The Best Marijuana Fun Facts

blurry face girl holding a marijuana leaf to the camera

Working in a dispensary totally has it’s perks. If there’s one thing people love talking about, it’s weed. It’s a lot of fun to just get together and discuss some neat facts we know about marijuana, and to research the facts behind them! Sometimes it’s amazing just how many random and off the wall marijuana fun facts about marijuana people know, so we thought we’d share some of that joy with our beloved readers.

Get ready for some impressive facts, and some laughs.

The Best Marijuana Fun Facts


1. Carl Sagan Loved His Weed.

Believe it or not, Carl Sagan, the astronomer and titan of scientific study and communication (whom you all probably remember from high school science class) was a strong advocate for marijuana. He believed cannabis enhanced his creativity and insights into the world of scientific study. He published a paper under the pseudonym Mr.X at the age of 35 about the benefits of using marijuana, along with his experiences with the herb. This however, was previously unknown until after his death.

2. Scooby-Doo (2002)

If you’re anything like me, this is one of the best movies to watch while medicating anyway, but it’s original version would have been a lot different! There are already plenty of marijuana references already involved (Mary Jane gif, smoke rolling out of the mystery machine) in this movie, but the plan was for there to be a lot more. The movie was supposed to be rated PG-13 where the movie casually joked about the original series, but included a pot smoking Shaggy, and rumors of Velma and Daphne sharing a kiss.

3. They Really Smoked Tupac

It’s true. What was thought to be an urban legend was admitted a few years back by the members of Outlawz (the group Tupac founded). This is was considered to be a memorial to his memory, and an honor to him and his life taken literally from the lyrics of ‘Black Jesus’ where he says “Last wishes, smoke my ashes”.


1. Pot Shops Outnumber Starbucks 3:1

In Colorado, marijuana dispensaries outnumber McDonald’s, 7-11’s AND Starbucks COMBINED. That’s more than 2500 marijuana business licenses in Colorado. Which is pretty impressive. Who needs coffee when you have a nice sativa strain?

2. Medical Marijuana was used in China 4,700 years ago

Emperor Shen Nung used marijuana to treat ailments like gout and malaria. It was banned in 500 B.C. because it was believed it caused young people to disrespect their authority.

3. Marijuana is a Religious Sacrament in Italy

Not for the Italians, but for the rastafarians visiting Italy. Italy’s Court of Cassation ruled that since the Rastafari religion considers marijuana a sacrament, its members should be given special consideration when it comes to possession — and how much makes a drug trafficker.

4. Pot is a Pest in Bhutan

We always call Marijuana weed, and the reason behind that is that it’s capable of growing much like dandelions – a weed. In Bhutan, cannabis grows everywhere. There is more cannabis here than there is actual grass. It grows in the cracks of sidewalks, on buildings, gardens and streets. Its considered a problematic nuisance and is mostly fed to livestock. People here are so agitated with it that a very low percentage of the population even smokes it.

5. It’s Totally Legal to Smoke Weed in North Korea

North Korea is pretty well known for how strict it is upon its civilians, but it’s been legal to smoke and sell marijuana as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. That always struck a chord with me because I find it hilarious that we’ve had prohibition for all these years in a country that SCREAMS freedom from the wings of bald eagles everywhere, while the toughest country on it’s civilian rights allows the use of marijuana no questions asked.


1. The First eCommerce Sale was a Bag of Weed

In the age of buying and selling stuff, it’s fascinating that the first thing actually sold online was a bag of marijuana. Students at Stanford used Arpanet accounts at the university’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to engage in the world’s first e-commerce transaction, which was a drug-deal!

2. Everything is Better With a Bag of Weed

Suicide rates in Colorado have dropped significantly since the legalization of marijuana. The study compared suicide rates before and after the legalization of medical marijuana, and showed that the suicide rate has decreased the total suicide rate by almost 5%.

3. Words for What Matters

Eskimos have 100 different words for snow. Americans have more than 200 different words for cannabis.

Do you have any factual fun facts that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll make an addendum with your name on it!