The Science of Cannabis: 5 Amazing Discoveries

the science of cannabis

One thing that I’m waiting for in the science community is seeing Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Stephen Hawking share a joint. Stephen will probably require a shotgun hit, or a dab (Migos needs to be playing in the background), for him to properly consume the substance.

Who knows, Hawking’s next book could claim that stars are nothing more than Christmas star cookies and that Black Holes are simply high concentrations of knifer residue. But let’s put aside my personal fantasies in order to discuss some of the more recent marijuana-related scientific discoveries. Whether it be its ability to fight cancer, control MS, or provide a key alternative to pharmaceutically prescribed narcotics; marijuana is finally, and justifiably so for that matter, becoming a beneficial substance that will end up assisting millions with various ailments. Please check out the following five marijuana science discoveries:

1) Marijuana has the biological capacity to combat cancer

atomYes, you read that right: all that pot you’ve been smoking can destroy cancer cells. And no, this isn’t a science discovery brought forth by your buddy Dave, who lives in his mom’s basement and is employed by a WOW league. No joke here. The National Cancer Institute reviewed a few of these revolutionary claims, and the feedback was positive. More specifically, the “cannabinoids” in the marijuana is the biological component at hand.

An incredibly powerful one at that. Cannabinoids have been successfully used to shrink recurring tumors, and also for those that have received stem cell treatment to combat the disease. What’s most spectacular is the cannabinoids ability to literally to destroy the cancer cell itself literally. Who would have thought of that? Well, those that presumably didn’t take everything the pharmaceutical industry propagated as absolute truth….Anyway!…

The cannabinoids are also being used to treat nausea, stimulate appetite, pain relief, and various other purposes. Point being: what was once unreasonably demonized as a heathen substance has now become a treatment for a plethora of human ailments. Thankfully, this mostly anti-communist, anti-immigrant paranoia has given way to a rational perception of marijuana.

So, if you are currently suffering from cancer, and want to try some marijuana – under the supervision of your physician – please check out some of LeafBuyer’s products.

2) Marijuana can help ease MS symptoms

Let me first of make it clear: marijuana is NOT a cure for MS, but it has been shown to improve certain debilitating symptoms through science. As most know, MS contributes to severe muscle spasms and cerebral deficiencies as it attacks the central nervous system. Early symptoms aren’t as glaring, but most observers notice someone with MS when the shaking becomes readily apparent. In one controlled test, marijuana was used to test whether it improved an MS patient’s cognitive ability, but, when compared to the placebo group, they performed much worse. This, of course, is not a surprise as that’s one of the effects of certain strains of marijuana – you know, Jay and Silent Bob loved to smoke into mental oblivion.

However, when dabs or sprays were used on patients, it significantly reduced the pain associated with the disease; and most important, it can control severe spasms. Please check out the following video in order to get a sense of how beneficial marijuana can be in fighting MS spasms:

“It’s actually a pathetic thing to say,” uttered Mr. Cooper, who was responding to a statement by the interviewer asking his thoughts on the pharmaceutical industry’s desire to “take the high” out of marijuana with the intention of bypassing laws and regulations. Mr. Cooper’s cynical chuckle was referencing the insatiable greed exhibited by the industry, which, sadly, seeks to refine the drug to outdated norms. When extracting the cannabinoids from the drug would result in a decrease in efficiency, and people like Mr. Cooper would feel the blunt impact of such a decision.

3) A symptom mitigator for Parkinson’s disease.

Again, a quick disclaimer: marijuana should be used in conjunction with the treatment plan provided by your physician. Failure to do so may result in adverse health consequences. Now that I got that tidbit off my chest, let’s get to the science of marijuana’s impact on tremors and tics stemming from Parkinson’s disease. Brought to the spotlight through the likes of Michael J. Fox, the disease gained worldwide attention, with the scientific community being at the forefront. Similar to MS, Parkinson’s impacts the neurological system of the body, essentially placing it into a state of disarray. The resulting symptoms are very violent, especially as it relates to the tremors and spasms.

Under controlled testing, marijuana showed great promise in controlling symptoms as the cannabinoid receptor agonist significantly reduced tremors. Moreover, another study pointed out a way in which cannabinoids prevented tics. Other studies weren’t as promising, but, a couple of them required further evaluation. Regardless, the studies show some promise: symptoms that were once only treated with pharmaceutical drugs can now be treated with a more natural remedy.

4) Marijuana can increase sexual desire

First of all, let’s give a partial shout out to our boy alcohol as it typically increases desire by removing certain mental barriers. However, total intake is what’s most important, and if you drink too much, you might as well dress “it” up as a tentacle. In pot’s case, the easing of the mind is a component of increased libido, which, also coincides with the easing of tension through body relaxation.

HEartFurthermore, orgasms are more intense due to the increased sensitivity. Rather than expect the expected, the consumption of marijuana may in-fact increase satisfaction without causing sexual inefficiencies, such as importance. Now, marijuana consumers should be cognizant of one aspect: men, the slowing down of time might inflate the perception of sexual performance. Meaning, you might become as “patriotic” as the Minutemen.

Another potential negative is vaginal dryness, which will presumably make sex more painful. So either test the dose that best suits you, or choose a lube that can compensate for this sexual issue. And couples trying to get pregnant, beware of the lower than usual sperm count caused by excessive marijuana consumption.

5) Marijuana improves creativity in low doses

Are you lacking in chicken crosses the road jokes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Science has demonstrated an increase in creativity for uncreative types and those who consume small doses. High doses, in contrast, reduce a person’s ability to be witty and creative, unless if you’re Cheech and Chong of course. A study from the 1970s also revealed the ability of marijuana to increase original thoughts, which, could help those concerned with sounding smart.

A Dutch study attempted to create a cogent distinction between convergent and divergent thinking, with the former revolving around problem-solving and the latter focusing on creative thought. In the end, the study presented a conclusion of a minimal increase in divergent thinking by smoking marijuana, but participants were those who smoked upward of 4 times a week, implying that a lower intake would likely result in stronger divergent thinking.

So, make sure to gauge your needs before jumping into a mental stimulator. A failure to do your homework may result in disappointing outcomes.

Article By: Jason Newell