Remarkable Facts About Cannabis Oil

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In recent history, marijuana has been cast as a gateway to far heavier, dangerous drug usage, so the benefits of cannabis were masked by fear. However, as more research becomes available regarding the benefits of cannabis – especially cannabis oil – hearts and minds are slowly beginning to change.

Over the past decade, the popularity of cannabis oil has soared as patients with various illnesses have turned to it as an alternative source of treatment for anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, and digestive issues – among many others.

cannabis oil

So, what is cannabis oil? Cannabis oil is the highly concentrated sticky, substance that is extracted from the cannabis flower. It has become a bit of a stir recently with the passage of legal marijuana laws. Individuals who possess and utilize cannabis oils swear by the health benefits derived from its usage. In order to access the oil, you will need to use an extraction solvent. You can expect to get about 3 to 5 grams of the oil for each ounce of the flower.

Cannabis oil has a broad range of impacts of personal health, these range from relief of migraines and stress to lack of appetite and sexual stamina and drive. It has also been connected to reducing the risk of certain cancers, as well as reducing pain, strengthening the heart and helping people get a good night sleep. There are many ways to use cannabis oil, depending on what your individual need may be

THC/Cannabis Oil Comes in Many Forms

Most people mistakenly assume that cannabis oil is a single cannabis product. In fact, the term serves to refer to many products. Because it comes in multiple varieties, those who study the impacts of cannabis oil have a hard time quantifying the actual effects of it as a substance; let alone a treatment. Ideally, THC oils come in two essential classes: those that contain high CBD hemp oils (cannabidiol) and high THC oils (tetrahydrocannabinol). These oils are now being recognized by those seeking self-treatment of various ailments as a miracle substance.

Medicinal Aromatic Drugs Grass Omega 3 NatureThere are several types of cannabis oils readily available in local dispensaries, and it is often the case that the majority of patients concoct their recipes for whatever health symptoms might ail them. Conversely, there are a number of these high THC oils that are used primarily for recreational purposes. Additionally, many high-CBD oils are THC-free and are devoid of any of the psychoactive effects associated with high THC oils.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Oil

THC oils have become popular over the past decade for its treatment of some therapeutic purposes. While there is a lack of actual scientific or empirical data, those who use cannabis oils claim that it has a profound impact in controlling a sizeable number of health symptoms. It is not that cannabis oils are not useful, but the larger issue is that there is no coordinated effort among the medical establishment to conduct viable research as to its actual benefits.

Anxiety and Stress

The primary claim about cannabis oil is that it has been effective in the relief of stress and anxiety. Although my research is not scientific, I can attest to the effect that even dry marijuana can have on one’s level of stress. Cannabis oil is known to possess far more THC than dry marijuana. The ability of cannabis oil to relax the mind has become legendary.

Appetite Booster

It is a well-established fact among those who use marijuana will, at some point, experience an increase in appetite. Therefore, using cannabis while attempting to diet is never advisable. On the other hand, cannabis oil can be utilized to fire up the appetite and arouse the digestive system. The benefits are clear for those who are interested in weight gain, especially after a long illness.

Cancer Prevention

There is no real proof to this claim, and it has not been without lots of debate and disagreement. This is an area where research dollars have continued to flow, and the jury is still out. However, preliminary data suggest that some of the active ingredients in cannabis essential oils may have a blocking effect on cancer; particularly in shrinking the size of tumors.


The use of cannabis and cannabis oil has been linked to preventing macular degeneration and helping eye health. It has traditionally been one of the primary reasons why many people have turned to cannabis and cannabis oils as they get older and begin to experience problems with sight.

Headaches and Migraines

Many have found that by applying cannabis oil to certain spots on the forehead or temple, will mitigate and relieve severe headaches and even migraines. As a matter of fact, many people in the medical marijuana community routinely turn to cannabis and cannabis oil prescriptions to address chronic headaches.

Heart Health

It has been found that the unpredictable oils in cannabis can have an impact on heart health. This problem is possible because the essential oils can provide some equilibrium between the positive and negative chemicals already present in the body. It has been known to accelerate the antioxidant process and reduce cholesterol, thereby improving cardiovascular fitness.

Pain Reliever

It is no secret that cannabis and cannabis oils are a good reliever of pain. It works well for reducing inflammation and chronic pain. Many people turn to cannabis oils when other treatments for other illnesses cause. Some cancer patients turn to cannabis oil in response to pain from treatments like chemotherapy.

Skin Protection

Cannabis oil has been widely used by those who look to shed dead skin. It has been used both internally and externally to improve skin appearance, reduce wrinkles, and protect against psoriasis and eczema.

Sleep Issues

Many cannabis strains address sleep issues. Cannabis oils have been known to work miracles in helping address insomnia and sleeplessness. It has been known to mitigate restlessness and anxiety during the night and aid in helping users get an undisturbed night’s rest. Its effect on relaxing the body and mind, and lowering energy levels, makes it possible to bring down the heart rate so sleep can occur.

The truth about cannabis oil is that it is an extract produced by a mixture of cannabis flowers and other ingredients (naphtha, petroleum, butane or ethanol). The process is designed to remove plant substance while keeping the sticky, oily residue that contains the functioning elements. The oil is taken mainly orally. It can be administered through intravenous means or an oral syringe. It can also be produced as an edible. Since it has such a high concentration of either THC of CBD, most people only require minimal amounts. A small dose of oil is essentially the same as ingesting significant amounts of marijuana smoke. For instance, most strains of marijuana contain about 20 percent THC. Cannabis oils, those that are highly purified, can contain as much as 80 percent THC.

Therefore, while it is unwise for us to dispense medical advice regarding the benefits of cannabis oils, it has been noted that cannabis oils have been shown to have some positive effects on a score of health conditions. Even though the data is admittedly skewed at this time.