How to Make Edibles

chocolste brownie edible on spoon

I don’t smoke much alone anymore. I really only smoke cannabis as a social thing. That’s not to say that I consume any less marijuana, however, just that I transitioned primarily to cannabis edibles for all my cannabinoid desires. And while it is often more convenient to purchase an edible, learning how to make edibles is incredibly easy.

Before I can give you the details on how to make weed edibles, I invite you to consider a few things:

  • How strong do you want you cannabis edibles to be?
  • What sort of cannabinoids do you want present in your edibles?
  • What is your diet? What sorts of foods do you like?
  • How frequent will you be medicating?

Ways to Infuse

How To Make Edibles

There are several ways to infuse cannabis edibles, all varying in popularity. For the sake of simplicity, I will name four of the most common when learning how to make edibles:

  1. The use of a highly fatty oil or spread (like cannabutter) to dissolve the cannabinoids from the marijuana plant are among the most common and well known methods when considering how to make weed edibles. The growth of the concentrate industry has quickly begun to rival the old school of cannabis edibles makers, offering less physical volume for higher concentrations of cannabinoids.
  2. Use of hash wax within cannabis edibles is said to offer less marijuana flavor in the final product, as butter and oils (often dyed green by the plant’s chlorophyll) often contain more residual plant matter. Learning how to make edibles using wax or hash concentrates just requires a bit more attention to detail.
  3. I like the taste of weed, so I learning how to make edibles using decarboxylated bud fits how I like to consume. It’s perfect as an addition to homemade salad dressings or as a garnish for grilled meat or roasted veggies. I find it to be a powerful complementary flavor, so when learning how to make weed edibles I found it an excellent addition to earthy flavors.
  4. Added to liquor, really making that dinner at the opera plans special. Basically, you dissolve the cannabinoids into the alcohol. And after a week (or longer), you will find yourself wielding the power of a cannabis mixologist — pouring the liquid results of your cannabis edibles.

Learning how to make weed edibles is easy, it’s just that there is so many ways marijuana can be used with food. Lost in choice, many people choose to begin their cannabis edibles career with a classic: weed brownies.

An Estimated Dose

While you won’t be able to be 100% accurate, knowing how to estimate the dosage of your edibles is an important part of learning how to make edibles. We purchase our bud and concentrates in grams and ounces, we measure potency in percentages, and we use milligrams to describe our cannabis edibles. It makes sense that people get confused under these various conversions when learning how to make weed edibles. Often (I suspect) people don’t care to understand it more than choosing by the percentage (mostly) and smell (complementary to the potency). Again, it is remarkably simple.

Say you have a 1 gram of bud that is 22% THC. First, you should understand that 1 gram is equal to 1000mg. Next, we can deduce that 22% of 1000mg is equal to 220mg. Therefore, you have 220mg of THC in your 1 gram of marijuana. Look at it this way:

1 Gram of Cannabis @ 22% THC

1 Gram = 1000mg

22% = 0.22

1000mg * 0.22= 220mg


1 Gram of Hash @ 77% CBD

1 Gram = 1000mg

77% = 0.77

1000mg * 0.77 = 770mg CBD

It is important to mention that all four of the ways you may infuse your products come with a trade-off, temperature being the most volatile element when transforming your weed into cannabis edibles. Since the cannabinoids in the buds and flower have not been activated by heat or oxygen yet, they won’t produce much of an effect. To resolve this issue, we cook our plant material, converting the THCA to THC, the CBDA to CBD, etc. before adding to any recipe. As the various cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids all have a different boiling point, they can be destroyed if heated too high or for too long.

When learning how to make weed edibles, a decarb step to activate the cannabinoids can be the make-or-break point in the final product potency.

The Effect Spectrum

With the growing body of information regarding cannabinoid and terpenoid interactions, aka the “entourage effect”, learning how to make edibles is increasingly a customizable experience. For instance, you can mix sativa THC strains with indica CBD strains, add some limonene extract, and you’d have my favorite “effect base” as it were.

See, I knew going in that I wanted to learn how to make weed edibles that have the heady creative high from sativa plants high in THC and also like the cerebral and relaxing properties of indica strains high in CBD. Since I often eat leafy greens, earthy veggies, and gamey meats, the addition of limonene helps bring a bit of lemony-citrus and bitters to an otherwise savory diet.

When learning how to make weed edibles, it is important to consider what sort of effects you’d like to experience in addition to the frequency you medicate. For those who use recreationally, maybe on the weekend once a month or something, a singular batch of brownies and you may be good for half the year.

For those who medicate daily, however, you may need to consider (a) the volume of cannabinoids you consume daily (b) the way in which you get your nutrition. If you are eating a bunch of cookies all the time, it may not be the most sustainable diet, but learning how to make edibles is an individual journey — so do your thing, friends.

Cannabis Edibles for Breakfast and Dinner

Stoned Ape Breakfast

What you’ll need:

How it’s done

(Depending on the strength of your butter, hemp, or coconut oil, learning how to make weed edibles requires that you adjust accordingly)

  • Begin by mixing 4 oz of maple syrup with 1 tbsp of whipped cream cheese, adding a dose of cannabutter and mixing till there are no chunks. Feel free to slightly warm the mixture if the butter is too solid.
  • Measure a half-dose of infused coconut oil and a half-dose of cannabutter, and add them to your brewed, hot coffee. Stir until the butter/ oil infusion has dissolved completely. Add sugar, cream, cinnamon, and vanilla to taste (if you want)
  • Cook your pancakes/ waffles/ French toast. Once they have been cooked, add the syrup mixture and enjoy with your cannacafe!

Mushroom Elk and the Bitter Herb

What you’ll need:

  • Elk steak(s)
  • Cannabutter/ cannabis oil
  • Crimini/ baby bella mushrooms
  • 4 Garlic cloves
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • 4oz marsala wine
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper (optional)
  • Decarboxylated weed
  • A Tupperware/ bag to marinate the elk.
  • A frying pan

How it’s done:

  • To start learning how to make edibles, chop two of the 4 garlic cloves. Add garlic, salt, the elk steak, and a dose of cannabis oil into the Tupperware or bag. Marinate for an hour.
  • Chop up bacon. Use the frying pan to cook the bacon. Set the bacon to the side.
  • Slice the mushrooms, adding a dose of cannabis oil or cannabutter as you add the mushrooms to the frying pan. Allow the mushrooms to brown in the bacon grease/ oil mix.
  • Add the Marsala wine, cooking the mushrooms for your cannabis edibles for an additional two minutes before removing them.
  • Cook off the remaining wine. Sear the elk steak on each side, cooking for 3-5 minutes respectively.
  • Put on simmer, add the mushrooms, bacon, and a sprinkle of decarbed weed. Cook for two to three minutes
  • Transfer to a plate, enjoy your cannabis edibles!

While recipes give you the road map, leaning how to make weed edibles requires a lot of product testing to figure out what works best for you. Many of the best edibles out there were created by people just trying to learn how to make edibles.

By Joey Wells