The Hottest West Coast Cannabis Deals This March (2017)

West Coast Cannabis

The West Coast cannabis market is on fire this March. We’ve noticed an influx of updated coupons from our partners in California, Oregon, and Washington state, so if you’re looking to pick up some more bud or try something new, it’s looking like now is the time. Here are the best cannabis deals we’ve seen so far:


California is home to a budding new recreational marijuana industry, and the deals don’t disappoint. However, there are currently very few recreational deals available while California establishes its recreational program. Most of these specials are medical specials, but that’s okay. They’re still worth checking out.

Ounce Specials: Divine Wellness Center is offering a top shelf ounce for $220 and a $99 ounce of shake. Green Dragon Caregivers is offering a $200 ounce on select strains.

Concentrates: Venice Beach Care Center offers a free gram every Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday when you buy an 1/8 of flower.

Edibles: Fast and Friendly is offering a free edible or drink to any new first time patients.


Oregon also has excellent deals this March as the weather improves.

Ounce Specials: Madrone Cannabis Club is offering a $200 ounce special. The Green Remedy is offering a $2 discount on a gram of any sativa strain every Tuesday.

Concentrates: Madrone Cannabis Club is offering a $50 discount when you mix and match 5 grams of THC oils.

Edibles: The Green Remedy is offering a 10% discount on all edibles every Friday.


Washington state has the best deals on Cannabis out of everyone on the west coast right now. Having a stable recreational market is likely the cause, but either way here’s how to find your fix and enjoy!

Ounce Specials: Mr. Doobees is offering a full ounce of flower rolled into in the form of a joint for $300. Rainier Cannabis is offering a $100 ounce on select strains. Local Roots is also offering a $100 ounce every day.

Concentrates: The Herbal Gardens is offering a gram of select concentrates for $30.

Edibles: Fweedom Cannabis is offering Bhang chocolate bars for $5 a piece.

So there it is! These are the hottest deals on flower, concentrates, and edibles found in California, Washington, and Oregon this March, brought to you by Leafbuyer’s Coupon and Dispensary Finder. Using this tool you’ll be able to find more hot deals in your area no matter what time of the year it is.