Marijuana Dispensaries by City in Oregon

Sunrise Over Oregon Coast Highway
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In 1999, Oregon became one of the first states in the US to legalize medical marijuana. 17 years later, in 2016, lawmakers legalized recreational pot as well. Now all of Oregon is experiencing the sweet, sweet high that only cannabis (and the taxes from recreational marijuana sales) can bring.

Since its legalization, recreational marijuana has been contributing its tax earnings to Oregon’s schools, police forces, and mental health and drug abuse programs. This is great news, and we’re guessing you want to help contribute to these noble causes. So for your convenience, here’s a breakdown of marijuana dispensaries and their availability in the five largest cities within the great (legalized) state of Oregon!

1. Portland


Sunrise Over Oregon Coast Highway
Photo by: Sung Choi/Shutterstock
Portland is Oregon’s most populated city, with a 2015 population of almost 650,000. If you’ve lived in or visited Portland since then, you’re bound to have noticed that it’s still growing, and quickly.


Apartment complexes and condos are springing up overnight. Fortunately, there are enough pot shops to support such a booming population. But with over 200 dispensaries (that’s 1 pot shop for every 3,250 people), most of which sell both medical and recreational weed, it may be difficult to pick one to visit.

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We suggest adding Nectar Cannabis to your list of Portland pot shops to experience. With dispensaries scattered across the city (and more on the way), Nectar is proving to be a very successful medical and recreational chain.

2. Salem

Though its number falls well short of Portland’s, Salem is the second-most-populated city in Oregon, with a 2015 population just shy of 165,000. But the population isn’t the only number that’s significantly smaller than Portland’s. Salem boasts a little over 20 marijuana dispensaries (that’s 1 pot shop for every 8,250 people), each of which sell both medical and recreational weed.

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Herbal Grasslands LogoIf you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, check out Herbal Grasslands. With their daily discounts and impressively low prices, this medical and recreational dispensary was voted in at #1 for Leafbuyer’s 2017 Best Value in Oregon.

3. Eugene

Ranking third in Oregon’s city population size is Eugene, with almost 163,500 people living there in 2015. Somewhat surprisingly, Eugene has more dispensaries than Salem (over 30 throughout the city; that’s 1 pot shop for every 5,450 people), with only a couple that don’t sell both medical and recreational pot.

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Whether you’re interested in finding alternative remedies to modern medicine or simply looking for a great selection of premium cannabis, River Valley Remedies is a marijuana dispensary that we recommend visiting. Hand-pick your buds, sign up for workshops, and learn about the world of natural remedies.

4. Gresham

Coming in with a 2015 population size of just over 110,500 people, Gresham seems to be a bit late to the dispensary game. The city has less than 10 dispensaries (that’s 1 pot shop for every 11,050 people), all of which sell both medical and recreational marijuana.

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Your options are pretty limited here, but we still think you should check out SWED.CO. With their large variety of quirky, knowledgeable staff, and great prices, you’ll never be disappointed.

5. Hillsboro

Hillsboro is the final Oregon city to hit the population mark of 100,000 in 2015. With just over 102,000 citizens, Hillsboro claims fewer than 10 dispensaries to its borders (that’s 1 pot shop for every 10,200 people), all of which sell both recreational and medical marijuana.

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If you’re in the Hillsboro area and looking to make a pot purchase and a difference, look no further than Shango. With marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada, this premium cannabis shop will leave you feeling good about yourself in more ways than one.

Oregon Dispensaries for Days!

Clearly, Portland has the largest number of marijuana dispensaries (in general and per capita) in the state of Oregon. As a Portland resident, I’m really not complaining. But outside the walls of this great metropolis, dispensary growth seems a bit slower. While the numbers are certainly nothing to sneer at (at least it’s legal here), the industry could probably use a pick-me-up.

If you’re interested in helping the marijuana field grow (all puns intended), take a look at our Cannabis Jobs Network. Find your dream job, ideal employee, or new calling!

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