Marijuana Benefits: Will Weed Cure My Hangover?

Hungover Woman Holding Bottle
Photo by: Dmitry A/Shutterstock

Hungover Woman Holding Bottle
Photo by: Dmitry A/Shutterstock
There is a common claim that smoking marijuana has the ability to help cure your hangover. This has become a very popular theory amongst cannabis consumers, yet there is very little research to help back this claim. So let’s get to the bottom of it.

A hangover is one of the most hated and frustrating sensations this life has to offer. Nobody likes to feel this way, and if there is something that will treat this irritation, they will try it. Fortunately for the party animal in all of us, there are many medical marijuana benefits that have the potential to help to cure a hangover.

Why Cannabis Defeats Alcohol

First, let’s describe some of the symptoms of a hangover. A hangover is commonly described as a major headache that won’t go away, dehydration, muscle pains, inability to focus, and even nausea. Of course, these symptoms are caused by drinking a bit too much alcohol. So, my first suggestion is to skip the alcohol and just smoke marijuana. I mean, come on, people: if marijuana cures the symptoms of alcohol, then why not just start with cannabis!?

There is only one symptom of a hangover that cannabis has no way of helping: dehydration. However, dehydration does cause worse headaches, and cannabis does have the ability to help treat severe headaches. In fact, medical marijuana is commonly used to treat patients who suffer from migraines. It is safe to say that cannabis could help treat your hangover headache.

Marijuana also has the ability to help you sleep your hangover off. A lot of times, when your hangover is too strong, you can’t get comfortable enough to even sleep. One of the most popular effects of marijuana is its ability to help people sleep. Its powerful relaxing and calming effects are known to help treat insomnia, so they have the potential to help you sleep off a particularly nasty hangover.

Bud or Nah?

There are a few different cannabis products that would help your hangover the most. For instance, any method that gets the THC or CBD into your system quickly is going to be the most beneficial. A tincture, capsule, or even dabbing are some of the most effective methods. I personally enjoy a nice fat dab to settle my hangover, but a dab can be too potent for some smokers. That’s why putting a CBD or THC tincture in your morning coffee may be the best method for you. I recommend testing out both to see what fits your hangover the best.

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THC and CBD both have medical qualities that can help with a hangover. However, CBD is particularly good for curing extreme nausea. CBD is known for helping with stomach issues and is commonly used by cancer patients to treat nausea. Also, smoking CBD does not typically make people cough as much as THC. Sometimes coughing too much can intensify the symptoms of a hangover. There are even certain people who may get the “spins” from smoking THC with a hangover. I recommend a combination of both THC and CBD to ensure a well-rounded effect!

So the next time you wake up with an achy body, a churning stomach, and a head full of regret, reach for some weed and some water. Let them do their thing, and maybe consider starting with them next time. Just a thought.

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