How CBD is Helping Addiction

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It is no secret that our nation is infatuated with prescription and over-the-counter pills. From hardcore pain medication to the over the counter allergy medication, the United States consumes a crazy number of pills. Not only have we had issues with overprescribing, but it’s impossible to watch a television show without seeing an ad for some new medication. It is no surprise that the addiction rates for Americans are nearly 1 in 7 people. So it came as a shock to many when CBD products could be the answer to helping addiction.

We have now begun to recognize that addiction is a disease that needs to be treated with care. Research and rehab facilities are always looking for alternative methods to treat those suffering from addictive behaviors. The growth of medical marijuana has put many eyes on the cannabinoid, CBD for being a potential treatment for many different forms of addiction.

What is Addiction?

The definition of addiction is, “a complex disease, often chronic in nature, which affects the functioning of the brain and body.”

The main thing to pay attention to is the recognition that addiction is a disease and needs to be treated as such. Therefore, we have begun to see more and more rehabilitation centers and programs opening their doors to those suffering from addiction. Cannabinoids, like CBD, have uses beyond helping addiction.

Therapy is the main treatment when it comes to addiction, but as we learn more about cannabis, there may be a natural medication to help block the symptoms and triggers of addiction.

Common Signs of Addiction:

  • Severe Loss of Control
  • Continued Use Despite Serious Consequences
  • Preoccupation with Using
  • Failed Attempts to Quit
  • Tolerance and Withdrawal

Addiction can cause extreme harm to both your body and your mind. The effects of addiction can cause serious health issues, increase anxiety and stress, and worsen depression. However, the effects of addiction go far beyond what it does to your body. Addictions can ruin relationships with your family, friends, and even workplace. There are many types of addictions in our world today.

One of the main addictions apparent in our society right now is an addiction to opioids. Along with opioid addiction, there are many people suffering from alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction, food addictions, and different drug addictions. The possibility of CBD helping addiction of all variety requires us to take a deeper look.

What is CBD?

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CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant. When ingested, CBD combines with CB1 and CB2 receptors in both our body and brain. This cannabinoid is one of many cannabinoids and happens to be the second most abundant cannabinoid, right next to THC.

While a majority of our cannabis is bred to produce high THC contents, we are now seeing more and more breeders looking for a high CBD content. With the growth of industrial hemp, we are seeing more and more CBD products on the market. Consumers can now buy CBD products online as a tincture, capsule, lotion, or even vape pen, making using CBD for helping addiction is easier than ever before.

CBD has been found to have medical potential in treating insomnia, seizures, arthritis, migraines, diabetes, and even cancer. CBD is also commonly used in treating symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, lack of appetite, and headaches.

This widespread demand for CBD is calling for more and more research to be done. It broad medical potential is endless, and it may just be the ideal treatment for addictive behaviors.

How Does CBD Help Tame Addictive Behaviors?

zro plus cbd oil tinctureThere are not a ton of studies published on the direct effects of CBD on the phases of addiction. However, out of the array of published studies that are available, CBD does portray to have some serious potential in the treatment of addictive behaviors. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which means there is no euphoric or “high” effect when CBD is ingested. The non-psychoactive effect allows for CBD to be administered in very high dosages without causing any undesired effects. This trait alone shows that CBD is not at risk of being abused, and it may be a good replacement to other reward-facilitating drugs.

A study done back in 2013 shows that “Cannabidiol inhibits the reward-facilitating effect of morphine.” While the study was done with animal trials and not humans, the results found that high dosages of CBD can block the rewarding sensations caused by morphine.

The same study also found that CBD does not reinforce these addictive sensations or replace these rewards, but rather blocks the brains reward mechanisms when ingesting opioids. This shows that CBD has the potential to help patients quit using opioids and relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Usual Withdrawal Symptoms of Addiction:

  • Panic Attacks
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Muscle Pain

If you take a look at the symptoms of most withdrawals, CBD can help addiction by treating many of these ailments. That is why, at the very least, it is safe to say that CBD for helping addiction is an ideal way to aid in coping with withdrawals.

Look at one of the most common addictions: smoking tobacco.

In a study done with 24 random tobacco smokers, 12 were given an inhaler with a CBD Formulation and 12 were given a placebo inhaler. Each participant was asked to use the inhaler every time they had an urge to smoke a cigarette.

Over the course of one week, those who were administered the inhaler with CBD saw a 40% reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked. It also showed that those who were given the placebo inhaler saw no change. This helps to provide evidence that CBD can help addiction triggers and urges.

Can CBD Help Prevent Addictive Behaviors?

CBD definitely has the medical potential to help tame and treat the symptoms involved with many addictive behaviors, but can it actually help prevent certain people from turning to addiction? While the research out there is extremely vague, there is some information out there that points to CBD having the ability to help with the prevention of phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

If CBD can help to prevent these disorders, then it can indirectly help reduce the addiction rates in our society. Just out of the patients suffering from PTSD, nearly 50%-66% also suffer from some form of addiction.

A recent study done in 2017, shows that CBD has a direct effect on regulating emotions and our emotional memory processing. Let’s keep using PTSD as an example, those suffering from PTSD typically are the victims of a traumatic event or memory. This memory is classified as a fear memory and its continuous recollection tends to cause the symptoms related to PTSD.

In this study, CBD was found to have the ability to both reduce the intensity of the learned fear and block its memory reconsolidation. Meaning that CBD could help to both relieve the anxiety and stress caused by reliving these traumatic events, and potentially prevent these events from ever causing PTSD in the first place. If we can begin curing disorders like substance abuse or PTSD by proactively allowing CBD to help addiction, we may drastically begin reducing the rate of addiction in our Nation!

How Does A Person Find CBD?

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It is crazy to think that cannabis has been considered a gateway drug for so long when, in fact, it has the potential to treat and prevent certain drug addictions. From opioids to liquor, addiction is a serious disease that affects the lives of millions. It is about time that we begin researching alternative methods, such as CBD, to get ahead of this epidemic and enhance our rehabilitation programs to prevent and treat addictive behaviors.

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