some cannabis goodies before checking out the park, you know where to go.


Sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice cold beer, and Seattle has plenty of breweries to satisfy your cravings. Just down the street from Gas Works Park is the Fremont Brewing Company. Stop by West Seattle Brewing for a beer if you’re thirsty after a nice walk along Alki Beach. If you’re downtown, the Pike Brewing Company and Old Stove Brewing are where it’s at.

If you’re in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, you’ve hit the brewery jackpot. There are 10 breweries located within five square miles, making Ballard the prime spot to be if you’re looking to try some new brews. Stoup Brewing, NW Peaks Brewery, Peddler Brewing Company and Reuben’s Brews are just some of the spots to get your fix of some hoppy goodness. Ballard also has a pretty happening nightlife scene, so plan for a long stay.

Live Music

There are so many great options for live music in Seattle that it’s hard to list. The city’s many live music venues host an eclectic range of styles, so stoners of any type can surely find some tunes to amplify their high. Sunset Tavern, Tractor Tavern and Conor Byrne Pub are all within short walking distance of each other in Ballard. Victory Lounge, the Funhouse and Lo-Fi are clustered together on Eastlake Avenue. Head downtown to the historic Pioneer Square district to see some music at Central Saloon or J&M Cafe. Whether it’s rock, hip hop, jazz, experimental or world music, there is always a variety of options to see live music, seven days a week. There’s no better way to enjoy your high than to immerse yourself in music, so take a few puffs and call your designated driver or Uber to get you where you need to be.


You’re going to get the munchies but relax: Seattle is food heaven for tokers. You could probably write an encyclopedia about all the great food in the Emerald City. At the renowned Pike Place Market you can dine on the freshest of the fresh. The Market is certainly a tourist trap, but don’t let that deter you from heading over there for some fresh seafood or a snack. There’s a little stand that serves delicious mini maple bacon donuts, which are good enough light any stoner’s taste buds on fire. Beecher’s makes some of the best cheese you will ever eat, and you can witness the process of cheese creation while you’re engaging in a taste test. Maximilien is a nice French-themed destination if you have a little bit of extra cash to spend, and Pike Place Chowder is one of the many spots to satisfy your seafood cravings.

There’s a low-key delicious burger joint in Fremont called LTD (that’s short for Love to Drink). Located on 36th Street, LTD is a sports bar with some of the best burgers in town. It’s across the street from the Have a Heart dispensary if you need to stock up on some Mary Jane before hitting up the bar. The aforementioned Blue Moon Burgers has several locations around the city, and Katsu Burger serves up some delectable Japanese burgers. There’s also King’s Hardware in Ballard, not too far from the neighborhood’s best live music venues and breweries. Don’t be fooled by the name; this former hardware store serves up the goods when it comes to hamburgers.

Seattle is home to some incredible gyro restaurants, which is perfect for stoners on a budget. No matter how you pronounce “gyro,” this Greek delicacy is an affordable meal that satisfies the munchies 11 times out of 10. Mediterranean Mix on 1st Avenue in Pioneer Square has won awards for the greatness of its gyros, and it’s located directly in between the J&M and Central Saloon music venues. Sinbad is located in the heart of Fremont, and its delicious Sinbad Gyro is a deluxe offering that could be one of the best gyro sandwiches in human history. Mr. Gyros has four locations and was voted among the top 100 restaurants in the country by Yelp.

With a flourishing Asian population, Seattle has no shortage of delicious options for eastern cuisine. Pho, a Vietnamese soup, is extremely popular throughout the city. Seattle’s international district — located downtown near the baseball and football stadiums — has countless good Asian restaurants. If you’re in the northern part of the city, there’s a hub of Asian restaurants in a strip mall at the corner of Aurora Avenue and 130th Street. Just across the street from the strip mall is a Korean place called Style Hot Pot where visitors can order from a list of traditional ingredients and make their own soup.

Seattle is one of the best stoner cities in the United States, and we have barely scratched the surface of all the fun things to do in the Emerald City while high. The city’s bus system is easy and reliable, and an Uber driver is never too far away. So toke up and head out to experience Seattle the right way!