Medical Grade Hair Detoxification Shampoo: Does it Work?

woman washing hair with marijuana detox shampoo

The use of hair analysis is indeed pervasive as an anthropological and forensic utensil; exposing a trove of information all packaged neatly in the strands of proteins we style, shape, cut, and mold — our hair. For a criminal investigator, hair can link an individual’s DNA to a crime. To the anthropologist, hair can give us clues on diets and environments of the living, dead, and provide context to the great expanse of time immemorial.

Unfortunately, many of us never become acquainted with such aspects of hair analysis. Brooding through the prohibitive drug laws and employer restrictions, hair analysis only comes up when you’re faced with a drug test. Even then, you are likely only looking to one question: how do I pass this?

Medical Grade Hair Detoxification Shampoo

Detox and Hair Testing

Medical grade hair detoxification shampoo says two things in my mind:

  1. This contains industry-proven, medically-backed ingredients.
  2. This sounds like it’s going to fry my hair.

While both these thoughts may have some truth to them, they beg the bigger question: does hair detox shampoo work?

Consider Your Situation

Earlier this year, I gave up the details on how to pass a drug test in 24 hours. While I focused mostly on urine testing, within the article I asked you to consider three things before choosing a detox plan:

  • What is the test for? A future employer is looking for different information than a court or doctor.
  • What is being tested for? The scope of substances that can be detected, and at what levels.
  • Who is administering the test? The lab the sample sent to and how they analyze it.

In addition to these questions, there are two criteria that should be considered before undertaking a detox or any cleanse:

  • How long do I have? Months, weeks, or days?
  • How much can I spend? Some remedies weigh more in dollars than the natural alternatives; a cost built by claimed effectiveness, compounded by less time spent.

While offering no promises of success, answering these questions can advance the outcomes of medical grade hair detoxification shampoo.

Hair Analysis: A Trickier Test to Best

Answering “does hair detox shampoo work” isn’t done by looking at product reviews. While reviews of medical grade detoxification shampoos can tell you someone’s experience with a product, it lacks in telling any information on why a company or organization would use a hair analysis over urine or saliva. After all, doesn’t it seem like the “detox shampoo” product category only gets play from health addicts and recreational drug users?

Identifying the Book by its Chapters

Pre-employment drug testing feels intrusive and it is meant to. Of the workplaces that use workplace tests, over half use the information they collect to make decisions regarding an applicant. Where saliva and urine fail in giving employers a way of measuring drug use beyond a few weeks in the past, hair analysis can provide insights into a person’s chemical intake for much longer periods (3 months, up to a year). In this way, employers can seek talent that maintains a lifestyle free of persistent drug use.

Hacking Away the Subterfuge

The rise of detox products swiftly followed the legislative legitimacy of workplace drug testing. Once drug testing was no longer seen in the workplace as a violation of privacy, detox products leapt onto the market with a zeal unheard of in the working population.

Today, for instance, urine detox products are specialized to go wherever the person taking the test goes. The administrator of the test often loses visual contact of the person when they go into the restroom, only reestablishing once the urine sample is produced and collected.

Hair analysis aims to reduce this “blind time.” Hair — no matter where you collect it from — can be simply be shaved off, plucked out, or cut, and doesn’t require the same degree of privacy, thus allowing the testing organization to eradicate techniques used by ill-fated recreational users.

How does hair detox shampoo work?

Remember those considerations I mentioned above? Well, medical grade hair detoxification shampoo can work great, dependent upon your situation. For example, if you are wanting to use a hair detox to pass a drug test, a few factors that can impact your detox are:

  • Time till the test
  • Duration and frequency of use
  • Type of substance consumed

Being aware of when and what you consumed is extremely important if you want the medical grade hair detoxification shampoo to do its due diligence. If you’ll recall, a major reason hair analysis is used in testing is because of the expanded timeline it gives the tester access to.

How does hair detox shampoo work, you ask? Simply put, medical grade hair detoxification shampoos use specialized chemicals to scrub, mask, or eradicate drug traces and metabolites. In the case of THC, for instance, metabolites and active drug traces are present in the hair (though possibly less pronounced than, say, cocaine). This means that the hair detox product you choose needs to be proficient in removing both.

While many suppliers of medical grade hair detoxification shampoo advertise results within 10 days (and often less), aside from shaving every inch of your body, the best way to answer does hair detox shampoo work lies in the time you have to perform your detox. As with many cleanses, more time is better.

By Joey Wells