Candidate for RI Attorney General Compares Marijuana to N-Word

photo of a group of people in an auditorium watching someone on stage

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — A candidate for Rhode Island Attorney General created a spectacle on Tuesday when he compared the word "marijuana" to the n-word, according to Law & Crime.

Alan Gorgon, who is a marijuana advocate and a member of the Compassion Party, apparently forgot himself when he got upset over his Democratic opponent and former U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha talking about marijuana at a North Kingston High School assembly.

Gordon, who is white, became enraged and accused Neronha of purposely using the word "marijuana" to stigmatize him and called the word racist. The Compassion Party member then compared marijuana to the n-word when he said, "That's like saying n****r," Gordon screamed, spelling out the word and screaming each letter.

Gordon went on to say that the word "marijuana" was a curse to his people. Before storming off the stage, he concluded with his parting words. "You will not say it in this school again, today or in lessons. Knock it off! I'm done!" The crowd shrieked with enthusiasm as Gordon spilled his rhetoric.

Police Found 48 Pounds of Weed at Gordon's Residence

Gordon, 48, was arrested several weeks earlier after police found 48 pounds of marijuana in his home in West Greenwich. His live-in girlfriend and candidate for governor, Anne Armstrong, 58, was also arrested.

Armstrong and Gordon were both charged with marijuana possession. Because a minor was also in the home, they were also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The couple claims that they use marijuana for spiritual reasons associated with their Christian church, called The Healing Church. TMZ posted the video.

Gordon attempted to explain his behavior and outrage to Patch. "If a Latino student said "Hispanic" hurt them, and asked for the term "Latino" to be used, would you use the other one over and over? Why? I demand he apologize, and the principal as well, for failing to enforce school policy about racist language," he said. Meanwhile, Gordon has not apologized for actually using a racial slur.