The man who fatally overdosed on weed

DOAWeedDeathsIf you’ve heard this story, please feel free to leave your condolences in the comments. I will then return with an emoji that is rolling its eyes because you’re a liar. There were exactly ZERO deaths from people who died from overdosing on marijuana last year.

Let’s all wave goodbye at those extremists who disagree with the green life that stand solely on “what if” biases. BYE!

It’s perfectly OK for your doctor to prescribe man made medicine and painkillers, but this natural substance that literally grows from the Earth is the devil? Again we say, BYE! The national amount of deaths due to overdose on opioid painkillers has steadily increased, well into the tens of thousands.

I’ve never seen any of my friends get high, pass out, and never wake up. They do certainly get hungry and obnoxiously hilarious, but that’s about it. Now, if they were to step into a piece of heavy machinery (say, a car) and begin to try to operate it during the state they were in, that would be a problem. Judgement, depth perception, and coordination can all be affected by a mass intake of marijuana, but not death.

Are you a naysayer of weed because of the statistics of alcoholism? Welp, alcohol is steadily killing Americans at an unforeseen rate. Marijuana? Not so much. Although, I wouldn’t recommend MIXING alcohol with marijuana as this can definitely lead to poor decisions and an extreme level of intoxication.

Another aspect of those who are against the exorbitant use of marijuana is the coughing and possible lung issues. Coughing? Sure. Lung Issues? Say it with me, BYE! You’re not likely to contract lung cancer or even obstructive pulmonary disease from smoking marijuana, blunts aren’t filled with the terrible characteristics you may find in cigarettes. Now, if you smoke obsessively and frequently, you may get a little throat tickle, but again, nothing to send you to your death bed.

To those who say “smoking marijuana pushes your responsibilities back,” we say, WELL MAYBE. It all depends on if you’re a responsible smoker. If you allow marijuana to negatively affect your responsibilities at school, work, or in your relationships, then maybe you should consider adjusting your cannabis intake.

By Shameika Ejiasi