Can Smoking Weed Affect Your Period?

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Cannabis does a lot of things; it reduces pain, combats anxiety and depression, and even helps settle the stomach. What weed does not do, however, is delay or stop your period. No matter how much cannabis you smoke, it is highly unlikely that your wacky tobaccy habit has any influence on your menstrual cycle – or at least the timing of it.

If you’re one of the many people Googling, “Can smoking weed affect your period?” rest easy knowing weed doesn't stop, start, or even pause your period. But it does do a whole lot to stop the painful side effects of your period. Cramps, headaches, mood swings, and more can be stopped (or at least helped) by weed. Yes, you'll still technically have your period, but the pain will be a thing of the past! Weed can't stop your period, but it can stop your period from stopping you.

Research and Studies

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Research and studies on the topic of cannabis and menstruation are limited, to say the least. With more regulated drugs like alcohol, it's easier to get a straight answer through years and years of compiled research. That isn't the case with weed. In fact, there is no solid evidence one way or another that proves that weed and your period are related (at all). Of course, your entire body is interconnected so when you consume cannabis you are exposing all of your internal functions to its influence. And while weed might affect your hormones, your blood pressure, and maybe even your fertility, there is no solid evidence that smoking weed delays or stops your period.

In the future, when notable advancements in cannabis research are made, we will be able to more definitively (and scientifically) determine just how related weed and your period are. Until then, the best we can do is make an educated guess.

Effects of Smoking Weed While on Your Period

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Smoking weed on your period is a great idea, but not because it can delay or stop your natural cycle. In fact, cannabis is best used as a medicine to treat symptoms of menstrual pain including cramps, nausea, and headaches. Mental side effects of your period, such as mood swings and stress, can also benefit from a little weed. There's a reason for all the cannabis products marketed towards women (including cannabis tampons). Weed really is the perfect medicine to combat all the worst side effects of periods.

Physically, smoking weed on your period is beneficial due to its muscle relaxing and pain reducing qualities. From tense shoulders to a crick in your lower back, cannabis has you covered for physical period symptoms. The weed strains that are best for physical pain relief are indicas and strains high in CBD. If you're looking to dull the aches and pains from your period, maybe stop some persistent cramps or undo all those new knots in your back, try an indica or indica-dominant hybrid. CBD is equally good for alleviating physical symptoms of your period, especially if you have to work or get things done since CBD won't get you high.

Mental side effects of your period can also benefit from smoking a little weed. In fact, some of the primary medicinal uses for cannabis are direct matches for well-known period symptoms: irritability, stress, anxiety, general mood swings, and even depression. From sativa to indica to CBD, it doesn't matter what kind of weed you smoke to treat these symptoms since your mood is entirely up to you.

Smoke whatever weed makes you happiest! Just know that sativa strains can make you energetic and euphoric but run the risk of worsening anxiety. Indica strains are great for stress relief and getting a good night's rest but generally aren't the best strains for daytime use. CBD won't make you anxious or send you to sleep, but it also won't get you high. You know yourself best, so choose the best weed strain to get you through the worst mental side effects of your period.

Can Smoking Weed Affect Your Period?

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As far as we can tell, smoking weed does not stop or delay your period. Smoking weed can stop your period from hurting, from dampening your mood, and from interfering with day-to-day activities. What weed cannot do, however, is stop your period entirely. There are far too many female stoners with regular menstrual cycles in the world for there to be a pronounced connection between weed and periods. And if weed did, in fact, stop your period, it would be the best-kept secret of the century. How many women would love a drug that keeps you from bleeding once a month? A ton of women, especially if the popular weed products for women flying off the shelves are anything to go by!

Can smoking weed affect your period? The answer is probably not. Stress, dramatic weight loss, a hormonal imbalance, or pregnancy are just a few reasons for your period to be out of sync. If you are experiencing irregularities in your monthly cycle, please consult your physician as cannabis consumption is an unlikely cause.