High CBD Strains for Your Next Cannabis Session

CBD Marijuana Sleep Aid

High CBD Marijuana StrainsHistorically, cannabis has been used for thousands of years with the intention of bringing powerful medical benefits to its users.

Nowadays, that intention has remained the same, but recently, additional compounds like cannabidiol (CBD) and other naturally occurring chemicals within the cannabis plant are being extensively researched, tested, and distributed to medical cannabis patients.

Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, is an extremely effective treatment for various medical conditions and diseases, and it has grabbed the attention of people worldwide for the simple fact that it doesn’t deliver a ‘high’ feeling after consumption.

In addition to CBD’s non-psychoactive effects, there’s no lethal dose of the cannabinoid, nor does CBD give users negative side effects, which is why many parents are over the moon about this medicine for their children.

Many children suffer from different medical conditions and diseases like adults do, but due to their underdeveloped brain, parents and doctors are skeptical about giving them a medicine that may make them high. Thus, as an alternative, the topic of high CBD strains has briefly stolen the spotlight from TH


How Does CBD Help?

Researchers have found that CBD is a natural anti-emetic (nausea-reducer), anti-psychotic, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and a neuroprotective, according to HighMountainHealth.org. Due to these unique properties, cannabis strains high in CBD are ideal for a wide range of people, especially children with epilepsy/seizure disorders and/or forms of cancer. Additionally, CBD can counteract negative side effects from high THC strains, including paranoia and anxiety.

Therefore, high CBD strains have become increasingly popular in recent years. In general, the cannabis plant contains other compounds and chemicals besides CBD and THC like terpenes and flavonoids that each serve a purpose. As mentioned by GreenRushDaily.com, CBD is the most effective and the most medically beneficial when it works together with THC, other cannabinoids, and naturally occurring chemicals in the plant. This is known as the entourage effect. Thus, cannabis strains that contain both CBD and THC will be the most effective; however, the levels vary per strain.

What are the Top High CBD Strains?

Most cannabis dispensaries should carry different high CBD strains, so keep an eye out for them next time you get your medicine. For your convenience, a detailed list of high CBD strains is listed below, alongside their average CBD and THC ratios, plus the kind of medical problems each strain is an ideal treatment for.

Charlotte’s Web

A commonly used high CBD strain that averages 20-24 percent CBD to 0.3 percent THC. This is an ideal strain for treating epilepsy and seizure disorders since the user won’t feel high after consumption.


It’s known as California’s answer to Charlotte’s Web, which averages around 19-20 percent CBD and 1-2 percent THC. However, the CBD level can reach up to 24 percent. ACDC contains strong anti-anxiety and pain-relieving effects, which is ideal for many people, especially cancer patients who want to treat negative effects from chemotherapy, as referenced at Mic.com.


A powerfully high CBD strain with an average ratio of 5:2 CBD to THC, which is an extremely effective treatment option for pain management without users feeling sleepy/drowsy, according to Mic.com.


CBD Marijuana Sleep AidThis CBD-rich strain was created from a crossbreed of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, which averages around a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC, but in the past, CBD levels have risen to as much as 24 percent. Harle-Tsu is ideal for sleep aid, relaxation, stress, and anxiety relief.


An effective hybrid and high CBD strain that typically contains up to 17 percent CBD and 6 percent THC, which is ideal for treating migraines, muscle spasms, and psychological symptoms. Sometimes, the CBD to THC ratio of Cannatonic can get as high as 5:1, but it varies depending on the growers’ intentions, according to Herb.co.


This highly potent indica CBD strain is extremely low in THC, weighing in at less than 1 percent, while CBD levels reach up to 15 percent. Remedy is ideal for seizure treatment, plus psychological, pain, and anxiety relief without feeling couch-locked or cognitively impaired.


One of the top high CBD strains that provides several medical benefits with minimal THC. GI1001 has an average ratio of 24:1 CBD to THC, thus, it’s commonly used amongst children with seizures and adults who suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks.


A sativa-dominant CBD strain that averages in at 18:1 CBD to THC, which is an ideal treatment for digestive health problems. The strain was named after Rafael Mechoulam, a well-known researcher who was recognized for his work with cannabis and his success in isolating cannabinoids like CBD, according to GreenRushDaily.com.

Valentine X

An increasingly popular high-CBD strain that’s extremely low in THC while containing 25 times as much CBD, making this a beneficial strain for combating epilepsy. As noted by HealthyHempOil.com, Valentine X is also ideal for cancer treatment and pain/inflammation relief. Because of the lack of THC in Valentine X, many people are drawn to this particularly high CBD strain.

Ringo’s Gift

This uniquely high CBD strain was named after Lawrence Ringo, a long-time cannabis activist and CBD pioneer. Ringo’s Gift can reach up to a ratio of 24:1 CBD to THC, which is ideal for mood disorders as well as stress and anxiety-relief.


Recently, CBD has taken precedence over THC for several reasons, but mostly because users can reap the benefits from CBD and the plant’s other compounds without feeling high and/or cognitively impaired.

Although the gene pool of high CBD strains is less diverse than high THC strains, that is sure to change with time. If you’re interested in consuming cannabis for its medical benefits/properties without feeling high, check out your local dispensaries for any of the high CBD strains mentioned above.

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