Ideas of Strains to Grow for New Cannabis Cultivators

marijuana grows in a field

Novice marijuana cultivators might be confused about what strains are best for them. From grow methods to harvest size, there are lots of factors to consider. Here is some information to help new cultivators pick the right marijuana strain from the very start. Some marijuana types and strains are easier to cultivate than others.

So, if the cultivator aims to have the best returns for the efforts he or she takes, then decide what would make the right choice of cannabis strain for your needs

Factors that Influence Particular Cannabis Strains

First and foremost, cannabis cultivators need to understand the reason why they are choosing a specific strain of the plant. The choice must be made by taking into consideration the needs of the situation more than anything else.

These are some reasons someone might pick one strain from another:

  • Better energy: Some people who consume marijuana do so for the quick burst of energy that it provides. Sativas are popular for the smooth energy boost it provides each time.
  • Lower anxiety: People who are often anxious may find relief by consuming marijuana.
  • Managing pain: There are occasions when bodies are put under great stress; like in cancer patients.
  • Sleep Induction: Some people have difficulty falling asleep even after a very tiring day. It's the CBN cannabinoid in some strains that helps make falling asleep easier.

Each strain is a little bit different from all the others. Some are bred consistently on purpose, while others were bred on accident. It's still important to know and understand the effects that may happen after consuming the plant you're growing.

Points to Note While Picking Out the Best Cannabis Strains to Grow

Sativa-Dominant Strains

Of the different varieties of marijuana, sativa plants happen to be larger than others. Thus, this would not be the preferred type to grow if the cultivator needs to grow indoors. This particular strain does not take to cold climates very well.

The best results are cultivated are when light manure is used to nurture the plants.

High-CBD Strains

With strains within this cannabis variety, the grower can expect to complete the full growth cycle in a quick 50 days or so. High-CBD strains can endure more difficult climates.

Indica-Dominant Strains

Indica-dominant strains do not produce a large harvest. Thus, this would be the preferred variety for growers who only have a small area to use. One of the striking features of the Indica is that it is suited equally well for outdoor and indoor cultivation.

Two Specific Strains to Grow


Papaya is a great starter strain for new growers who are cultivating marijuana plants for the very first time. The Papaya strain is noted for its ability to attain full growth in a good eight weeks, as compared to the longer times that other strains typically take. The cultivator could complete a growth cycle in less than three months after planting the seeds.

White Rhino

The main reason that this particular strain of cannabis is recommended here is that this variety is easy to grow and provides an abundant harvest. The White Rhino strain of the cannabis that it is instrumental in controlling the high pain experienced by some patients.

These are easy strains to grow for new cannabis cultivators.

Written by Mike Howard: Mike is a part-time writer/editor and a full-time daddy. He says he works best with his dogs beside him watching every word he writes. He loves to travel but, sadly, his bank account disagrees.