Minnesota Hospitals Will Administer Marijuana

Doctor with Patient Chart Hospital
Photo by: XiXinXing/Shutterstock

As the medical benefits of Marijuana are becoming more widely accepted, we’re seeing some amazing things happen across the globe. States that until recently seemed decades away from allowing marijuana use, medical or otherwise, are adopting legislation to get pro-marijuana laws in the books. Another great example from Minnesota, where hospitals have just received approval to administer medical marijuana for eligible patients.

Per MJ Business Daily:

“Minnesota will let hospitals dispense medical cannabis in pill and liquid forms after the governor signed off on a change to the state’s MMJ law, but it’s unlikely they’ll actually purchase marijuana directly from the state’s two producers.

The original bill legalizing medical marijuana in the state didn’t include hospitals as places where MMJ can be distributed, leaving some healthcare facilities wondering how they would handle patients who use medical cannabis, according to Minnesota Public Radio. The amendment passed by the Legislature and approved by Gov. Mark Dayton answers that question.

Patients will need to be on the Minnesota medical cannabis patient registry, scheduled to launch next week, and hospitals will be allowed to restrict use and storage of MMJ, according to KDAL news.”

While the MMJ Laws in Minnesota need some work (they are very restrictive), it’s cool to see this kind of development, where hospitals are actively involved in administering marijuana as medicine.