Popular Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in the US: Pt. 2

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Recreational marijuana is hitting the US by storm. Only recently, California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts legalized marijuana, bringing up the total legal marijuana states to eight. With public perception changing rapidly since the 1990s, marijuana is on a trajectory to becoming legal in a majority of states within the next decade. It’s simply a matter of moral opinion. Even the southern states are coming around too as both Arkansas and Louisiana have legalized medical marijuana, which is quite amazing when one considers the power of the church in these respective two states.

Hopefully, medical marijuana will soon be legalized in all 50 states as the medical benefits for those suffering from serious diseases is innumerable. The ultimate goal for marijuana advocates, of course, is the removal of marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act – something that would benefit marijuana consumers in various ways.

First of all, removing marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act would lessen the burden of the state having to subsidize jails and prisons. Secondly, cannabis legalization would help combat the cartels who are violently reeking havoc on Central American communities. Lastly, the American marijuana market would grow in relation to consumer demand and scientific investment that may ultimately provide cures to some of the most serious diseases.

As of now, only a few states have legalized marijuana, but the quality of businesses in this field are increasing on a daily basis. So, whether you’re a marijuana enthusiast or a novice, we here at Leafbuyer researched and discovered the most popular cannabis dispensaries in the US for you to visit when traveling the country. Please take the time to read through our top pick for most popular cannabis dispensaries in the US.

Cannabis City – Seattle

Cannabis City is the first pot shop to open in the city of Seattle.

Seattle Skyline from Queen Anne Neighborhood
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Its history is compelling as well as unique, and its location is ideal. Located in the SODO district, Cannabis City gives the consumer a scenic view of the Seattle Skyline, the Puget Sound, and Mt. Rainier.

After WA State had legalized marijuana, Cannabis City was the first shop to be granted a marijuana distribution license. One of the store’s first customers was a grandmother who donated to the local arts upon purchase – apparently, the pot made her feel a bit more generous! In-fact, she showed up 24 hours before opening with a book and a folding chair, just to make sure she would be a part of Seattle history.

Cannabis city has a warm and friendly feel. The lighting, paint, and displays aren’t overwhelming. The floor is clean and has a cool jagged design. As for the staff: they are pleasant, engaging, and most importantly, knowledgeable. It seems as if the people working here were involved in the medical marijuana business before jumping into recreational pot. I was told that after opening, the store’s demand was so high that they ran out of marijuana, and the business hasn’t changed. The name itself is synonymous with marijuana legalization, and thus, market branding isn’t an issue for Cannabis City.

I would also describe Cannabis City as an advocacy group as the company isn’t satisfied with marijuana being legal in only WA and a few other states. Rather, the company produces a very insightful weekly podcast, and it is very active within the Seattle community. As for products, it’s known in the area as one of the best, if not the best, cannabis dispensaries in the city, if not the state. The company culture revolves around high-quality products and customer satisfaction, and it’s all done with a Cheshire Cat-like smile.

So, if you’re looking for a fun experience, head to Cannabis City in SODO. Remember, countless high-end restaurants and sports entertainment are only within a walking distance.


Address – 2733 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 Hours – Mon-Sun, 8AM-11PM Phone – 206-420-4206

Nectar – Portland (Burlingame)

Are you headed to Portland anytime soon? If so, then you have to head into Nectar. The name itself connotes quality taste and genuine care. Although the dispensary is located a little bit outside the city,

Portland City Landscape
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One thing to note: Nectar Cannabis is a chain of cannabis dispensaries in the State of Oregon, so it does exude a more corporate, professional feel on face value. The store’s consumer ratings are exceptional – maybe the highest I have seen yet. Nectar’s core mission is to 1) provide fresh products, 2) offer the best selection, and 3) to higher the most knowledgeable and experienced budtenders.

The Nectar Cannabis quality assurance approach involves in-depth testing in order to ensure that the freshest product is sold. Moreover, the selection is huge and sold at the most competitive prices. Therefore, this is a great place to go to if you’re trying to save a little money. Customers constantly praise the budtenders because of their adherence to high-quality standards. And to be honest, Nectar is sticking to its pro-customer company culture in a current marijuana environment that, in some respects, is succumbing to prioritizing profits over product quality.Incidentally, the Nectar Cannabis logo is sleek and catchy with a gold marijuana leaf being placed on a black background.

Parking is easy as the weed dispensary in Burlingame has its own parking lot, with additional parking in the rear. Furthermore, the store is small and neat as it looks very well organized. I swear, the owner must have strong attention to detail as the products are aligned perfectly. The venue itself is small but this design keeps the customer’s interest in the available products.

It feels as if you’re part of a tight-knit family when perusing the store. If you’re looking for a warm, cozy, friendly staff, then this is the place to frequent. The staff is just easy going without a pushy sales strategy. Asking a question about the products available isn’t fraught with unnecessary judgment and answers to questions are virtually instant.

By the way, the accessories are also pretty awesome and abundant.

Apparently, according to the staff, one of the hottest sellers is the dank herbs and edibles. A popular cannabis strain is the Purple Jager OG, which is described as giving the consumer a lofty and euphoric feel. It’s often said that this place “has the best greens” in the State of Oregon. So, if you’re staying in Portland, or traveling through, I advise a pit stop at Nectar.

It’s easy to access the store as well because it’s located right off of I-5. However, I would suggest checking traffic before heading to Nectar Cannabis as Portland traffic is one of the worst in the US. Some things to do in the area is to head north a few miles to Washington Park, where the Portland Zoo and Japanese Gardens are located. The Zoo has been updated and the park itself is a popular spot to enjoy a relaxing picnic. Even closer is the Riverview Natural Area that has ancient looking trees and the feel of a prototypical Pacific NW rainforest.


Address – 8601 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR 97219

Hours – Mon-Sun, 7AM-10PM

Phone – 971-703-4777

These two cannabis dispensaries were chosen because of their obsession with customer satisfaction, which is part of the mission statement here at Leafbuyer. We, as an organization, want to direct you to places that will ensure a memorable marijuana experience and we hope you’ll check out one of these two shops when you’re in the area. Article By: Jason Newell