How much does it really cost to grow your own?

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With legalization occurring in places like Colorado and Washington and medical marijuana laws sweeping the country, many states now allow for legal home grows. Now that it isn’t so risky, many people are thinking about setting up their very first plants. There are plenty of different techniques involved in the growing process, and a professional grower could go on for days about the best ways to set up and grow your plants. However, for most people, one question always comes up first when thinking about growing your own cannabis: How much does it cost?


The answers to this question is a massive range. Many large scale commercial grows cost tens of millions to set up, but most private-use home growers can generally keep it pretty simply and get good results. Most home growers can get fully set up with some work, patience, and $100-$300; we’ll get into the details on how this breaks down soon. If you are looking to set up a maximum-yield, state-of-the-art grow space, you could find yourself spending thousands of dollars very quickly. However, we’ll keep this guide focused on the least expensive options. The first question you need to ask yourself when setting up your grow is whether you are growing indoors or outdoors. Outdoor growers will have a harder time finding a private space to grow with enough consistent light, but will enjoy the benefits of a much less expensive setup. If you have a good space to grow outdoors, expect to spend around $60 to set up a few plants. This money covers a few bags of soil (~$5 each), containers for the plants (~$3 each), and seeds (~$10 each). Since light and many nutrients are provided naturally, that’s about all you need to get growing outdoors! Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum, and there are many additions you can make to improve the quality and life of your outdoor flowers.

Indoor growers will enjoy more controlled conditions and privacy, but will have to spend a little bit more to get good results. A basic indoor grow can still cost below $100. All you really need are a basic 125 watt light (~$20-$30), some 2 gallon containers (~$3 each), soil (~$12/bag), a fan (~$12), and seeds (~$10 each). This basic setup won’t get you world-class yields or buds testing over 20% THC, but you can still grow some great product and won’t be disappointed if you’re just growing for yourself or a couple of friends.

The recommended indoor setup for higher quality plants and bigger yields will cost a bit more money, but you’ll quickly find that the improvements are worth it. To set up a quality indoor grow with a fixed 600watt light (~$50) with a ballast (~$50), fans, carbon filter (~$60), time switch (~$7) and exhaust (~$135), expect to spend $300-$400. While more complicated to set up and significantly more expensive, you’ll see the improved results on your first harvest. Your buds will be bigger, stronger, and denser, especially if you can afford c02. If you can’t afford all of this just yet, don’t be discouraged! You’ll be surprised by the results you can achieve simply using the basic set-ups above.

Many would-be growers are deterred because they think growing will simply be too expensive and time consuming. However, growing can be extremely cost effective. Hopefully the tips in this guide will help a few of you in deciding to try out your first home-grown adventure!