Marijuana Recommendations: 6 Strains To Try This Week

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Work’s over, and you’re tired, mad at the boss as you can never produce enough TPS reports, and the dog just freshly pooped on the bathroom mat. Life at this moments feels like it’s ending. However, there’s a potential savior! We have marijuana recommendations.

After you yell at the dog and throw the briefcase through the window, you know it’s time to roll a “portly bleezie.” Your mood starts to lighten, and you think: what am I going to stuff this wrap with?

But, your brain is still a bit mushy from typing up mundane statistics. So, you hop on the net and stumble upon Leafbuyer’s marijuana recommendations to help you! SUCCESS. The following marijuana strain recommendations will satisfy your marijuana palette

Bruce Banner

Do you just want to zone out and plop on your couch? Then Bruce Banner is precisely the strain for you. As most of you know, Bruce Banner is the Marvel character Hulk. I think the fact that it’s called Hulk makes it clear that this strain will knock you on your butt.

This strain is growing in popularity by the second as the high is euphoric and enlightening. As for taste: it’s sweet and savory. Moreover, it’s the ideal weed to smoke when engaging in an intellectual conversation or playing advanced video games.

The strain’s visuals are intense but don’t make one’s vision blurry. Bruce Banner’s composition is 60% sativa and 40% indica, with a THC content of around 30%. Users have highlighted its ability to lower inhibitions and thus help those with social anxiety disorders. For patients, Bruce Banner helps control severe pain, which bodes well for patients with AIDS and cancer.


marijuana strain to try
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Satori is famous for making users laugh to an extent whereby they basically perform an ab workout. Commonly referred to as the “happy weed,” Satoris’ 50/50 indica to sativa ratio can cause some serious giggle fits.

The high is lucid and fosters interaction, while Satori’s taste is similar to a honey tea. Some users claim that it improves vitality and sex drive. Satori’s smell is pungent and powerful so maybe you’re grumpy neighbors will receive a secondary high!

There are a few things to note, however: don’t try to work out or go on a jog while smoking Satori. Even though the high is clear, it can make the body feel heavy and weighted. Patients enjoy Satori because it has healing properties and is well-known for increasing appetite.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a combination of Blueberry indica and sativa Haze, with most of its consistency being sativa. And the name says everything about the strain: it’s arguably the most relaxing and calming marijuana strain available on the market. The body high is so potent that it puts muscle relaxers to shame. Furthermore, the high is lofty and almost out-of-body.

A person who smokes Blue Dream should be aware that it can severely alter vision and contribute to a perceived time slowdown. Blue Dream’s taste is fruity, and the smell is soothing on the nostrils. Patients typically purchase Blue Dream to treat depression, pain, nausea, and insomnia. It’s a great strain to smoke before bed as it won’t disrupt sleep and improves REM sleep.

Sour Diesel

Doesn’t the name Sour Diesel seem apt being used as a rapper’s name? And you may be wondering about the name inspiration: the reason it’s called Sour Diesel is that the smell is similar to the exhaust coming out of the tailpipe of a diesel engine. But the smell is surely secondary to its mind-altering effects.

Sour Diesel can place a user in a psychedelic trance – enhanced colors, light alterations, and profound thoughts are said to be core aspects of the high.

Incidentally, patients coming down from antidepressants, or completely off of antidepressant, can improve depression symptoms with Sour Diesel. For men with ED, Sour Diesel can also help improve the duration of erections and thus improve sex. What’s wrong with that right guys?


Ready to feel some zen?

Zensation is mostly indica and the exact composition isn’t known because the recipe is a secret! THC levels are around 22%. By the way, Zensation lives up to its name because it gives the user a sleepy, relaxed vibe, which calms anxieties. It’s most commonly purchased for insomnia as it induces sleepiness and also provides a user with positive dreams.

Users have claimed to experience dreams that center on success, bliss, and enjoyable interactions. I would recommend Zensation to users who have issues relaxing, sleeping, or calming down, as this alternative is healthier and won’t likely cause addiction.