The Best 420 Deals in Washington State

BEST 420 DEALS IN WASHINGTON, best weed deals in your state

While cannabis has long had a history with us humans, the rapid growth of the medical and recreational industry has delivered the industry a once counterculture code: 420. Calibrated as both a daily and yearly cannabis celebration, 420 has been gaining momentum in the last decade. While many 420 rallies began as a protest for reform, today, 420 has taken the life of a social holiday.

A living, breathing part of cannabis culture, 420 has been embraced across the world as a totem of reform support. In Washington, dispensaries and other marijuana-savvy businesses see this as an opportunity to show their continued support of reform, delivering some of the truly best deals in Washington for 420.

The celebration of 420, compounded with the momentum behind cannabis support, demonstrate how far we’ve come while simultaneously normalizing the industry into mainstream culture. As collective thanks from the industry to you for all the support over the years, whether through vote or voice, we bring to you some of the year’s best 420 deals, exlcusively for Washington State.

Rainer Cannabis

420, the cannabinoid-drenched holiday explored and navigated on the high sees; that is, dispensaries are the ship through which I see a good deal to get me some marijuana. Rainer Cannabis operates in Mountain Terrace, Washington, just north of Seattle. Operating recreationally, Rainer Cannabis carries prerolls, concentrates, edibles, oils, beverages, tinctures, and, of course, the sweetly pungent buds cannabis is known best by. Already boasting some of the best pricing in the state, Rainer Cannabis let loose some of the best 420 deals in Washington this year. Check it out:

  • 0.5 gram concentrate for $8
  • 1 gram concentrate for $15
  • 10 mg edibles at $3
  • Cartridges starting at $15
  • Kief-infused prerolls for $3
  • 1/8ths (3.5 grams) for $10
  • Ounces (28 grams) for $70
  • 50% off select glass

To put this in perspective, Rainer cannabis is offering ounces at the price of $2.5 per gram – a truly spectacular price.

Greenworks Cannabis

Greenworks cannabis has established themselves in the Lake City and Greenwood, WA communities. Operating from 9am till 11pm daily, the company already offers killer daily deals (20% off edibles on Monday, for instance), a stance which remains unchanged in their 420 offerings. On 4/19 the company is offering 50% off the entire store. You read that right: off anything on 4/19. In addition to their already low prices and great deals, Greenworks is offering 20% off everything in their dispensaries on 420.

365 Recreational Cannabis

Every day is a little 420 celebration, which is why 365 Recreational Cannabis is with you every day of the year. Operating in Shoreline, WA, 365 has built a reputation as having great service, excellent product selection, and, most importantly, some of the best prices on cannabis in the region. When it comes to the best 420 deals in Washington, 365 Recreational Cannabis offers Shoreline-area cannabis users:

  • Any flower, all strains just $10 per gram
  • $10 grams of Co2 or BHO hash oil
  • Ounces from $40-$99
  • Pre-rolls 50% off
  • $2 joints
  • Edibles for 40% off
  • $10 cartiridges
  • 10% off gold-star concentrates
  • 25% off all other concentrates
  • And 40% off glass

Open from 9am till 9pm.

Uncle Ike’s

Operating three locations in the Seattle region, Uncle Ike’s is one of Washington’s most eye-catching and innovative dispensary brands. As such, it is no surprise the company is rolling up some excellence this 420. Here’s what you can get:

  • $2 joints
  • $8 for 2 grams of flower
  • $10 per 1/8th
  • $85 ounces
  • $15 100mg edibles

But that’s not all, Ike’s plays with customer curiosity, advertising their 420 specials by saying “How low can we go on 4/20? Come see for yourself!” As one of the region’s most trusted brands, how could you not?

Each 420 in Washington, the best deals are better than the year previous. As the industry continues to develop across the US, specials, deals, and coupons will, more than likely, continue to get better and better. That’s where comes in. We host thousands of deals at dispensaries around the US and bring exclusive deals to customers (like you) year round. Click, Save, and Consume Cannabis, friends!