Seeds vs Clones: Which Option Is Best For The Novice Grower?

Embarking upon any endeavor for the first time can be daunting. The decision to launch your first grow of cannabis is no different. Primarily, you’ll have to decide whether to conduct your first growth using either seeds or clones. For the novice grower, the question becomes; what’s the difference? Many experts might assert that they go hand in hand. For instance, clones are generated by cutting root hormone from an existing plant, which produces a precise replica of the mother plant. On the other hand, seeds are not necessarily an exact copy. Seeds are the offspring of male and reproduction happens when pollen contact is made with a female flower. Therefore, seeds will possess similar characteristics of both the mother plant and the father; and the descendant seeds can be either female or male.

So here you are, faced with taking your first foray into the world of cannabis growth and vexed with the decision whether to grow from seeds or clones. These are two specific methodologies. Both come with pros and cons, however.


Seed2If you decide to begin your first growth with seeds you will likely need to purchase your seeds from known sources like a seed bank. This is positive in that, you’ll have an opportunity to get a peek at how your plant will look when fully mature. You can get an idea of the quality, yield and the time it will take to flower. Also, on the plus side is the fact that your seeds are grown fresh and you will not have to worry about the source being contaminated in any way. Your seeds can be bred by using two plants, which provides you with an infinite supply. Further, seeds can be delivered to you from all over the globe without the need to have a relationship with the grower; and finally, seeds can be bought directly from a seed bank which means ensures 100 percent female seeds. It is the female plants that produce the buds.

Launching a new grow from seeds will probably cause fewer problems for the first timer. There are numerous seed banks that can provide products that are guaranteed to flower appropriately. It eliminates any guessing and provides a bit more control over the specific strain. In other words, you know what you are getting when you buy from a seed bank. Also, you might prefer starting your grow from seeds because it follows a natural course for the plant to mature. Given that marijuana is a once per year plant, it must be maintained in a state that allows it to fully age. There is no inherent re-engineering required for the seed to survive. With clones, they may become old quicker and provide a reduced yield.

Seeds also allow you to do what is called “auto-flowering.” This process requires that seeds be painstakingly and carefully cross bred in environments that provide ample sunlight. Because they are exposed to more light than needed, they can flower in as little as two weeks. Additionally, a plant grown from a seed stands a better chance of having a strong, vigorous root foundation. It can extend its roots and can soak up huge amounts of nourishment. Clones, on the other hand, are unable of spreading its roots and could be weaker than a plant grown from seeds.

However, there are some distinct negatives associated with starting your growth with seeds. First, not all the seeds will take root and sprout. Some seeds may be too old and have inadequate growth. Creating your own seeds consumes both money and time because you’ll be required to blend two plants in order to produce the seed. If you are interested in premium strains, the costs can become cost prohibitive. Seeds take more time than clones to bud and prepare for harvest. And lastly, you must be careful about using non-feminized seeds because approximately 50 percent of the plant yield will be male; and male plants do not generate bud.
Although clones were very trendy in the past; experienced growers became apprehensive to work exclusively from clones because the quality of the plants. As a result, many moved back to growing from seeds. The amount of seeds available in the market today might influence you to adopt the seed method; particularly as a first-time grower.

Cannabis Clones

Seed3For the clone enthusiast, you should not be discouraged. The pluses for starting your growth with clones are numerous. First, you are assured of the gender because the mother plant is female, your clone will also be female. Those clones that have been rooted can be somewhat cajoled into flowering immediately. Because the clones are a perfect copy of the mother, you know what your yield will look like. Clones can be quickly re-cloned which provides you with an endless supply of new plants. Clones are already in a more mature state than seeds, which would give you an advantage over starting with seeds. Therefore, you’ll have a much shorter grow period with clones.

Another material advantage of growing with clones is that the plants are more mature and developed than the seed. This will allow you to realize your yield in far less time. For most growers, learning the process of how to nurture a cannabis plant from the very beginning is an important step in becoming an efficient grower.

However, the down sides to beginning your first grow with clones are that clones are more difficult to find. The prominence of seed banks means seeds are more readily available. Clones are more susceptible to viruses and pests that are inherited from the mother plant. They are sensitive and particular to different lighting and methods of sustenance. If you begin with a clone that does not have a good foundation, it is likely to die or go into a pattern of distress.

Starting your grow from a clone can present other hurdles, as well. Once the clone is severed from the mother, it will require a great deal of attention and care. At first, it will appear to be experiencing shock and therefore require very meticulous concentration on lighting and nutritional regimen. As a first-time grower, you should expect that transplant issue will occur and maintaining the health of your clone will be paramount to your success.

Perhaps the biggest impediment to using clones is that they may be in limited supply. First, you’ll need to locate a suitable mother plant and gain consent to extract from it. This does not allow for more confidence in the particular strain you’re receiving because you won’t know the true quality of your plant until it is time to smoke it. While some clones are listed for sale online, many have found it a bit chancy to procure your plants this way. Basically, you’ll have to be concerned about whether the clone will live through the shipping process; what will the health of the plant be when you finally receive it? Financial refunds are typically not allowed for plants that arrive in poor health. Also, too many of the commercialized plants are treated with all manner of fungicides and pesticides. Therefore, any clone from these plants will include these ingredients also.

In either case, you should take great care while your plants are sprouting their roots. If you ensure that they maintain sanitation and cleanliness while nurturing them in a warm temperature with a variety of lighting will produce the best results whether you use seeds or clones.

Article By: Alfonzo Porter