Effects of the FDA Recognizing Synthetic Marijuana


Recently, the FDA received approval by the DEA to recognize a synthetic version of the active ingredient in marijuana as a Schedule II drug. The ability to help push synthetic marijuana while denying access to the natural plant has many people wondering: “Why create what is already available?” That’s a good question. “What will happen to marijuana freedom if this gains popularity?” would be a better one. The answer may not be what a cannabis supporter wants to hear.

It’s a strong coincidence that the synthetic drug is gaining popularity as rumors float around of corporations having an interest in the industry. This can’t be a surprise to many. While nothing is set in stone, based on US trends, certain things may change if this push continues

The Threat to Medical Marijuana

With a new prescription that can mimic marijuana’s medical capabilities, physicians now have a way to push a well-liked drug. Currently, marijuana cannot be prescribed and paid by insurance companies, and having an FDA-approved prescription could allow both insurance companies and physicians to continue to deny natural marijuana. Many patients already wonder if natural medical marijuana will ever be covered.

More DEA Drug Busts

Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. The option to choose an FDA-approved prescription over the natural plant gives a lot of weight to keep it classified as a Schedule I drug. Agencies may have the ability to enforce it again, whether official acts are involved or not.

FDA Issues

After approving drugs, there are times when the drug must be recalled due to complications, possibly casualties. This isn’t surprising. No one is perfect.

But it is conceivable that the correlation between synthetic and natural marijuana will be seen by opponents of marijuana legalization, making legalization even harder to pass. Remember, it’s not just the agencies fighting legalization.

Big Businesses

They always seem to come at the perfect time. The fight to keep cannabis businesses small and intimate could get harder. If synthetic marijuana is an option, big businesses have the opportunity to incorporate themselves in the industry. They have flourished with others.

Loss of Jobs

FDA Approved Stamp
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The cannabis industry has provided the country with many new cannabis jobs, thanks to legalization. The need for budtenders, growers, writers, and trimmers, among others, provides employment for numerous people. The use of synthetic marijuana would bring jobs, but they may be few, far between, and largely out of reach. Those who sought careers in the industry may be forced to look elsewhere.

With the DEA’s approval for the FDA, businesses could begin selling synthetic compounds of marijuana before natural marijuana is legal across the country. If that should happen, cannabis supporters may have another fight on their hands. Agencies involved in the decision-making have a lot of leverage on the natural cannabis industry. If history repeats itself, they will succeed. With the opportunity for the DEA and FDA to push synthetics, it may no longer come down to choice. Be ready for what may come.