Kushmart 420 Headlines Long List of Washington 420 events

420 Rally in 2016

Cannabis lovers from the Everett, Washington area came in droves to local dispensary KushMart for a 420 celebration on Thursday, April 20. The “weed smoker’s Christmas” was highlighted by discounted herb and an in-store concert organized by local promoter Vlive.

kushmart 420 sign

“We are excited to be part of the 420 festivities at KushMart,” said Vlive founder Noble Monyei.

“All of the musicians involved in this event support the cannabis community, and it’s great to see people coming together to celebrate their love for the hemp plant.”

Seattle acts Dearly Departed, Temple Canyon, and Invictvs supplied the soundtrack for the evening, with live performances of chilled out rock music that perfectly set the mood for shoppers at KushMart. A disc jockey spun hip-hop music between sets, which provided a nice complement to the bands. Music began just before 5 p.m. and lasted until 9 p.m., as hundreds of tokers browsed KushMart’s impressive inventory of buds from around the state of Washington. There was a hot dog vendor parked outside of KushMart, satisfying food cravings for the diverse set of customers browsing the dispensary’s ample selection of 420 goodies.

Kushmart 420 Specials

KushMart visitors were treated to 420 specials on flower, edibles, and concentrates. Grams of the infamous G-13 strain from local growers Rogue Raven Farms were on sale for $10. A selection of different flower from upstart growers Mt. Baker was also on sale for $10 per gram. Mt. Baker’s Tahoe OG was one of the main draws of the day, a beautiful hybrid at a more-than-reasonable price. For smokers on a budget, grams from Doctor & Crook and Surefire were available at $5 apiece. KushMart gave a 50% discount on all of its glass pipes, and there were two-packs of pre-rolled joints available for just $5.

Overall, it was a fun and friendly atmosphere for cannabis enthusiasts hoping to celebrate their favorite holiday. Lines were long at times, but KushMart was heavily staffed with budtenders who rose to the occasion and provided excellent customer service (with a smile!) to all who entered. Amazingly, this was the fourth 420 since I-502 made recreational herb legal in the state of Washington. It seems there are no signs of slowing down for the cannabis industry in the Pacific Northwest. Tokers from all walks of life converged upon KushMart for a peaceful party with positive vibes.

Additional Notable 4/20 Events

The party certainly didn’t end at KushMart. Just a few miles down Interstate 5 in Seattle, 420 celebrations raged on throughout the day. Perhaps the most notable event was 420Fest, which took place at The Culture Yard in the city’s Fremont district. Organized by the promoters of the famous HEMPFEST, 420Fest featured food, music and raffles. There was also the 420 Block Party in Seattle’s Central District. The Block Party was sponsored by the world renowned independent radio station KEXP, with live music performed by JGRGY.

Residents of West Seattle enjoyed a 420 party at Origins Merch Shop, one of the neighborhood’s dispensaries. Herban Legends in Belltown provided free pizza and miniature golf to shoppers. Customers at Trees Pot Shop in the Greenwoods area of North Seattle were treated to a live performance by Marko Level of the band Pluto, along with discounted cannabis products. The Hashtag dispensary in Fremont hosted suppliers Pearl Extracts and Seattle Green Bud, offering visitors the opportunity for a meet-and-greet with successful cannabis producers. The Hashtag party also featured live music from WesDiz and Tres Bien, as well as a selection of alcoholic beverages for customers.

Several Seattle restaurants joined in on the festivities, offering special 420 menus for tokers with the munchies. Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge in the happening Capitol Hill neighborhood served stoner delicacies like Hot Cheetos mac n’ cheese and Cinnamon Toast Crunch French toast, along with well drinks for just $4.20 to wash down the tasty treats. Not too far down the street, Neon Taco served a menu of delicious Taco Bell knockoff dishes such as Doritos-shell tacos and Dorito nachos. ?ber Tavern, located on Aurora Avenue near Green Lake, served a variety of weed-related beers and foods as part of its Bongwater Galore event.

The cannabis revolution continues to push forward, and this past 420 in Washington shows that love for the hemp plant is here to stay. In the face of the possibility for the federal government to push back on legalization laws, the marijuana community clearly remains strong and ready to fight to keep weed legal. Events like the KushMart celebration and 420fest have galvanized the people of Washington to help raise awareness and end negative social stigmas about cannabis use.

“We are seeing a real change in the way people perceive cannabis,” Noble Monyei stated. “The KushMart party and all the 420 stuff going on in Seattle show that the community is getting stronger. Mainstream acceptance of the benefits of marijuana use is no longer a pipe dream.”