History of the Blunt

blunt in hand on beach

blunt in hand on beachLet’s not mince our words: There is all sort of ways to ingest marijuana. One of the most popular here in the U.S. is a hollowed out cigar, stuffed with your favorite weed strain and rolled within the leafy wrapper. It’s classic, chic, and symbolic of pot use across the U.S.: it’s the blunt.

Origins of the Marijuana Blunt

The blunt is named after the Phillies Blunt brand cigars, though the design can come from any kind of cigar or cigarillo. Sometimes they are referred to as an “L” or “El-P” or “Dutch” which reference other popular cigars, the El Producto and Dutch Masters brands.

Though blunts are pretty specifically linked to cannabis, their history is entirely tied to tobacco. In the 1500s, tobacco was introduced to Spain via the New World, and as a result, a massive trade market was created in Europe in the 1960’s. Smoking was considered an aristocratic activity, they’d love to whip out their freshly wrapped cigars, which were rolled in tobacco and palm leaves.

After finishing, these aristocrats would discard the butt of their joints, tossing them to the ground. Peasants would then pick them up, take them apart, and reuse what was left, by rerolling the tobacco in newspaper shards.

The newspaper shards were not designed for that kind of use between ink and lead; the generic paper was not a safe option. Soon white, the clean-burning paper came out on the market, making promises of hygienic burning.

Blunt Rolled PerfectlyLater, blunts became widespread through yet another obscure industry through artists.

Alton Kelley was a 1960’s artist in San Francisco, a regular in the Haight-Ashbury counter culture community. With the help of collaborator Stanley Mouse, Kelley created era-specific art that displayed cannabis being smoked on posters, album covers, and playbills. Soon artists associated with the hippie movement, like the Grateful Dead, were tied to this art depicting marijuana smoked through a joint. And soon after, joints were considered too small.

A Blunt Answer to a Hazy Question

Like with most things, the blunt grew popular as the desire for excess increased. What started as a subtle artist movement expanded into an entire blunt-centric culture. A culture where papers were bigger, the pot was plentiful, and the joint became a smaller serving size associated with the past (don’t worry if you’re a joint fan, make sure and check out dispensaries that offer pre-roll deals featured on Leafbuyer).

Blunts are significantly larger and thicker than joints. At first, smokers combined bits of tobacco and cannabis in the hollowed-out cigar, but the design has since evolved. Now a blunt is typically stuffed with weed only, giving users a complete smoking experience.

Smokers from midnight tokers to regular pot heads and users agree that a blunt has several benefits. They’ve been credited with many perks, including:

  • Blunts last longer
  • Blunts give larger hits
  • Weed blunts are thicker
  • Blunts look more appetizing
  • Blunts taste better
  • Blunts are easier to roll
  • Blunts have more to them than an average joint.

While the history of the blunt is tied very closely with tobacco, blunts have one thing going for them, without fail they’re 100% weed.

Article By: Savannah Nelson