Planet 13 Dispensary in Las Vegas is Being Built to Entertain

Planet 13 dispensary is off the string in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – Vice reported Friday that a Las Vegas dispensary is transforming itself from your everyday pot shop to an entertainment complex. Planet 13 is opening a new, 16,500-square-foot entertainment venue that will feature a laser graffiti wall and aerial orbs circling above. The entire complex will include office space, as well, and cover a total of 120,000 square feet.

David Farris, Planet 13’s director of marketing, says that the company is building the cannabis entertainment venue to include a floor equipped with LED-light sensors that are activated by foot movement. The 10 by 16-foot floor will light up as people walk across it. Farris wants visitors to be besieged with the aesthetic element of the cannabis mecca upon entering.

The new facility will also include drone orbit balls that will float throughout the facility and a laser graffiti wall show. People will be able to use glowing pens to play laser tag on the wall and watch 3D shows projected throughout the venue. The aerial orbs will circle around the facility every hour. The six orbs will even move to music.

A round fountain will be located at the entrance of the cannabis complex, and 15-foot lotus flowers will adorn the roof. The lotus flowers will be made of acrylic leaves and metal stems which can be controlled by the customers visiting the mecca with control panels located near the outdoor fountain.

Planet 13 Plans to be the Cannabis Capital of the World

The cannabis mecca will be equipped with at least 45 registers and is being built just a 10-minute walk from the Las Vegas strip. Farris says that marijuana consumption is legal in Las Vegas but is not legal on the strip. Tourists will be able to come to Planet 13 to enjoy marijuana as well as a show.

CEO of Planet 13 Bob Groesbeck joked about the amount of aesthetics that the venue plans to have. "Are we over the top? Maybe a little bit. But this is Las Vegas after all," he concluded.

Planet 13's first dispensary opened in 2016 and several politicians were in attendance, including the gubernatorial candidate for the Democratic Party Steve Sisolak. Also in attendance were U.S. Rep. Dina Titus, Sen. Tick Segerblom, and Councilwoman Michele Fiore. "We want Las Vegas to be the cannabis capital of the world," said Segerblom.

The company made $9 million last year and hopes to take some of the money left behind by the more than 50 million tourists who visit Las Vegas every year with the new entertainment venue. "We have already generated a loyal following of Las Vegas customers at our current dispensary location, and we are confident that the superstore will be a strong draw," said Groesbeck.

Nevada has earned more than $55 million in tax revenue from pot in less than a year, and marijuana sales in the state have surpassed $433 million since July of 2017 when recreational marijuana became legal. The total includes medical marijuana sales and the sales of cannabis products.

Planet 13 also has plans to add a variety of cannabis products to their menu which will include tinctures, cannabis oil, cannabis-infused beverages, and an online system that accepts orders for pick-up and delivery.

The new cannabis complex will be the first of its kind, and tourists are expected to flock to the entertainment venue which is being built nearby tourist attractions like the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip. The smorgasbord of fun is expected to open its doors on November 1.